Cooking With Kids- How to series: 6 Recipes Level 2

Cooking with kids– How to series: Recipes Level 2

These  Cooking With Kids recipes require handling hot items so (regardless of age) the child needs to be steady on their feet and have good motor skills.  Play games to test your child’s motor skills in a fun way.  Try relay races with a potatoe on a spoon, a full glass, full dish of colored liquid and last but certainly not least have the child try to do the same tests aka games wihile using a potholder- pretending they can’t touch the item because it is hot. If you do not have more than one child to race, time him or her and have them try again ‘racing’ their first time. The racing aspect allows you to put a bit of ‘pressure’ on the child to see how they would react and move when trying to get the actual hot item to a safe place.

Once you are sure your child can balance an item calmly the following Cooking With Kids-How to  series microwave recipes level 2 are suggested.

Breakfast: Egg in a Mug

Snack: Jello Gummy candy

Vegetables/ Fruit: Potatoe, Corn on the cob and or apple in a Tater Baker bag

Desserts: Cake in a mug, Two minute fudge

Microwave cooking

NOTE:  At this stage of  Cooking With Kids, no recipe is needed to heat up leftovers or fix very simple warm sandwiches (such as peanut butter or cheese). Microwave vegetable steamers, steamer bags ,  microwave popcorn bags, and microwave popcorn poppers are all available items that are recommended during this cooking with kids recipe level.

Have potholders ready for children to use. Finger mitts are a less bulky way for children to get a good grip on a hot item. They are easy to make and can be adapted to you or your child’s hands.

Some parents are concerned about the use of microwave technology (around children, with specified containers and or the affect on food.) Please research these issues and make an educated decision. As an alternative, there are also toasters available that cook only the length of the set timer. If you use the toaster please be sure to specifically check the above Cooking With Kids recipes recommended containers.  Cooking with Kids- How to 1, 2,3, 4, and 5 are available for review.

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These Cooking With Kids recipes are suggested for 6-8 year old children, with the suggestion that the readiness cooking games mentioned above be used as a guide.