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September 9, 2014

Being Kind Counts: Dollar Tree Give Gifts Project

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Dollar Tree but all ideas and words here are 100% mine.


teacher treat

If you follow my site you know I started a 30 day challenge to do kind deeds. This post is sponsored by the Dollar Tree. They allowed me to make a couple of buckets for some very special people most of which I have never met. Where else but the Dollar Tree Could you find gifts for anyone? I had a goal to make gift baskets for the places that my children would visit when they volunteered in their community.


I decided to make my first basket for their teachers. It is a nice way to thank their teachers. You can see that $10 goes a long way. Dollar Tree has a great section for teaching supplies. I got things for their desks and things for the children to use while playing games. I even got a trashcan because with tons of children you can’t have enough of those.

This bucket was created for the Volunteer fire department and the EMTS that serve our community. Dollar Tree has lots of cleaning supplies, I figured those will be perfect. I love to drop off useful treats.

nursing home

This is my last and meaningful gift. It is for folks that we haven’t met but are currently living in a nursing home. It is a little something to let them know we are thinking of them. We will be grateful to share the day with them and we hope to leave them with a couple of items to remind them that we have been there.

dollar tree final

As you can see for just $10 a basket you can really change your entrance by presenting a great gift. I love Dollar Tree it is the place we shop for our household needs and for the people we like to make happy. Just remember being kind counts and thank you Dollar Tree for understanding, it is the thought that counts.

Follow  DollarTree on FacebookPinterest, Twitter to make sure you are getting the most for your money.

September 4, 2014

Being Kind Counts

being kind counts



I know you have been following my story for the past couple of days. The one where I told you I decided to make a change and engage myself in a challenge to be kind. I mean not just say it but to take action. I decided I needed help. I asked some friends. The joined me on the Being Kind Challenge. It has been really nice reading their posts because I get to see my idea taking shape in the hearts of others. It is really cool to see what people think of to help others. I am grateful they are not only sharing the idea but really embracing the lifestyle.

I thought I would share what happened. I helped start a school. That is a leap of faith as you know but sometimes you believe in something so strongly that they word “can’t” doesn’t enter your mind or heart. I knew the school would need things. We do not have a lot of money but I do have the ability to work and make money. I decided I would do what I could to help. I had the teachers make a wish list of wanted and needed items. I said put anything you need on here. The teacher did and one of the items was a TV. I ordered her one right there. The TV arrived and it wasn’t big enough. I took it back and spent more money and got the right size. My husband want to know where I got money for a TV I told him not to worry someone would pay me back.

I started the kindness project to help people so I have been posting about it. I get asked by companies all the time to try their products and they pay me to promote my post. I was offered a job yesterday because they wanted to help with my kindness project. I found the company that would pay for the TV. You see sometimes you need to have faith that if you are doing good deeds everything else will work itself out. The more time you spend helping others the more you realize you are capable of great things. I believe you begin to prioritize differently and you begin to see things differently.

I invite you to participate by doing a good deed and challenging two of your friends to do the same

Then log in your good deeds on


What is my good deed for the day? I plan on making baskets for three special people… find out more later.

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September 3, 2014

Being Kind Counts

Being Kind Counts

We are working on a 30 day kindness challenge. You can read about it on in case you are behind. I would like to invite you to participate. It will change your life. It really will. We all get busy and deciding to do something with a purpose gives us a unique and powerful energy. Today I am using my unique and powerful energy to teach students k-8 on how to use a computer and operate google docs to create work samples and to organize their work. I am volunteering to teach each Wednesday any and all funds that result from my instruction will be used to help educate students. The students at the school volunteer every Friday in the community so I feel I am paying it forward so they can also pay it forward. You see one good deed turns into another. I did complete my good deed for yesterday which was to help a business owner one their marketing and website. I challenge you to 1) Do a good deed 2) Ask two of your friends to do good deeds 3) log your good deed into


September 1, 2014

Being Kind Counts

Being Kind Counts

being kind counts

I had an idea. I know. I always have random ideas. I woke up one night and bought the url I knew I wanted to do something big. I just wasn’t sure what. Then I had an idea if I could take 30 days and 30 bloggers and ask each person to do a good deed I would have 30 deeds accomplished. Well that seems simple. Then I thought if each of the 30 bloggers invited two people and their two people invited two people. We could accomplish my goal. The goal I have is 1,000 good deeds in 30 days. I believe we can do this. I am inviting you to help.



