Cooking Healthy Recipes for Kids: Cucumber Sandwiches

Cooking Healthy Recipes for Kids

Cooking Healthy Recipes for Kids

If you have heard of this light lunch, you may think of it as a gourmet or high tea snack! It is a delicious easy way to serve raw cucumbers to children. When I made this my teenage girl turned her nose up at the idea – then when asked to “review” the sandwich she ate half….and then sneaked back in the kitchen for the other half!!!

Cooking Healthy Recipes for Kids: Cucumber Sandwiches Recipe

Cucumber Sandwiches

Cooking Healthy Recipes for Kids: Cucumber Sandwiches


  • One pack of Cream Cheese
  • One pack of Dry Italian Dressing
  • Sandwich Bread of Choice


  • Mix one package of (light, regular, homemade fat free)cream cheese with one pack of dry Italian dressing. Refrigerate it overnight.
  • Use the sandwich bread of choice (wheat, white, gluten free, bread or bun) and put the cream cheese mixture on it.
    Cucumber Sandwiches
  • Next determine what will work best with YOUR child. Some children may see green in their sandwich and freak out. They may take one bite and find something crunchy then refuse to eat any more. The cucumber may be chopped into tiny pieces by a food processor or peeled and sliced or simply sliced. Our easy tip for peeling cucumbers is to use a carrot peeler. It is much safer than a knife - for adults or children!

Variation: Top with a piece of sandwich meat, lettuce, and or sprouts if you believe that will help your child try it.

    These sandwiches are simple, tasty and easy enough for even small children to make for themselves (once the cucumber is cut or sliced).

      Cucumber Sandwiches

      Thanks to Rachel Case for sending this healthy recipe!

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