December 5, 2013

Classic Bed Lounge Review

Holiday Gift Guide Review- Classic Bed Lounge

Bed Lounge 1

Since receiving the Classic Bed Lounge, I have said good bye to propping myself up with pillows and stiff necks. 

The Classic Bed Lounge is not just an ordinary Bed Lounger. It was designed to give you comfort in every position and after trying it out, I can say that it is the most comfortable lounger I have ever used.  One of the reasons I hated watching TV or reading in bed was that my neck would hurt or I would fight with my pillows and that took up more time than it was worth.

My daughter quickly realized how comfortable the Bed Lounge is and now uses it even when we are hanging in the family room for movie night. She loves the pockets that are on the cover because it allows her to store her stuff when she moves it from room to room.  The Bed Lounge weights only 6.5 pounds so it is easy to carry and move when you want to use it elsewhere.

Bed Lounge 21

The Bed Lounge is adjustable and can even be used in a reclining position for relaxed comfort. My favorite feature is the removable cover because it is simple to clean and I don’t have to figure out how to wash the whole thing.

The Bed Lounge can be customized for your preference with 2 sizes available. This allows for easy positioning for your neck based on your height. You can also select from a feather& down fill or a hypoallergenic fill. Further customize your Bed Lounge by selecting a color for your cover that will match your decor.

Check out all the options available with the and order yours today —-Bed Lounge.


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