DIY Bandana Flip Flops

DIY Bandana Flip Flops

DIY bandana flip flops

It’s officially summer here you guys! The temperature is supposed to reach 95 degrees with a heat index of over 100. Ouch! Flip Flops are the universal sign for summer and I know I have at least 14 pairs, ha! And what’s even more fun than a great pair of flip flops? A pair of DIY Bandana Flip Flops of course! I love any kind of DIY project and especially one I can wear. So I thought you guys would love this craft too. It’s easy to make, even the kids can get on the fun. Let’s check out how to make it shall we?

Here is how to make these DIY Bandana Flip Flops:

You Will Need:

bandana flip flops diy

  • Flop Flops! Any kind will do
  • at least 2 colors of bandanas (I got my flip flops and bandanas from the dollar tree)
  • scissors

Instructions for making DIY Bandana Flip Flops:

bandana how to

Step 1: Fold your bandana in half and then in half again. Cut strips from one side to the other. Do this with each color of bandana you chose to use.

Step 2: Once you have them cut into strips, you will want to cut those strips into thirds so they aren’t too long.

bandana flip flops

Step 3: Starting at the top of the strap on your flip flop, begin tying your bandana strips on either side of the strap. Alternate your colors and make sure to double tie! You will do this all the way down to the end.

Step 4: If you find that your pieces are too long, just trim them to the desired length.

DIY bandana flip flops

And that’s it! $3 and 4 easy steps and you have a super cute pair of DIY Bandana Flip Flops! You can do the colors of the next holiday, your favorite sports team, or to show pride for you country. Enjoy!

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