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October 17, 2019

What to Do in Gwinnett County Georgia

I often think about what I want my kids to remember about me. What do I want them to learn from me? I go back to a couple of things. The first thing is I want them to learn is to work hard and live your best dreams. I want them to be open to new experiences and people. I want them to dive into life even if you do not know what is at the bottom. Curiosity is something that should be explored and teased out like knots in your hair with a concentration and determination until every last strand is freed.

Where did my curiosity lead me this summer? It led me to a town just outside of Atlanta. Why? I was at a travel conference and we were able to pick a location we wanted to visit so we could write about them and I chose Gwinnett County Georgia.

Why would one choose Gwinnett when faced with larger more familiar destinations? Seriously, What is there to do in Gwinnett County Georgia?

If you're heading to Atlanta, make sure to head over to Gwinnett for an interesting time exploring culture. See the things that you should do when you visit Gwinnett County Georgia.
If you love to know and learn about new culture Gwinnett County Georgia is a must visit place.

We discover the Best Restaurants in Gwinnett County Georgia and the amazing places, check out below.

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September 6, 2019

Where to Stay in Mississippi

Great places to stay in Mississippi

From historical places, museums, arts, Southern food, wonderful people and all thing Elvis and more, Mississippi will capture your heart and soul. We visited The Magnolia State, and it was a memorable experience for our family. I recommend that you add Mississippi to your list of state to visit because it’s not just filled with exciting things to do, but the rich history is a good learning experience for the whole family. We had the opportunity to stay in beautiful places during our trip so I thought of sharing my list of Where to Stay in Mississippi with you so you can plan your trip.

Here’s my list of Where to Stay in Mississippi

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August 28, 2019

Restaurants in Natchez Mississippi

Natchez, Mississippi, a charming city that you can’t help but fall in love with. We found a lot of exciting Things to Do in Natchez MS with the whole family, and it’s been an enjoyable and memorable experience for us as we explore this city. But aside from the tourist spots, we also fell in love with the food in Natchez. We were not able to eat at a lot of different places, but the ones we’ve tried were absolutely fantastic. So, I’m sharing with you the best family-friendly restaurants in Natchez Mississippi that you should try!

Best Family-Friendly Restaurants in Natchez Mississippi

Best Family-Friendly Restaurants in Natchez

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August 19, 2019

Restaurants in Tupelo MS that You Should Check Out!

The birthplace of the King for rock and roll Elvis Presley. That’s what Tupelo is most famous for, but during our recent trip to Tupelo, Mississippi, I also discovered several Tupelo restaurants that are memorable because of their fantastic food. Restaurants in Tupelo MS has a lot to offer with their soul food that will surely treat your taste buds and their charming Southern hospitality that will make your experience delightful and unforgettable. There are lots of things to do in Tupelo MS and these restaurants should be on your list to visit.

Delicious food from Kermit's Outlaw Kitchen. See my list of Restaurants in Tupelo MS that You Should Check Out!
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August 17, 2019

The Thing I Learned in Kansas That Changed My Life

The Thing I Learned in  Kansas That Changed My Life

We were all sitting by the pool the sun bearing down on us. We were talking about our summer plans perhaps a little to loud because who can hear over all that splashing. She was going to the beach and she was going on a cruise. We were going to the heart of the country. We were going to Kansas.

What is there to do in Kansas? The both asked in unison.

Me, Well a lot more than you think.

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August 16, 2019

Wichita Restaurants that You Should Try!

Wichita Kansas, the largest city in the state of Kansas not only has lots of family-friendly activities that will keep you busy and entertained, but this city will also surprise you with its variety of mouthwatering food that will make you ask for more. Check out these Wichita restaurants that you need to try on your next visit.

Wichita restaurants that you should try!
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