DIY Basic Salve: Home Remedy for Headache

DIY Basic Salve

Home Remedy for Headache

DIY Headache Remedy

I have suffered from migraines my entire life and wish I was lucky to get just a headache. However, there are times that I can feel the pressure starting and I want to avoid that feeling that is coming my way. I have grown tired of taking medications that only cover the symptoms and do nothing to solve the problem. Even prescription medication for migraines at time leave me feeling more tired and under the weather than the migraine did. I have recently discovered essential oils and realized that they are a great way to relieve many common ailments and help with some beauty fixes. With this simple DIY Basic Salve, a Home Remedy for Headache, you will feel the tension ease up and the best thing is you can make it ahead of time so it is ready when you need it.

DIY Basic Salve – Home Remedy for Headache

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Coconut Oil

Peppermint Essential Oil (I prefer Doterra)

Lavender Essential Oil


2 bowls (one large and one small)


Boiling Water

Tin or Container to put your DIY Basic Salve Home Remedy for Headache in.


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Place boiling water into large bowl and place smaller bowl inside, making sure not to get water into the smaller bowl. (If you do get water in the smaller bowl, dry it with a towel or rag before continuing on to the next step.

Spoon coconut oil into smaller bowl. I used 4 Tbsp for my container (the size of an Altoid box) and could have doubled it. (The amount of coconut oil needed is relevant to the size of your container.)

Stir Coconut oil until it melts and is completely liquid. Time will vary based on the temperature of your water and the amount of coconut oil.

Remove Small Bowl and add Peppermint Essential Oils until you can smell the peppermint when you are stirring.

Continue to stir while adding Lavendar Essential Oils. Use your own judgement based on how strong you want the scent to be.

Once everything is combined completely, pour into your container.

Close and let sit. This DIY Basic Salve Home Remedy for Headache will re-solidify at room temperature.

Store at room temperature but if you are in a warm area you might want to store in the refrigerator because coconut oil melts at 78*.

To use: Dab a small amount on each temple, the back of your neck, sinus areas, or other troublesome zone.

 diy headache remedy

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