Cheap Dates: Dessert

The time has to come to admit that we often put the one we love most at the end of our million mile long list. We make being in a relationship a chore instead of a wonderful experience. I am trying to remind myself that I am not only a mom but a wife. It is important to nurture your loved one just like you do for your kids. I am taking a moment, a couple of bucks, and some time to plan for a cheap date to bring them together to create a memory that will last long after the date is over.

I have a favorite meal it is called dessert. I have been known to order dessert first so I do not fill up on the healthy stuff. I planned a date to go to a wine bar and have a glass of wine and dessert. I had dessert and my husband had a glass of wine. We sat outside and just watched the people go by. We listened to the street musicians and we talked about way back when. We had already eaten at home and our quick date allowed us to spend less  for a babysitter, not stay out to late, and really focus on one another. My husband asked if next time could he bring his own wine which he wanted to buy at CVS. We will save etiquette rules for another time because I am not sure if he was kidding or serious. We did however have a nice night hand holding, laughing, and the best part was I got to have my cake and eat it.


There are a lot of great local deal sites where you can find something new and exciting to do without breaking the bank.

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I decided to have this post sponsored. Why? Well, I am a business when it comes down to it. I also think they have some great stuff to keep the spark alive. I also believe you can have some great dates at home.  Yes, the sexiest thing about my lingerie collection was how my nursing bra unhooked.

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