March 31, 2014

Day 14 Advocare Journey

Yesterday I finished up Day 14 of my Advocare Journey.  I am feeling better, better about me, better about the journey, and feeling better.  I am down 4 pounds since I started.  But my clothes are fitting better and that means more than the scale showing four pounds down.

Cravings suck.  I have come to realization that when you eat unhealthy and you eat certain things it becomes an addiction.  My addiction must be sweets.  I LOVE all things sweet, cookies, candy, chocolate, sprinkles (ya, I know), Redi Whip, ALL things sweet and yummy.  These are my weakness, especially during ‘that time of the month’ which is this week so last week I craved anything and everything sweet and yummy.  BUT- overall I think I did awesome at not giving in.  I am done with the cleanse phase  and I don’t want to eat those things and ruin what I worked for during that phase.  Like all addictions you can overcome them.  It just takes time and dedication to get through it.  I don’t feel like I am completely out of the woods on the cravings for these things but it is getting easier.  My mom gave me a bunch of recipes for clean eating YUMMY treats that are fat free or very low fat.  I think this will be a huge thing to help me through food cravings and I will be sharing some of these recipes, so be on the look out for them 🙂

Next week will be hardest for me to keep on track.  But what is great is that I have some great ladies that are also eating clean and working out so I won’t be alone and I will have them to look to for support and to keep me on track.

I can do this.  YOU can do this.  🙂


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