August 25, 2012

DIY: Ceramic Tile Coasters

Average Time: 45 min
Average Cost: $8

Material List:
Ceramic white tiles (glossy work easier), any desired colored /textured card stock, mod podge (gloss lustre), scissors, one piece of felt, any color to match work

Want to create your very own custom set of tile coasters? These will be sure to catch the attention of your guests and have them wanting a set of their own. These look great in the kitchen, on the coffee table or on the bar.


1. Choose how many tiles you would like in your set and choose the patterned, colored papers you would like to include in your color scheme.

2. Measure and cut paper to the edge of the tile, being sure not to leave any excess, cut as close to the edge without going over.

3. Thinly and evenly brush mod podge on the top of the tile’s glossy surface and center card stock over the tile as evenly as possible.

4. Thinly brush mod podge over the entire surface of the card stock which should now be adhered to the tile surface. Let completely dry, should only take 30 min or so. Check for tackiness.

5. Cut 1 inch squares out of felt, four for each tile, placing one in each corner on the backside of the tile. Let completely dry.

Optional finishing touches:
Tie a ribbon in a bow to be gift ready or have for presentation purposes in your home.

Expand your creativity:
Try hand painting each tile with porcelain paint, found at your local craft store for a more painterly feel. Try cutting out letters to create a custom monogram set for a bridal shower gift for the bride and groom!

Happy Crafting!

Lisa Delayo

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