May 9, 2012

Crafting with Kids: Two Brids, One Stone

This spring has been nothing but wet.

So. Much. Water.

While I would love to complain about the amount of rain we have received, the plus side is there are always fresh puddles to play in. My kids love to play in puddles, muddy or not. They inevitably find them before I can even take a breath to say something. So, I just let it go. A little muddy water is good for the immune system.

While my kids love jumping in the puddles, I love getting our flower pots ready. The kids love to help with this too.

How do the kids help?

Typically, I try to reuse the potting soil that is in the pots if at all possible. In order to do this I remove any weeds while my kids are jumping in puddles. Once they are done, they grab their garden tools and start mixing the soil up. I challenge them to try to dig all the way to the bottom. With this challenge they typically get enough of it mixed up so that it isn’t all compacted together and it is easy to replant it.

Half the soil ends up on the ground

A lot of the soil does end up on the ground outside of the planter but, I find it is best to mix a bit of fresh soil in with the old anyway. So, with them already being muddy from playing in the puddles, I just let them go.

When is the best time to do it?

You can really do it any time spring it. Even if there are a few more nightly freezes coming, you can get your planters ready any times. If I am 100% honest, my kids wear pants and long sleeves and their tennis shoes the first few times they jump in the puddles. They don’t tend to get super wet but, they sure do like to walk through the puddles at the very least.



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