April 18, 2012

Crafting with Kids: Cheap Craft Supplies

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Craft supplies are something that I like to have on hand. We are pretty crafty so I tend to keep more than the typical construction paper, glue and markers. I try to keep everything from paper to glitter and ribbons on hand.

Craft supplies can be costly as they can add up pretty fast. I try my best to keep the cost down as much as possible. To do this I have a few tricks that I use.

First, I check places like Costco or Sam’s and Amazon. Many times you can get bigger quantities for the same price or less then you would find at your local store. These are the places that I tend to get our construction paper from. This is very helpful when you go through paper as quickly as we do. The price seems to be pretty steady throughout the year as well.

My favorite trick is to grab things like glue, crayons and markers during the spring sales and back to school sales. The spring sale isn’t as well known as back to school but, typically around Easter (the End of march, early April) there is a decent sale on things like crayons and markers. I have noticed that only some stores run this sale but, I just look around while I am out and about.

As for the back to school sale, those can be found almost anywhere. While the sales are pretty good, sometimes I run into items being out of stock. With that being said, the sales last for a week or two beyond when school starts. I have started to wait until after school starts to go grab what I need and that seems to be working pretty well.

When it comes to odds and ends like pipe cleaners and googly eyes, glitter or ribbon, those prices also stay pretty steady throughout the year. I tend to pick these up when I need them (which is only about once a year). I find pretty good deals on these things at craft stores like Hobby Lobby or order some from Amazon.

With specialty items for specific projects I will usually jump online and compare prices for the item or items I need and decide if it is best to order it or find it locally.

Having craft supplies on hand doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg if you watch for sales. Even if you don’t necessarily need an item right then, it is best to pick some up during the sale instead of waiting until you run out.


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