August 28, 2015

CLR® Wants to Know—What’s Your Cleaning Personality?

Disclosure: I received compensation on behalf od CLR® to promote this campaign.

CLR® Wants to Know—What’s Your Cleaning Personality? 

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Do you feel the impulse to clean dinner plates before your friends have even left the table? Or are you the roommate that leaves dishes in the sink until it’s overflowing and you can’t even use the faucet? We all have a cleaning personality, whether we know it or not, and it can affect our relationships with spouses, partners, roommates, and even friends. Get to know yourself a little bit better and find out your Cleaning Personality by taking CLR®’s Cleaning Personalities Quiz. 

After taking the quiz, make sure to share your results on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest, and you will be automatically entered to win a CLR® prize pack with cleaning essentials and a $500 VISA gift card! 

The sweepstakes period is currently live through Sept. 30. Full sweepstakes rules can be found here

Take the quiz now! 

Whichever personality you have, CLR® is here to help you make cleaning easier. So from the “guest prep” to the “routine maintenance” and even the “stress relief” cleaner, keep these simple tips in mind for a clean home in no time:

  • Appliances in the kitchen and around the house become dirty with food and fingerprints. Clean up with CLR® Stainless Steel Cleaner to restore your appliances to their original sparkle and shine!
  • Even though bathrooms are meant to help us wash the day away, they are sometimes the dirtiest part of the house! Wiping down those tub and shower stains with a mixture of half water and half CLR® Calcium, Lime and Rust Remover on a sponge will remove residue and get rid of stubborn stains.  
  • You may have used your grill and outdoor space quite a bit over the summer.  Make sure to clean the grill with CLR® BBQ Grill Cleaner before you store it this fall and scrub patios with half CLR® Calcium, Lime and Rust Remover and half water for about 1-2 minutes and rinse clean to get rid of this summer’s party stains. 
  • Remove tough wall stains, surface stains on cabinets, floors and baseboards, mold and mildew with the help of CLR® Stain Magnet. 
  • Don’t forget your furry friends—clean out their bowls using non-toxic CLR® Bath & Kitchen cleaner. Spray the product on the affected area of ceramic, stainless steel or plastic; leave on for 2 minutes, wipe with a sponge or cloth to help remove the more stubborn stains, then rinse thoroughly with cold water. Remember to rinse the bowl prior to putting food or water back in to remove any remaining residue.
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