March 9, 2013

Decorating with Peeps: $5 Hatching Peeps Garden for Easter

The team here at Madame Deals have a challenge, who can create a cute Easter Centerpiece with only $5? Well here is My (Rachelle) Entry!

Hatching Peeps Garden for Easter

Peeps Project

How cute is this!? And I only spend $5 to make it! It was super easy and fun to make, Now if I could only keep my 4 year old from trying to steal the Peeps, we have already lost the hatching Peeps on top, they never had a chance. I fear the rest of them won’t make it to Easter.

Here is what you will need for this Easter Craft:

Easter Peeps

  • Peeps! (On sale, 2 for $1!)
  • Easter Grass ($0.33)
  • Easter Eggs ($0.88)
  • Vase ( $0.50 find at goodwill!)
  • Ribbon (FREE, I had it at home haha)

Directions for this Easter  Craft:

Easter Peeps

1. Start by opening the peeps (and trying not to eat them) and layering them in alternating colors until you reach the top!

2. Make sure you are layering the Peeps against the glass, so you have a nice hole in the middle!

3. Stuff the grass down in the hole and fluff over the top

4. Add a few eggs at the top, and open a few of them (depending on how big your vase is) and pop a few peeps in there, to make it look like the just “hatched”

Peeps Project

5. Add a decorative ribbon and tada! A super cute Easter Decoration for $5!

This Easter Craft would be great for a table, a mantle, or an Easter Buffet! Its pretty, and pretty cheap too!

Check out all of the other entries in our $5 Easter Challenge on our Easter Craft Page!

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