Crazy fun table top tossing game! Easy to make!

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I am sharing a tutorial so you can make your own table top tossing game. 

Where do you spend your Sunday afternoons?

You can find me with my butt glued to the couch, eyes glued to the tv, and hands reaching for awesome Game Time eatibles.  That’s right Sundays are all about football all day!

Let’s be honest some Sundays are more exciting than others. If the underdog is stomping the big dog or your favorite team is pouncing all over their biggest rival then the neighbors can probably hear you and your friends cheering half way down the block. Other Sundays, well you might need to make your own excitement. After all, teams don’t call the same plays week after week, neither should you.

Bring on the Skittles® Tailgate Toss Challenge

Add some serious fun to your next homegate or tailgate by challenging your guests to a round of our homemade table top tailgate tossing game

How to make a table top tossing game

Materials Needed:

5 pieces of poster board (red, yellow, green, orange, and purple)

Stapler and staples



Step 1: Head to you favorite grocery store and grab a bag of Skittles. I headed to the Food Lion near my home and headed down the candy aisle to find the Skittles. I bought a 14oz bag to use to play the game and also a bag of snack size packs of Skittles for snacking.

While you are out you will also need to purchase 5 pieces of poster board in Skittles colors: red, orange, yellow, green, and purple.

Skittles are a great addition to any homegate party

Grab Skittles at your favorite grocery store

Step 2: Measure and cut poster board into 5 inch wide strips. You are going to be making concentric circles starting with the smallest circle in the middle. Hint:you won’t need to cut the entire sheet of poster board into strips. Cut out one strip at a time until you have enough to make your circles the right size.

Step 3: Staple the ends of the strips together to make circles of increasing size so that you end up with 5 circles that can be nestled inside each other.

Staple the ends of the poster board together to form concentric circles

Step 4: Staple the circles together at one point. Your game should resemble the rings in a skee ball game.

Staple all the circles together at the same point

Step 5: Print out the point value sheet here ——>point value printable. Cut out the points and attach them to the circles. Hint: I printed my on a sheet of sticker paper so I could just stick them on but glue or staples would also work.


Step 6: Give everyone 10 Skittles and have them take turns tossing the Skittles into the circles. Whoever scores the highest number of points wins!

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If your team is not lighting up the score board, then I recommend a visit to for a little cheering up for you while you cheer on your team. I guarantee you will find a reason to smile. I love  the Skittles football team. Share your favorite below.

A Skittles Tossing game is a great way to add some fun to your football watching party