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How to Help Others

How to Help Others

Throughout the last few years, I have noticed a steady increase in helping others. It never truly disappeared but, it did seem to become less of a common thing. For a while, things in our society seemed more “me” focused. People were only worried about their needs and wants versus others needs or wants.

I am very happy to see the helpful mentality making a big comeback! I know there have been many times where I thought I would love to help someone. I saw their need, but, the trick was, not knowing how to go about it. Even if I did know how I could help, I didn’t know if they would be accepting or just think I was up to no good.

How to Help Others

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10 Things You Can Make a Difference in the World


Ten things you can do to make a difference in the world

10 Things You Can Make a Difference in the World

I learned a lesson heart wrenching and mind-boggling lesson a long time ago. One that is still with me. A lesson that was so profound but yet so simple. It is like that saying as plain as the nose on your face. You know right there all the time.

I traveled down a street lined with trash, air filled with smog, flowers that were overpowered with dirt and people who did not appear to have homes. The road was long and a bit scary. It was one I wasn’t supposed to travel down because I had made the wrong turn. I held my purse close to my body and didn’t look up. I tried to focus on what turn I made and what turn I should have done. I walked swiftly. I let fear take over.

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How many white glue sticks does one kid really need?

Ok, let’s be honest with each other for a minute. When you get your student’s school supply list what is the first thing that pops out of you mouth? “How many white glue sticks does one kid really need?” If you don;t say it out loud you know you are thinking it. Well, let me tell you the honest answer. A LOT!

How many white glue sticks does your kid really need


How many white glue sticks does one kid really need?

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2016 Giving Back Packs Event

Real Advice Gal Giving Back Packs 2016 Event

Every year, we seek sponsors to support us in our efforts to supply as many back packs full of school supplies to needy children as we can. I am happy that we have several great sponsors this year! Wonderful Pistachios and Aldi are returning sponsors this year! We are also grateful for our newest sponsor, Classroom Direct.

2016 Annual Giving Back Packs Event

We also enlist the help of dozens of other bloggers to each fill at least one back pack with school supplies and donate it to a child, school, or organization. You can help by visiting all of the blogger sites listed below. You can help even more by leaving an encouraging comment for our bloggers or sharing their posts on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest! All of your help makes it possible for us to continue the event from year to year and secure sponsorship.


Giving Back Packs School Supplies 2016


Giving Back Packs 2016

Michele Brosius over at Just 2 Sisters writes about teaching her nieces and nephews to give back through her annual participation in the Giving BackPack Project.

Mommy Makes Time  writes about Making a Difference- Being The Good in the world. 

You need to share these 9 TIPS FOR SURVIVING HIGH SCHOOL with your high schooler. Many thanks to Nell at Slap Dash Mom

Simply Sherryl shares 5 Ways to Save on Back to School Shopping 

We Make 7 shares her experience shopping for supplies and donating her back pack.

Over at ABC Creative Learning, Victoria, is Paying It Forward Giving Back School Supplies

Teaching her kids to give back is important to the Mama Maven.

Real Advice Gal,  Amee,  shares her wisdom about BUILDING SELF ESTEEM AS A TEACHER OF SPECIAL EDUCATION

Dina at My Un-Entitled Life has a love affair with Wonderful Pistachios and loves to Give Back Packs too!

With 3 kids in school Saving You Dinero knows the cost of school supplies and the importance of teaching her kids to give back.

Wonderful Pistachios are just one of the best 18 portable snacks for teens and tweens over at Saved By Grace.

Kansas Schools will be open and one young man will have all the supplies he needs thanks to She Smiles Within.

Rachelle of Love Laughter Forever After and her daughter are starting the school year off on a bright note by donating a back pack full of school supplies to their new school.

We all want to know “How many glue sticks does one kid really need”! The answer inspired Real Advice Gal writer, Gina to participate in the Giving Back Packs Event.

Salted Almond and Pistachio Bark

Check out this delicious Salted Almond and Pistachio Bark Recipe that I made using Wonderful Pistachios

3 Lessons I Learned About Building Self Esteem as a Teacher of Special Education

Disclosure: I was provided $25 by our sponsor ALDI to purchase a backpack and school supplies. I was not compensated in any other way for this post.

3 Lessons I Learned About Building Self Esteem as a Teacher of Special Education

3 Lessons I Learned About Building Self Esteem as a Teacher of Special Education

The hallways echo with noise of laughter and groans. News of what is hot and what isn’t. Who is with her and who likes him? What happened over the summer and what didn’t. The desks are settled in straight lines facing the black board that had seen many years of use. There are 3 rows of 4 desks some that could use repair but scrubbed and disinfected over and over again in anticipation of the person who would fill them. The smell of the lemon floor cleaner mixed with that strong window cleaner penetrates my nose.Continue reading

Finals Care Packages for College Students

Do you have a young student in college about to take final exams? Do you know any students who might need a little pick me up or some encouragement as they face a grueling exam week? As a youth group leader at our church I know and care about quite a few young people and often think about them during this time of year as they hit the books and spend countless hours in study groups. I thought I would share with you how I create finals care packages for college students.

Finals Care Package for College Students are a great way to support your student

How to create finals care packages for college students

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