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March 23, 2015

Important Steps to Home Ownership

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So, you’re ready to make the big leap into home ownership? Good for you. Home ownership can be a great experience and holds a number of tangible and intangible benefits. But first, you need to actually buy that property, which, especially if this is your first home, can feel more than a little complicated.


Understanding the mortgage process

Since a home is arguably the biggest purchase you’ll ever make, being prepared is key to having a successful experience. Doing some homework ahead of time – specifically on mortgage prequalification, the type of mortgage that’s best for you and determining how much home you can afford – will benefit you when it comes time to take the plunge.

U.S. Bank is a great resource to help you navigate the often complex home-buying process.  And if you’re really new to this frequently perplexing world, look no further than Achieve Your Goals, a new financial resources site from U.S. Bank. It’s full of information on a wealth of topics, including a My Home section filled with great articles on everything related to mortgages, homes and the home-buying process.


What is prequalification?

Prequalifying for a mortgage is an important step in the home-buying process. It lets everyone involved know you’re serious about buying a home, and is a great way to help keep the process running smoothly. To see how much you may be able to borrow, and under what conditions, complete a mortgage prequalification request with U.S. Bank to get the ball rolling. You may be surprised what you may possibly qualify for.  To do this, know that you’ll need to be a legal U.S. resident and 18 or older. Also, you’ll need to know your pre-tax annual household income and monthly household debt.

If you have been pre-qualified, the next step is determining what type of mortgage makes sense for your individual circumstances, as there are various types of mortgage loans.  There are plenty of resources available where you can learn about the different types of mortgages that could be available to you.


How much home can you afford?

First, figure out your plans for occupancy.  Are you intent on living in the house for only a few years?  Or maybe for the rest of your life?  Are you in the military?  Or have your eye on your dream home?   Your answers to these questions could determine the type of loan and home that will work best for your personal buying experience.

Whatever your circumstances are, give it some thought ahead of time. To get estimates of what your mortgage payments could look like, try this U.S. Bank mortgage calculators.

Once you’ve been prequalified, determined what type of mortgage makes the most sense for you and know how much home you can afford, you’ll be ready to start looking for that dream home.  

Happy house-hunting!

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March 19, 2015

Teaching My Daughter About Money With Kids Wealth #kidslearnmoney

Teaching My Daughter About Money With Kids Wealth #kidslearnmoney

*Disclosure: This is a sponsored post brought to you by Kids Wealth, but as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own 🙂



As a parent teaching our kids the ways of the world is one of our most important jobs. And learning finical responsibility is a big part of the world. You know the saying, “Money make’s the world go round”? It’s so true. You might not think that talking to your kids about money at a young age is important but I promise it is! The younger you start the more it sinks in.Continue reading

March 12, 2015

Can Sex Change Your Relationship?


The question that comes to mind is can sex change your relationship? The answer is absolutely. If I was a betting woman I would say that I think, after money, that sex is something couples fight over most. I would especially think this is true if one partner is receiving sex from someone other than their committed partner. This is my theory on sex; guys need a place and girls need a reason.

I told my husband a long time ago that sex starts long before you actually have sex. If he is interested in having a physical relationship then he needs to do all the things that turn me on. I do not mean physically. I mean emotionally, he needs to show me he loves me before I am interested in having sex with him. I have learned in the almost 18 years that we have been together that the same is true for him as well. He requires the same kind of attention to his needs prior to having sex. He also needs the clues to love and adoration. I would say that his needs are more physical to mine but he still wants to hear that I love him, I am proud of him, I value him, and that he is the person I enjoy spending time with.

The question is how much do you water the plant? How much sun do you give it? Do you just expect it to be beautiful without nurturing it? It got me thinking what if you did at the beginning and then you got used to the beautiful flower and you just neglected it? What do you do then? Is it possible to bring the withering flower back to its former glory. The answer is YES!

I know a lot of people that struggle with spouses that aren’t meeting their needs. I have at times had this issue, but luckily I was not afraid to communicate what I need, so our issues have been quickly resolved and don’t resemble a dried flower. This is what I suggest you do. Tune into the show Sex Box. I know you are most likely wondering how this will help. It is a great way to start the conversation. It is way to learn from others and the experts on the show will help you see issues and ways to resolve them. I will call it therapy without the expense or the office visit. I think the single most important job you have is to work on your relationship. They never put so and so was a good employee on their headstone or they had a fancy car, house, purse, etc.

So a little about Sex Box. It isn’t porn. You will not actually see couples having sex but you will see them after they have had sex. They will meet with a group of expert therapists Dr. Chris Donaghue, Sexologist and Clinical Psychotherapist; Dr. Fran Walfish, Relationship Psychotherapist and Dr. Yvonne Capehart, Pastor and Couples Counselor, with the hopes of addressing and resolving their concerns so they can have flourishing relationships. I was a little thrown back by the idea initially. Then I thought about it scientifically. In the first 15 minutes after intimacy, the body is flooded with oxytocin and endorphins enabling people to really open up and reveal the root of their problems. I know from experience that after I have sex with my husband we do have very deep and thoughtful conversations. It does seem to be the time when he opens up and I may or may not use this time to push some of my agenda.

