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How to Plan a Family Vacation on $30,000 A Year

How to Afford Family Vacation Travel on $30,000 A Year

family vacation

Summer days are fast approaching and I’m already anticipating the kids’ cries of “Mom!  We’re bored!”  In an attempt to prevent that from happening this year, we started planning our family vacation the day after school started in the fall.  You might ask why we start planning the family vacation so early.  It’s simple … we live on a $30,000 a year budget and have to carefully plan luxuries such as vacations in order to stick to that budget.

First Steps to Planning a Family Vacation

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How To Afford Family Vacation On $30,000 A Year

How To Afford Family Vacation On $30,000 A Year

How To Afford Family Vacation On $30,000 A Year

Do you need a family vacation? Who doesn’t? If you don’t take one soon will your insanity build until it topples in heaps? Were you thinking gosh I need a vacation as you were cleaning dishes for the 90th time today? You were wondering who dropped all these dishes off and when your dishwasher relief was coming in for the second shift?

You waited for them as the dishes piled up once more. You came to the conclusion you were first shift, second, shift, third shift, and the last shift. You are in fact an expert at dry food removal, so this skill and making hairballs should afford you a page in the Guinness Book of World Records but not a home on millionaire’s row.Continue reading

Family Vacation Getaway at Sands Bethlehem

This post was sponsored by Sands Bethlehem as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

Family Vacation Getaway at Sands Bethlehem

I am not a fan of winter by any means. I don’t like winter sports, and if I am totally honest, I only go out because my kids need to get out and play. Plus, well, life requires it. Cold weather is something I could do without. Come spring I am beyond anxious to be able to play outside with my family and to start taking trips again. If you are looking for a place to go with your family, this spring Sands Bethlehem is just the place for your family vacation getaway this year.

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November 29, 2016

Gifts for a Traveler

Gift Ideas for People Who Travel

 gift ideas for people who travel

As you may have heard my husband met bed bugs. It wasn’t pretty and in fact most hotels do not have a policy when you meet them in the middle of the night. That’s why I made a list of must haves for a traveler. My gift ideas for people who travel are very useful and for sure they will love.

Gift Ideas for People Who Travel

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September 10, 2016

Why Taking A Weekend to Yourself Can Save the Best Part of You

Best Ladies Weekend Getaways

This post is about how to fill the hole created when you take care of everyone else all the time.

Motherhood is like gum stuck on a shoe. Sometimes I never want to let them go, and sometimes I do not want to claim ownership. I have struggled for years with “Do I give them enough?” to the point where I felt like I gave them my all.

I just want to be me so I looked for the best ladies weekend getaways each year.

I receive an opportunity for a girl’s weekend in conjunction with a work event, and I was finally going to RSVP “Yes”.

In the span of the last twelve years, my life has morphed into theirs. My oldest was born and fours years later his sister and then less than two years later surprise, they are getting a brother.

I needed something special, so I chose me.

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