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July 5, 2015

Summer Squash Sauce Recipe

Summer Squash Sauce

healthy squash sauce

Hopefully you are enjoying some fresh summer vegetables! Today we are giving you another squash recipe since they are the most abundant vegetable! Thanks to Connie for this recipe.

During the summer months, I tend to make fresh vegetables the base for all my meals. Whatever meat accompanies the veggies is usually grilled or quickly sautéed. When veggies are at their freshest, they are the most tasty and nutritious. Summer Squash Sauce is particularly delicious and fresh if you grow your own tomatoes, squash, and basil. These plants are popular and easy to grow in containers making this dish a good choice for a truly home-made summer meal.

I grew up with garden fresh vegetables grown with love and care by my grandparents and parents. I’ve spent many hours weeding and picking, shelling and shucking, so that our family would have our own vegetables in the freezer and canned in jars all winter long. However, now that I have my own family, I still want fresh vegetables…I just don’t want to grow them myself. So, my family joined a local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). Each growing season, we pay a fee for a “share” of the farm’s bounty and receive a weekly allotment of vegetables. This has been especially fun for me because some weeks, we receive veggies that I don’t typically eat or even know how to prepare.Continue reading

July 4, 2015

Sour Candy Grapes Recipe That Your Kids Will Love

Sour Candy Grapes Recipe That Your Kids Will Love

sour candy grapes

Summer time is here! With my kids being home all day, I have to make sure I’ve got some snacks ready for hungry mouths in the afternoon. After a morning spent outside playing in the sun, by the afternoon the kids are craving something sweet, cold, and yummy. And let me tell you, I hit the jackpot with this easy to make snack. This Sour Candy Grapes Recipe is something your kids are going to ask for all the time! The best part is that they taste like candy without actually being candy. So they are healthier, and in my opinion, they taste better! Oh, and it’s cheap, which is also important! Let me show you how easy they are to make…Continue reading

Gluten Free Breakfast Muffins Recipe

Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Gluten Free Breakfast Muffins Recipe

gluten free muffins

Trying to eat healthy is a blessing and a curse. I know it’s great for my body, and I feel better when I eat healthy, but I love food! I love food that isn’t always the best for me. So when I find a recipe that is pretty good for me AND tastes awesome too it’s like winning the lottery! Breakfast is by far my favorite meal of the day because that is where all the best food are. These Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Gluten Free Breakfast Muffins are cheesy, and delicious! They have that filling consistency that traditional muffins have without the gluten! The best of both worlds for sure. Let’s check out how to make them!Continue reading

Go Bananas with Chocolate Banana Applesauce Cake Recipe


Chocolate Banana Applesauce Cake Recipe

I was inspired by the little people in my life who love Minions and made this chocolate banana applesauce cake as a special end of the school year celebration! I think a movie day with special snacks and treats is a great way to celebrate all the hard work and progress my kids have made throughout the school year. My minions have worked so hard they deserve a special treat.

banana chocolate applesauce cake

Did you know that you can replace oils in almost every baking recipe with applesauce? I use applesauce instead of oil in brownies, muffins, and cakes. You can’t even tell you have made the switch and it feels great knowing there is applesauce in my baked goods. I figure it is a free pass to have a second helping. Right? Come on back me up here!?Continue reading

Easy Ice Cream Cake Recipe Hack

Easy Ice Cream Cake Recipe Hack

Easy Ice Cream Cake Recipe Hack

Do you love Ice Cream Cake? Me and my kids too! But unfortunately I don’t always have much time to make Ice Cream Cake. Good thing because I found this super easy Ice Cream Cake Recipe hack to make our favorite summer dessert. It will take you less than five minutes to do this ice cream cake, the best part is that it looks so special and my kids love it so much.

Here’s how to do this Easy Ice Cream Cake Recipe HackContinue reading

How to Make Waffles with Sweet Potato Fries!

How to Make Waffles with Sweet Potato Fries!

Get ready to be blown away or at least have your socks knocked off. I honestly don’t know how or when the idea popped into my head but I thought about making waffles using french fries and thought it sounded like a fun way to cook fries. Then I thought if waffles made with french fires sounds good, what about waffles made with sweet potato fries. I LOVE sweet potatoes and always order sweet potato fries instead of regular fries when I have the option. So if the idea of making waffles with sweet potatoes fries has not knocked your socks off yet trust me they will go flying when you find out how easy it is and how great they taste.

how to make waffles with sweet potato fries

How to Make Waffles with Sweet Potato Fries!

Continue reading

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