September 19, 2017

DIY Candy Corn Wreath Halloween Decoration

DIY Candy Corn Wreath


DIY Candy Wreath-Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, and I love to make themed crafts for the occasion! In my opinion, why buy something when you can make it for cheaper (and make a memory out of it?). This craft is so easy to do, and you can get your kids involved (as long as they don’t eat all the candy corn!). This project all together cost me under $10 and looks great on my door!


Here is how to make this DIY Candy Corn Wreath:


You will need:

  • A wreath (I chose this straw one because it was the cheapest, but any kind will do!)
  • Candy corn  (I used about 1/2 a pound
  • 2 types of ribbon. One thin and one thick in which ever pattern you would like.
  • A hot ribbon
  • A halloween decoration (you could use fall flowers, pumpkins like I did, spiders, ghosts, etc. Get Creative!)


Step 1: First take your thin ribbon and wrap it around your wreath, making sure to leave space for the candy corn. Secure your ribbon using a dot of hot glue on each end.


Step 2: Next, pick a section to start with and hot glue in rows. Make about 4 rows of glue.


Step 3: Next, lay your candy corns in rows. Choose any pattern you would like, I kept it simple so I could let my 5 year old do this part 🙂


Step 4- Finish laying your candy corn until you have went all the way around. Make sure to leave an open section for your top decoration.


Step 5: In your top section that you have left empty, glue on your decoration. Make sure to let it sit for a few minutes before messing with it so the glue can set.


Step 6: After your glue has dried, flip your wreath over and take a piece of your thick ribbon and glue it to the back of the wreath. Don’t be afraid to be generous with the glue, the ribbon is going to be holding up the entire wreath!


Step 7: Flip your wreath back over and inspect it. I deicded my wreath needed a bow so I made a quick bow and glued it on their! Ask your kids opinions too!


Step 8: Grab a wreath holder and hang it up so you can enjoy it!

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