Clothing Under 10 Dollars

Clothing Under 10 Dollars

Clothing Under 10 Dollars

 I have several friends that are amazed by what I can buy so I am going to talk about Clothing Under 10 Dollars. The outfit you see above was around $10. I didn’t say more than and I didn’t say per item I said for $10. The reason is simple I love to shop thrift shops.  I even seen wedding dresses at goodwill for under 10 dollars. The trick to finding clothing cheap is to know when to shop. This is how you get clothing under 10 dollars.


1) Shop at the end of the season

2) Shop at consignment shops

3) Use coupons for your clothes. I was able to score an awesome look at kohls for less with Kohl’s cash.

4) Buy one item like a tank top that is a bright color it will change your whole look to change what color you wear

5) Shop on ebay I buy tons of high end stuff for next to nothing

6) Look on craigslist I have scored a pair of awesome boots for less than the cost of a value meal

7) Shop the sales online and use Ebates they pay you back for shopping. You can read my ebates review

8) If you are smaller you can wear a children’s size in somethings. I have bought boy’s sneakers before and a children’s size 14 tshirt.

9) Ask the sales associate when the mark downs are and head over.. sometimes you can do free layaway and save some money.

10) Have a list and only buy what you need at the lowest prices.

Here are some looks I put together for less than $10

See my video for my awesome tips.. every woman should this …

Clothing Under 10 Dollars

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