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November 8, 2012

Ikea Bunk Bed Review

I am going to be honest from the start I LOVE Ikea. I was very happy when they finally opened a store in Michigan and have been a loyal customer ever since. I would shop there every week except my husband says we can’t afford it. I still haven’t convinced him we could skip a few meals a week to allow me to go there more frequently. So I have resigned myself to going every couple of months and with a set budget. Some people do not understand why he doesn’t allow me to go without a budget. The reason is because we went to look for a curio cabinet and left with a whole dining room set and bedroom furniture for the kids.Continue reading

September 10, 2012

Tria Review

SHHH…. I have hair on my toes. I know you have hair somewhere you do not want it. I always shave off the hair on my toes when I shave my legs. I decided to start there with my review. I am reviewing the FDA-cleared Tria Hair Removal Laser is the first and
only hair removal laser available for at-home use. They say it is easy to use and with 5 comfort settings, the Tria Hair Removal
Laser delivers the same permanent results you get with professional treatments. It will free you from the endless hassle of shaving, waxing, ingrown hairs and razor burn.

This is so embarrassing but i grew the hair out for this purpose.

The good news is I fall into their user category which is the Tria Hair Removal Laser is intended for use on light to
medium skin tones with naturally brown or black hair. It will not work on white, gray, blond, or red hair.I guess blonde do not have more fun!

I received my Tria Laser Hair Removal
in exchange for my review do not worry you know I will tell you if i like it or not! I opened it up. Then I plugged it in. Then I had to call the number (1-877-321- TRIA (8742)  provided to activate  the unit since it is an in home treatment they want to make sure your child isn’t using it to torture bugs.

They walk you through the steps so you know how to use it safely. Do you want to know if it worked? Do you want to know it hurt.. watch what actually happened as I tried the Tria Laser Hair Removal
for the first time.

So what do you think?



August 21, 2012

Netflix Review: One Month Free Trial

How many times have you flipped through your hundreds of TV channels to find there was nothing to watch? My husband and I realized this was happening A LOT! We were only using our DV-R to record local network TV and kid shows. Frustrated with our cable bill in relation to our usage, we decided to try the free trial!

We were immediately happy with our choice! awesome!

Start your FREE trial now! >>> Netflix

There are no installation fees or hookup costs. All we needed was an Internet connection to our TV via the TV itself, a Blu-Ray player, Wii or Xbox game system. We were instantly able to access Netflix via an application for unlimited instant streaming. You can even watch via a computer, tablet or smart phone!

We could choose from a massive selection of shows and movies to watch instantly. The shows are organized according to genre, so if you are in the mood for a comedy, it is incredibly easy to find! We have watched movies we have always wanted to see and documentaries that are highly recommended. We have also caught up on TV shows that were only available on premium cable/satellite channels that were not included with our $100+ per month cable bill.

Our kids also love Netflix! They have been introduced to new shows, as well as old favorites from PBS or Nick, Jr. They can easily access the Netflix app and know how to turn on their own shows during the allowed TV time.

We immediately canceled our satellite provider and signed up for $7.99 per month for unlimited instant streaming. We also decided to add $7.99 per month for unlimited DVD’s by mail.

We can see new release movies or old classics. Watching THREE movies per month is cheaper than driving to the local video store or rental kiosk. In addition, we are able to keep our movies for more than one night with no additional fee! Movie lists are compiled easily online and typically arrive within two days of returning the previous movie.

I definitely suggest that you get Netflix NOW! You can get their packages separately and as a supplement to your cable/satellite provider! You will not be unhappy!

Reviewed by Devon for MadameDeals!

Start your FREE trial now! >>> Netflix

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