Christmas Decoration Ideas

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Christmas Decoration Ideas

The holidays are coming and one of my favorite parts is decorating. I am not sure why but those bows and balls, lights, and trees speaks to me. I think back to my younger self whose face was firmly pressed to the car window so I could look at the homes with their decor. It was the days before the technology overtook our curiosity. I would imagine who lived in those house as the car sped by. I would think they must be snuggled on the couch drinking hot chocolate.

Why would anyone spend so much time doing something that only lasts for a couple of weeks?

I then thought about it  and we make a cake for a birthday and devour it on that day. We lick our fingers after we dive into the frosting. We sing a song and blow out candles. It is a ritual.  It is something you do to provide joy not only to yourself but to those around you.

What if decorating your home wasn’t in the budget?

at home store

Decorating for some people is an extra they can’t afford. I decided that I wanted to do something about that. I wanted to create a memory for someone else. I wanted to give them the same feeling of joy, excitement, and wonder that I felt and still feel as I drive by a house adorned with lights and holiday love.

I took part in a very special event on behalf of the At Home Store. They have a great selection of holiday decor at an incredible value! There really is something for everyone at every price point.

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I was asked to Elf a yard. I chose a family to make a happy memory for and then I surprised them with what I did. I thought I would share some of my easy Christmas Decoration Ideas.

You can see them in the movie below!

What a great way to let someone know you care! You can elf them by decorating their home.

Christmas decorations

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