This is my advice if you are currently not fulfilled or you are a student like me. I love to learn about how to make relationships better then watch this show for tips. I would make a nice dinner and grab a bottle of wine, or in my case a cupcake and milk. Then curl up on the couch and make the effort to work on your relationship in a non threatening way. I find that asking questions about what you see will help you make a deeper and more meaningful connection with the person you love the most. You can say, “Have you ever felt that?” or “Do you think this is important?”. You can use the show to become more knowledgeable about the person you are with. I will tell you with good authority that my husband isn’t doing things or purpose when I am mad it is usually that he doesn’t understand what my needs are or how to address them. This show is a great way for you to understand not only how people think or that causes it but to make the changes you need to make.

Here is a little preview:

February 11, 2015

10 CDs That Are Perfect For Massages

10 CDs That Are Perfect For Massages


One of my favorite ways to get a little romantic with my husband is to set up a massage night. It’s a fun, inexpensive, and intimate way to have a date night, and who doesn’t love a massage right!? The perfect massage doesn’t stop with just your massage skills. You have to set the mood!  Some great massage oil, some candles lit, and some awesome background music to really set the mood.

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January 28, 2015

iPad Repair Cracked Screen

ipad screen repair

    iPad Repair Cracked Screen

It happened again. I mean again they cracked my screen. The first time I walked into apple only to be told they would take my iPad and charge me several hundred dollars for a refurbished one. I didn’t take that option. I instead went to the place in the mall to repair my iPad. The did so for $150.00. I was desperate. It never occurred to me that I could do it myself for a lot less that was until it happened again and my screen was again cracked. I bet you are thinking why doesn’t she have a cover on it. I did. I had a $150 out of warranty cover on it. It obviously doesn’t work if your child walks on your iPad. No, I have no idea how my iPad moved from my desk to the floor in another room and then it end up under someone’s foot but it happens. I have three kids and unless something has a leash with an alarm it isn’t where I left it unless of course it is dirty dishes. They stay where you leave them. This is how I repaired my Ipad’s cracked screen.

iPad Repair Cracked Screen

1) What model do you have? Make sure you  know. Go look at the box

2) Head to Amazon and find your Ipad Replacement screen <—-

3) Order it

4) Once it comes in set up your table by placing newspaper on the table

5) Get safety goggles and gloves you will be working with glass

6) Turn on your computer and watch this you tube video several times before you attempt this job. This is the video for the iPad 2 that I used. You can look on youtube for an Ipad Screen Replacement video for yours. Pay attention to wear the unit is glued and where certain components are so you do not break anything while repairing the unit.

7) Complete the repair by following the directions

8) Do not glue the unit back until you test things like power, tracking, and until volume. It is also necessary to test your ability to get wifi.

9) Once you have establish that your device works glue it back together carefully

10) Let the glue dry

You have just saved yourself hundreds. We have repaired two iPads this way and one samsung gallery tablet. It takes time but it is under $20.00 as opposed to over a hundred dollars.

If all else fails and you need to make an ipad purchase this is where I found the best prices.

December 30, 2014

Driving in Snow Tips

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Driving in Snow Tips

Driving in Snow Tips

Winter Safety – Driving in Snow Tips

In some places, Winter means dangerous driving conditions. Snow, sleet, hail, wind and icy conditions can lead to accidents, injuries and damage to your vehicle. When you hit the road this Winter, be prepared. Make sure that you put safety first. Be responsible and cautious when you are driving and be sure to follow these Driving in Snow Tips.

  1. You may be ready for Winter, but is your vehicle? Have it checked by a professional to be sure that everything is safe and can handle all Winter driving conditions.
  2. Check that your windshield wipers and window defrosters are working properly.
  3. Have your tires inspected and replaced if necessary.
  4. Drive a little slower than usual and keep a good distance between yourself and the car in front of you in case you need to stop quickly.
  5. If you begin to skid, steer into the skid, with your feet off the pedals until you gain control of the car.
  6. Leave early if you have to be somewhere at a certain time. You want to allow yourself time to get there and not have to rush causing you to be less cautious while you are driving.
  7. Always keep an Emergency Car Safety Kit in the trunk. This will have things like a flashlight, bottled water, snow scraper, emergency blanket, first aid kit, hand warmers, jumper cables, etc. I would even suggest a jump starter especially if you live in an area with frequent low temperatures.
  8. Have a plan in place in case you end up in an emergency situation. Let someone know where you are going, the route you are taking and when they should expect to hear from you next.
  9. When buckling a child into a car seat make sure their coat is not too thick. It can interfere with the harness on the seat. Instead, take off their coat, buckle them in and then cover them with a blanket and keep the heat on at least until the car warms up enough to be comfortable.
  10. Always wear your seat belt, even if you are driving around the corner. Better safe than sorry.
  11. Keep your gas tank as close to full as possible so the nightmare of getting stranded without gas on a dark, snow covered road never becomes a reality.
  12. Avoid using cruise control on a wet, icy, or slippery road. You want to keep as much control of the vehicle as possible.
  13. If you don’t have somewhere that you really need to be, stay off the road. If you have somewhere to be, but don’t feel comfortable driving, consider an alternative route. Don’t force yourself to drive in conditions you don’t feel comfortable or safe in.

Always remember, no matter your destination, the most important part of any journey is your safe arrival. Put safety first at all times, especially in bad weather. When the temperature drops, and it rains or snows, the roads will become icy and can be dangerous. Follow the rules of the road and our Winter Driving in Snow Tips to keep yourself and other drivers and passengers safe.


Share with us your Driving in Snow Tips. Leave a comment below.

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