July 24, 2012

Crafting with Kids: Bath Time Blues

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Bath time. Kids either love it or hate it. It seems like there is no inbetween. Many kids will go through a stage at some point during their toddler years where they don’t like it but, will come around and love them again.

I was blessed with two babies who absolutely hate bath time from day one. It takes at least 2 sets of hands to get my kids in and cleaned. So, I set out to make bathtime a bit more fun and less stressful for all of us. 

“What did you try?”

We have tried what feels like everything. We bought the crayons (and paints) to color on the walls (be careful sometimes they stain). We tried the fizzy tablets that change the bath colors. That was fun while we figured out which tablets were what colors and how to mix them. Never mind getting in the tub. So what is next?

 Makin baths fun

My next step was to play off the toddler’s excitement of a surprise. I would close the bathroom door while I filled the tub and add the surprise. After it was ready to go I would pull the curtain and go out and hype it up a bit. Once they were very excited about it,  we would go in so they could discover their surprise.  Then it was time to have some fun.

We did something new every bath for a few weeks and then, I started spacing them out more.

Some of the things we did were glow sticks, and balloons. We also used regular washable markers to draw on the walls. I can’t even remember all the things we have tried at this point.

While these things were fun and inexpensive, by far my favorite hack is pool toys (which can be inexpensive as well). 

Pool toys

Pool toys have worked the best as bath time pick me ups for my kids. Their favorite is a floating foam puzzle. I love pool toys because they are meant to be in the water for lengths of time. I also love that not many of them have the holes in them. This means less worry about the inside of a toy molding because you can’t get all the water out. Nothing ruins bathtime more than Mom or Dad having to throw away their favorite toy because the inside is moldy.


Keeping bathtime fun during those hard moments will hopefully make the struggle a little smaller.


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