October 16, 2012

Crafting with Kids: Bathroom Arts and Crafts

Meet Stephanie! She’s a 24 year old stay at home Mom, who couldn’t ask for a better blessing than to be home with her daughter!! Their favorite things to do together is working on art projects and they enjoy sharing them with people at Crafting with Bug!! In her free time she enjoys reading and scrapbooking!!


“For the love of all things holy please stop running in the house.” “We don’t jump off the furniture!” These are words I may or may not have muttered countless times in the last few days as we have been stuck inside due to everything being coated in ice. Is this what happens at your house when you are stuck in the house too?


If your house is anything like mine there are toys scattered from one end of the house to the other and the kids? Yeah they aren’t touching any of it. Despite the repeated “please pick up the toys”, they just sit there. I see you shaking your head, you know exactly where I am coming from right? Wouldn’t a simple solution to make the chaos stop just for a little bit be wonderful? I’ve got you covered!




When it comes to keeping your kids occupied getting messy can do the trick! “Oh please! I don’t need another mess in my house.” Is that exactly what you just thought? Right? Stay with me! One of our favorite things to do when we are stuck inside on bad weather days is messy art projects.


We like to get creative with what that entails. Today, we took our mess to the bathroom. Stay with me. When the weather outside keeps us cooped up inside the bathtub is one of my favorite places to do messy art projects. The tub contains the mess (for the most part) but, my kids feel like they have free reign of what they are doing without me cringing and worrying about my carpet.


We love to get messy but, don’t get me wrong, but, my house is all carpet so it takes a lot of preparation to do messy art projects inside if they are not in the tub. You can do anything from painting a regular picture to something like we did today!


Today we took some marshmallow fluff I had in the cupboard, added some orange tempera paint and turned my 7 year old loose in the tub! You can also use food coloring but, depending on your tub it may stain.


We also love the tub for messy projects because of the easy clean up. Just some warm water and it’s back to normal.

This can be done with kiddos of any age but, as you can see, my two year old wanted nothing to do with it except watch. Check out how much fun we had today!


marshmallowpuffpaint-5-3 marshmallowpuffpaint6-2




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