July 27, 2013

DIY Curtains from Sheets

Create these DIY Curtains with Pillowcases or Sheets

diy curtains 1

Don’t waste time and money trying to find valances and curtains to match your decor and bedding.

With sheets or pillowcases you can create these DIY Curtains.

Items Needed
Iron and Ironing Board
Straight Pins
Pillowcases  or Flat Sheet (regular or king – size and quantity based on how wide the window is and how full you want it)
Sewing Machine and Thread
diy curtains 3
1. Turn pillowcase inside out and cut down long side of pillowcase. (If using sheet you can skip this step)
2. Fold over the raw edge 1/4 inch and iron flat.
3. Secure with pins and then iron to finish edge.
3. Decide which side will be the bottom (based on your choice of curtain length or valance) Turn up one inch and iron flat.
4. Pin down the edge with a few pins to keep flat while sewing.
5. On the top edge fold over 3 inches and iron flat.
6. Secure with pins to keep in place while sewing.
7. Sew bottom edge  all the way across.
8. Take the top edge and sew at the bottom of the fold.
9. Measure once inch down from top and sew a straight line across. (This is based on a 1 inch rod)
10. If you are using a larger rod you can skip Step 9 or measure a down based on how wide the rod you are using is.
11. Iron and Hang
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Hi, I’m Judy and I am a mother and grandmother. My 4 children are grown and have left the nest along time ago. I now get to spend my time spoiling my grandchildren to make up for all my kids put me thru. I have a 14 year old grandson, 9 year old granddaughter and a 3 month old grandbaby boy.  I am very crafty and love to create unique and fun crafts, projects and decorations.

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