DIY Craft/ GIft idea: Tater Baker Bag

DIY Craft and Gift idea: Tater Baker Bag

The Tater Baker bag is one of the easiest, most popular, and most used gifts I have given.

Tater Baker bag 11

These are so popular I have sold these simply by word of mouth.  The Tater Baker bag can be embroidered and embellished or left plain.  Given with an instructions card this Tater Baker bag and a bag of potatoes would be a great new home gift! The Tater Baker bag is not only for potatoes it can be used to heat up bread or tortillas, bake apples and corn on the cob!  A special batting made especially for this project helps insure the safety of the item in the microwave.  However caution is still recommended in that, like anything put into the microwave, it could overheat!

Tater Baker bag 1

Supplies: cotton fabric, cotton thread (including cotton embroidery thread and stabilizer if used), Warm and Natural batting, measuring tape, chalk or marking pencil

While embroidery on the bag is really neat, it adds alot of time and expense.  Using a decorative cotton print can match the decor of the recipient’s kitchen just as nicely!

Directions:  Cut fabric from fold to selvage at 11 inches width.  The length of the piece will be determined by your fabric. The longest recommended piece is 22 inches.  Remember though microwaves vary in size and thus different people will different size bags to be sure their bag is at least 1 inch away from the sides of the microwave.  Also keep in mind how many potatoes an individual is likely to be cooking.  The width can be varied as well  as long as it is at least 1 inch away from the sides of a microwave.  All that in mind, the recommended size is 11×22. I  do one piece 11×44 and fold in 1/2 .

Cut a piece of batting the same size as the fabric. I cut both items at the same time.

Tater Baker bag 2

Stack fabric right sides together, batting on top.  Stitch the short ends of the fabric.

Tater Baker bag 3

Turn the fabric right side out.  If you are going to do embroidery you may do it now in the position that the embroidery thread is placed.  Approximately 3 inches from edge and centered. The embroidery on the one pictured at the top of the page is a bit too low for me.  You may want to make a plain one first to determine your preferred placement.

Tater Baker bag 004

Fold down a 2 to 3 inch flap.  Secure with pins.

taterbakerbag 007

Fold up the bottom of the sewn pieces, overlapping the 2 to 3 inch flap.

taterbakerbag 008

Stitch sides.

taterbakerbag 009

Turn inside out. Use a pin to pull out the corners.

taterbakerbag 010

Attach a card with the following directions and tips then give to a friend or loved one!!

Tips for Usage:

This simple bag creates a “just right'” baked potato in your microwave.  The inside is well done, yet moist, while the skin remains tender.  The bag will cook one to four medium sized potatoes at once.  Simply wash your vegetables and do not dry before inserting in the Tater Baker bag.  The moisture on the vegetables will help insure there is enough moisture to steam the item properly.  Microwave as instructed by your manufacturer, usually 8-15 minutes.  Time will vary per microwave.  If you don’t have a turntable, flip over your Tater Baker bag halfway through the cooking time.  Only use Tater Baker bags that are at least 1 in smaller than the size of the inside of your microwave.  Do not overheat.   Machine wash cold water and dry in dryer.  Enjoy your Tater Baker bag!

Get the Warm and Natural batting made especially for the Tater Baker bag and you can even get specially designed potatoe print fabric!

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Be sure to make a Tater Baker bag for yourself!

Tater baker

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