February 17, 2012

Crafting with Kids: Stick to Something Your Little One Already Knows

New crafts are a great way to keep your child entertained and challenged. However, sometimes our kids have had enough of being challenged and just want to stick to something they know.


Just like us, our kids appreciate some easy activities every once in awhile (who doesn’t?). It is at this point that I give my kids free reign of what they want to create with what we have one hand. (Hint: it is helpful to keep a large cardboard box or two in the garage if you can).

What does “free reign” mean?

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Sometimes this means they simply use crayons and markers to draw a picture and other times, They turn a box into a train. It really just depends on their moods that day. “Free reign” means that I simply ask them what they are up to creating that day and we go with it.

Why does this help?

When we chose to stick with the skills they already know it is like an immediate confidence booster. It is something they can accomplish without much thought on their end and still be very proud of what they created.

Doesn’t it get boring?

Sticking to what they are more than comfortable with doesn’t mean they are stuck with markers or crayons. You can still change it up a bit and instead of having them color a picture let them use watercolors and paint it. Also, give them the opportunity to use finger paints.

You can take a simple coloring book picture, hand write some numbers in there and assign the numbers to a color. Then give them a homemade paint (or color) by number.

What if I had a project planned?

Sometimes, I have really awesome project plans but, we don’t do it. Why?  Because their interest level that day may not be high enough for the challenging project. So, I make a note of the project I wanted to do (because honestly, I’m notorious for forgetting them) and we move on to something that is more up to the speed they are interested in that day.

By going with the flow and listening (whether it is actual words or body language) to what your kids need they will over time become much more receptive to doing art work. They will know that it can still be fun and doesn’t always have to be Mommy or Daddy’s ideas.

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