July 31, 2012

Crafting with Kids: Art Station?

Meet Stephanie! She’s a 24 year old stay at home Mom, who couldn’t ask for a better blessing than to be home with her daughter!! Their favorite things to do together is working on art projects and they enjoy sharing them with people at Crafting with Bug!! In her free time she enjoys reading and scrapbooking!! Check out all of Crafting with Kids article here!

Does your little one have a place designated for art time?

We don’t have the space unfortunately for the ‘art station’ that I would LOVE to have set up for my daughter but I do however ALWAYS have paper and crayons/markers and coloring books with-in her reach all the time.

If you have the space setting up a desk or table for them to do their projects at is a wonderful idea! First of all, your little one can now ‘do art’ whenever they feel like it! Secondly, it can somewhat contain the mess!!! Instead of crayons / markers laying all around the house they will stay near the art center making for easiesr clean-up!

Things like crayons/ markers and paper, coloring books, colored pencils and stickers can all be left for your little ones to reach. Yes, I hear you “You’re NUTS! My kid will color all over the wall”! There is an easy fix to that! Cover the wall in butcher paper from the floor up (covering the base boards and all) to about 3 feet above where they can reach! Then, it’s not such a big deal if they do! There are many places that will give the ends of their rolls away FREE!!! Just ask around!!!

However, I would highly recommend putting things like paint, glue and play dough up so they have to ask to use those! If you are able, keep them in sight but out of reach. This way your little one remembers that they are still there and available to be used, they just need to ask someone for help to reach them!

Allowing your little one(s) to have access to art supplies all the time can help with the ‘I’m bored’ or misbehaving that occurs when the tiny ones are bored! You will be pleasantly surprised at how often they will sit down and color versus running amuck when they know they have the options open to them!

Here are some Art Station deals:

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