DIY Craft and Gift idea: Ruffled Scarf

A stylish homemade gift: Ruffled scarf that can be personalized by changing the colors!

Looking for a homemade fashionable gift idea?  This ruffled scarf is made with a basic knit stitch from one skein of yarn and can be made in two hours.

oct21 002

These ruffled scarves are very popular this year. One lady in our church brought us a catalog to show a ruffled scarf like these sells for $60!!! Considering the cost of the yarn and minimum wage for 2 hours you can make this for approximately $20- a savings of $40!!!

The yarn can be found inexpensively at Walmart in many different colors or purchased online through Amazon.  Walmart has basic colors. Amazon has many colors including LSU colors (purple and gold), Autumn (orange, green and brown), Christmas (red, green and white), Cinnamon candy, Collegiate, Dancer, Faded Jeans, Fly a Kite, Garnet, Nightclouds, Plum Preserves, Happy Pinks, Hope, Ruby, Silver, Starry, and Wild Hydrangeas.  Many colors are seen in the swirl picture below!

Using these 6 stitch directions the finished ruffled scarf length is approximately 5 foot.   If you want to make the ruffled scarf shorter and wider then you can add stitches.


Red Heart Boutique Sashay yarn or starbella

size 10 mm knitting needles


The yarn is similar to a mesh.  You will work with the top of the yarn while the more decorative edge ruffles to create the ruffled scarf.  Find starting place on yarn by measuring 4 inches from one end.  Put the needle in and out of the mesh 6-10 times so you have at least 6 ‘loops’ on the needle.

oct21 001

Knit using the top two strands of the mesh instead of the entire yarn.

oct21 003

Continue knitting till you have 6 inches remaining.  Bind off and knot both ends.  Trim off extra.


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Knit this Ruffled scarf in 2 hours or less for a fun, fashionable homemade gift idea!