May 3, 2014

Cheap Home Security

Cheap Home Security

cheap home security

I will admit that my when my husband travels for work I am a little concerned about the safety of our home. I came up with some inexpensive ways to protect your home and those inside. It was 10 years ago almost and I was home alone in a state that I didn’t know anyone. I was eight month pregnant and someone came to my door and rang the bell. It was late at night and you do not just happen upon my home. I freaked out. I called the police and had them look all over for the guy in the blue shirt. I didn’t answer the door I pretended I wasn’t home because I didn’t know anyone. I called my husband who used to travel internationally and I demanded we get an alarm the next day. It was expensive. We still have it and we pay a monthly fee to monitor the house. In my opinion the peace of mind it provides me is worth it but I thought of a couple of ideas that would help those of you without an alarm. I also use the ideas below.

Cheap Home Security to Protect Your House

1) Leave on a light outdoor

2) Lock all the doors

3) Close and windows

4) Lock windows

5) Put legos by the doors or windows before bed… let me tell you if someone steps on one you will hear them

6) Do not have your children clean up before bed instead have them clean in the morning.. this all contributes to the tripping factor and the intruder falling… (my child has toy cars and they are very effective)

7) Have your car keys with you on your night stand if you hear something turn on the panic alert

8) Have a police car that makes siren noises by your bed. You can easily turn that on

9) Have 911 in your favorites or easily accessible in case of emergency

10) Have a hammer in your night stand I am not a fan of guns. We do have one but it is locked up so a hammer is a safer choice

11) Let your neighbors know if you are alone or if you are away so they can be on the look out for anything strange. I live on retired lane so this provides them hours of entertainment.

12) Do not post on social media that you are home alone. Do not say it in public.

13) Buy a sign saying you have an alarm on eBay put it outside your house

14) Get a sign saying you have a large dog and if you here a noise …. BARK! You know you can bark!

15) Use some of these free apps

Cheap Home Security iTunes Apps

Cheap Home Security Android Apps

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