DIY Decorative Burp Rags

 Save Money by creating these Decorative Burp Rags in just a few simple steps.


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No one wants to be carrying around plain white burp rags but it can get pricey for the fancy ones. I also find that the fancy ones aren’t always as thick as the good old plain cloth diaper style ones. This simple DIY project will give you cute decorative burp rags with all the durability without spending a fortune.

How to Make Decorative Burp Rags

Items Needed

6 Cloth Diapers

1 yard Soft Flannel Material (design of your choice)

Sewing Machine with matching thread


Take a cloth diaper and lay it out flat.

Measure Soft Flannel one inch larger than diaper on all sides

Fold the soft flannel edges under till it is the same size as the cloth diaper.

Pin along the edges to keep material in place.

Sew edges using a regular or zig zag stitch.

Finally, sew a large X from each starting in each corner. (This stops the diaper from bunching in the middle and getting misshapen.)

Repeat with remaining diapers.

decorative burp rags

Give these as a special Baby Shower Gift and include a  Homemade Hand Scrub to pamper the Mom To Be!

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Hi, I’m Judy and I am a mother and grandmother. My 4 children are grown and have left the nest along time ago. I now get to spend my time spoiling my grandchildren to make up for all my kids put me thru. I have a 14 year old grandson, 9 year old granddaughter and a 3 month old grandbaby boy.  I am very crafty and love to create unique and fun crafts, projects and decorations.

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