DIY Craft for Kids, Gift idea: Horse Lead Rope

DIY Craft for Kids, Gift idea:   Horse Lead rope

Need a craft for you kids?  This craft project makes  a Horse Lead rope or a shorter version can be made for a Dog Leash.  These make wonderful gifts for family and friends.

horse lead rope 016

Supplies: piece of cardboard, plate (saucer for a dog leash, dinner plate for a horse lead rope), pencil, scissors,  12 yards 1/4 cotton rope,  snap, OPTIONAL: dye

Snaps can be found at co-ops for about $3.  Cotton rope is preferable because it will be softer on hands.  Cotton rope can be found at Hobby Lobby for $.29/ yard.   Use the Hobby Lobby 40% off regular price coupon (found on their website)  for extra savings! We use part of  a box for the cardboard.

Make your pattern: Trace around a plate with a pencil on a piece of cardboard.  Cut out circle.

horseleadrope 001

Mark the 1/4 sections of the circle.

horseleadrope 002

Mark every 3/4 inch on the edge of the circle.  Push the pencil through the cardboard at each marking 1 inch into the pattern.

horseleadrope 003

Cut with scissors from the edge of the circle into the pencil hole.  Push scissors into the center of the circle to make a hole.  This is your pattern.

horseleadrope 004

Cut your rope into 4 sections of 3 yards each.


If desired, dye the rope using the directions on the dye prior to assembly of the Horse lead rope.   Leaving the rope white you can clorox it clean, as necessary.

Put the snap on the ropes with the center of the ropes in the middle of the snap.

Push the snap through the center hole and separate the ropes into 4 sections of 2 each 1/4 of the circle following the lines you marked earlier from the center to the edge of the circle.

horseleadrope 005

Pick up the left  rope and move it straight up and to the left of the couple above it.

horseleadrope 006

Turn the pattern one section to the right.  Pick up the left rope and move it straight up and to the left of the couple above it.

horseleadrope 009

Turn the pattern one section to the right.  Pick the left rope and move it straight up and to the left of the rope above it.

horseleadrope 008

Continue rotating and moving the ropes.   Pause frequently (perhaps each full rotation) to untangle the ropes below the pattern piece and to pull the braided rope tight through the hole.

    horseleadrope 007

When you reach the end of your ropes (literally, hopefully not emotionally!!) , your Horse lead rope, patterns and ends should look similar to this.

horseleadrope 010

Pick up all the ropes , hold tight and pull ends through the pattern piece.

horseleadrope 011horseleadrope 012

Knot the ends close to the end of the braiding.

horseleadrope 013

Pull EACH rope to secure the knot of your Horse lead rope.

horseleadrope 014

Trim off any extra pieces and glue the ends so they rope will not fray.   Separate each end so they don’t wad together.  We use a toilet paper roll to hold the end up off of items.

horseleadrope 015

After you finish your Horse lead rope you just have to remember who you were making it for- so you don’t keep it for yourself!

Want to get the cotton rope without leaving your house? Amazon has some 1/4 cotton rope.   Need scissors that cut both cardboard and rope?  Give this grooming kit with your homemade horse lead rope!

More DIY gift ideas:  baby, soap lovers, rice sock for heat or cold therapy.

Enjoy your Horse lead rope or give it as a gift made with love.

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