How to Clean Using Natural Products

How to Clean Using Natural Products

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We are faced with many options in cleaning products and everyday it seems there are ads promising better results or better smells. Does the fact something smells like Citrus trees mean it cleans better than something else? This is a questions we don’t ask ourselves but tend to find ourselves believing the advertisements around us. When we step back we realize we can keep our house clean and our family a whole lot safer when when we follow these tips on How to Clean Using Natural Products. 

How to Clean Using Natural Products

  1. Don’t Underestimate the Power of Baking Soda  – Baking soda is great when used as a paste to clean stubborn stains in the oven and on the stove top. I also use it to clean thru dirt and scum on my sinks and tubs.
  2. Switch From Paper Towel to Microfiber Clothes – Microfiber Clothes are good for cleaning every surface and you save money versus replacing roll after roll of Paper Towel. They are also good dust collectors so the dust and debris do not settle back where you just cleaned.
  3. Clean Your Dishwasher with Vinegar – Not only will this save you money over store bought cleaners it will help keep your machine running in its top condition.
  4. Clean Your Garbage Disposal – I don’t know how many times I smell something awful only to realize it is coming from my garbage disposal. This simple trick cleans it right up and has it smelling fresh and clean for pennies, no chemical required. Pour 1/2 cup Baking Soda and 1 cup Vinegar down into garbage disposal and let sit for 10 minutes. Run water and run disposal.
  5. Keep Natural Cleaning Products in Stock. – Not sure which products are a must have for natural cleaning. This list will help make sure you have the right products on hand.
    1. White Vinegar
    2. Baking Soda
    3. Liquid Castille Soap
    4. Natural Salt
    5. Borax
    6. Washing Soda
    7. Hydrogen Peroxide
    8. Lemons
    9. Microfiber Rags
  6. Make Your Own Laundry Detergent – Not only is this a great cost saving measure it keeps your laundry free of chemicals found in store bought detergents.
  7. Make Your Own Dishwasher Detergent– This will cost you pennies compared to the store brands and works just as well and provides clean results. You can skip the “Dish Aid” by filling up the container with vinegar.

Now that you are on your way to leaning How to Clean Using Natural Products make sure to check out these other tips for cleaning up around the house. 

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