All I need you to do is do a good deed.. and share the image above and tag two friends to do a good deed.

Then if you would report your good deed here

I will report mine and tell you what my team and myself are up to daily. You can follow the hashtags … I believe we can make a huge impact!



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July 15, 2014

Giving Back Packs #givingbackpack #ebates

giving backpacks

Disclosure: I was provided $25 by our sponsor Ebates to purchase a backpack and school supplies. I was not compensated in any other way for this post. #givingbackpack #ebates

Giving Back Packs

giving backpacks
Have you every had an idea? I mean a big idea? One that you decided to take a leap and make it happen. Well, I had an idea a couple years ago. I used to teach school and the one thing that I saw was the kids that came to school without supplies did not preform as well. When I was a teacher I always bought tons of supplies and I would give them to the kids that didn’t have them. I would put them in their desks with their names on them. I would never tell them who did it. I would only say someone must think you are pretty smart.

I became a blogger to teach on a bigger forum. I became a blogger to inspire others. I decided that as bloggers we have a duty to use our influence to help others. That is really how this “giving back packs” to kids idea started. I go and ask companies to partner with myself and my fellow bloggers and we deliver backpacks to kids in need. We are given $25 to shop with. I matched that amount so that I could help two kids obtain back packs. I wanted to take a moment to thank this years sponsor I am positive with their help we will make a positive impact on the students we provide back pack to.  Those students will  then grow up to be people who also make an impact.

I am was really excited this year to take my kids out shopping. I think it is important to teach your children through example. One of the greatest gifts I believe I can give my children is a big heart. They need to learn how to open their hearts and give to others. I took them shopping with the $25 that Ebates provided me and then I put in $25 of our own. We were able to make two backpacks. We dropped off one already to a private school that will take in children who are on public assistance for Preschool. We will drop off the other one when school starts. This is what we bought.

giving back

giving back


My lovely and eager assistants.

We made sure to buy everything on the list. We are grateful for the opportunity to double our efforts and we are thankful to companies like Ebates that make these things possible. Over the next couple of weeks you will see more bloggers like myself post their backpacks. I had the pleasure of co-hosting this event (Madame Deals Media and Ebates and numerous awesome bloggers. It is my hope that you take what you can and do what you can to empower a child in need by providing them with school supplies.

EbatesWhere it Pays to Shop Online. Ebates is the pioneer and leader of online cash back shopping. Ebates pays members cash back every time they shop online as well as provide them with the best coupons and deals online. Founded in 1998, Ebates Inc.’s websites have paid over $250 million in cash to its members. That’s why millions of people have joined Ebates. Sign-up Today!

What do you think of our Giving Back Packs project? Share with us your opinion below.

Check out  my $100 story and  Paying It Forward projects.

June 28, 2014

Giving Back Pack


Dear Friends,

This isn’t just any event to me. It is the single most important event we do. The reason is simple we have the ability to make a real difference using the power of our influence. We have the power to inspire others to give by setting the example ourselves. I realize budgets are tight so we bust our bottoms every year to find a brand to sponsor our event to give backpacks to kids in need. The concept is simple our sponsor will provide you with $25. Then we challenge you to buy the most supplies possible and a backpack. We ask that you donate it to a child in need. We ask that you blog about it and tell your readers. We ask that you thank our sponsor for making it possible.

I was a teacher and I can tell you the power of a stranger believing in you enough to give you a brand new bag full of supplies can make a huge impact. We are telling these children you matter. We believe in you. We think you deserve the tools you need to be successful. I even put notes in the bags I donate. I get my kids involved. It is important for them to understand how giving works and how important school is. This is a part of my heart. I hope you will consider joining us Madame Deals Media as we put on our annual event to give back to our community by enforcing the power of education one backpack at a time. We will work together to promote one another and our cause and hopefully inspire others to match our donation or participate. We will make sure that we are setting an example and getting people to think about the power of giving back. I am a firm believer in paying it forward. I look forward to another great year and hundreds of new backpacks for kids in need.

Here are our events for the last two years we had over 80 bloggers and we made a huge difference.




This is how you get involved:

1) Sign up for EBATES if you aren’t all ready EBATES   <————-  Must complete to be eligible

2) Fill out the doc NOTE: SCROLL on the right side

3) We will contact you if selected. If you are selected we will need you to schedule your post between July 15- Sept 1.

4) Then you will go shopping, write a post, promote your post

5) Be a hero 🙂

pay it forward


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