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December 2, 2013

Bop It! Tetris Game Review

bop it tetris

Growing up, I was hooked on Tetris. I mean hours on end, lose track of time, late for school hooked! When my son was old enough, I passed my love of Tetris on to him. Then Bop It! came out and it was love at first play. My son and I spent hours playing Bop It! So when I found out that there was now a Bop It! Tetris Game, I was excited beyond belief and I had to run out and buy it.Continue reading

November 30, 2013

An Elegant Solution

Did you know that “Elegant solution” is a term?

It is- Wikipedia’s definition of an “elegant solution”  is:   “In engineering, a solution may be considered elegant if it uses a non-obvious method to produce a solution which is highly effective and simple. An elegant solution may solve multiple problems at once, especially problems not thought to be inter-related.”

elegant solution

An Elegant Solution is an intriquing historical mystery that weaves university learning with drama.  Reading the book makes the reader think! This is excellent in my determination of the worth of any book.  However, if you are looking for a quick read that is “fluff” this is not the one for you.  An Elegant Solution reminds me of my own university years.  I believe this book is an encouragement to individuals to go to an institution of higher learning simply because of the intrique and interest shown by the main character in the class topics.  The main character applies his class lessons, theories and principles to his life surroundings in order to answer many questions thus he comes up with an elegant solution that solves many issues in the book all at once!

An Elegant Solution  is a steady paced thought-provoking book that will refresh university educational terms or make you yearn for university education!

November 19, 2013

Conquer Fall with P&G’s Try it & Love it Program!

Conquer Fall with P&G’s Try it & Love it Program!


P&G reached out to me to try out  these awesome products. They also let me give them away to one of you lucky readers. P&G is know for their products. I believe their wide variety of products and the quality of products in unmatched. I believe taking care of yourself means using the best products. I also think trying the P&G line means you will not go back to the other products you use. I am a huge fan of gain and cascade and with three always running noses puffs are never far away. I think grabbing a couple of these products can go a long way this holiday season. How about grabbing a few of these and showing up with them at their next gathering. I mean give your hostess something she can use. I mean the cleaning stuff do not show up with tampons. That may be a bit strange. This would also be a great gift for your favorite college student.  I would encourage you to visit the  P&G site to see all of the ideas they have for great gift ideas this fall and beyond.

For more ideas on how to ease your everyday, visit

November 12, 2013

Your Way Cuisines Review

Your Way Cuisines  has two jar roux available.

Each Your Way Cuisines roux makes delicious entrees!

Since I love Cajun cooking I was delighted to find this gluten free roux.  Not only is it gluten free but it contains coconut oil! Once I had tasted a sample of the Chicken and Sausage Gumbo at the Gluten and Allergen Free Wellness event I knew I needed to let others know about this product.  A good roux is a talent to make, a gluten free roux is even more difficult but Kristie Buford has definitely perfected the process.
On the Your Way Cuisines website ( you will find Kristie’s story (a must read!), a listing of where to find the products (in addition to information for online ordering), helpful links, and recipes.  I used the Chicken and Sausage gumbo with my sorghum roux.  The gumbo was very good and my children even compared it to their Dad’s ‘from scratch’ gumbo —this is a very high compliment in our family!
ywccorn 8 oz (yourwaycuisinesgumbo


The Pop’s Famous Pot Roast recipe was my choice for the corn roux– with a venison roast.  It was absolutely delicious and there was no concern with making a gravy after getting the meat out of the pot.  The gravy was ready to be served! This is especially an important factor for me when serving a crowd.  In the past I have had the meat cook till almost time to serve, then used the meat juices to make a gravy.  This takes time and attention away from company right before serving the meal.  Kristie’s recipe eliminates this problem and makes a venison roast delicious.
Order your roux now from Your Way Cuisines for Kristie’s After Thanksgiving Turkey/ Chicken & Sausage gumbo.  I certainly look forward to trying this recipe next!
In addition to being gluten free, there are 40 calories less per serving than regular traditional roux in a jar.  Each roux only has 5 grams of carbs.  The sorghum roux has additional protein and fiber making it great for diabetics! The shelf life of the roux is 2 years and once opened it can be stored in the refrigerator for 6 months.  If your recipe only calls for 2 or 3 tablespoons you can microwave the roux, measure what you need then refrigerate the remainder.  Kristie recommends the corn roux for round steak, wild game and hearty stew; the sorghum roux for chicken and seafood dishes; both are great for gumbos.  One 8 oz jar makes approximately one gallon of gumbo.

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