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June 14, 2018

Things to Do in El Paso

What are the Fun Things to Do in El Paso Texas?

I had a great time and I fell in love with #ElPaso! Check out my list of Things to Do in El Paso #sponsored

El Paso means to pass through. What if passing through wasn’t that simple what if you couldn’t just pass through and remain unchanged when you left? That happened to me. I was on a press trip visiting El Paso. I thought it would just be another city in Texas. I was wrong.

Things to Do in El Paso

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April 29, 2018

Gifts for a Traveler

Gift Ideas for People Who Travel

 gift ideas for people who travel

As you may have heard my husband met bed bugs. It wasn’t pretty and in fact most hotels do not have a policy when you meet them in the middle of the night. That’s why I made a list of must haves for a traveler. My gift ideas for people who travel are very useful and for sure they will love.

Gift Ideas for People Who Travel

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April 16, 2018

Travel with Kids Tips

Travel with Kids Tips


It is almost that time of year when you wonder can I afford a vacation. You know the little voice in your head that goes over your expenses and charts your income. Then you think I bet I can but I have to make some choices on what to spend my budget on. These are my Travel with Kids Tips to save money and have a good time. There are really four large expenses to consider as you.

  1. How will you get to your vacation?
  2. Where will you stay?
  3. What will you eat?
  4. What will you do while you are there?

I know how to reduce all four of the above costs. You need a map, plan, wish list, and creativity. I recently took a trip to Hampton, VA with my family. I am a big fan of road trips so because of this and the fact that driving to your vacation destination can save some money, we decided to drive. I have three children so I decided to do some research to find things that could make the trip go as smoothly as possible and keep them entertained for the 2 hours drive. These tips work when we drive 11 hours away to Rhode Island each year and 13 Hours to Florida.

How to Travel With A Dog By Car

If you intend to fly then I suggest you fly out on Tuesday. I also suggest you create a profile on a site and set up alerts for deals on your destination. I start early and usually wait until I think I have the best deal possible.

Summer Travel Tips: Vacations With Babies

  1. Where will you stay?

We save a lot of money by using our credit cards and building up hotel points. I also suggest Air BNB. The best tip I have received is to look a couple miles out from your destination if you have a car you can save a lot of money by not being directly in the city. I know it may be a bit annoying but you can save hundreds a night. I always suggest a room with a kitchenette.

What will you eat? This is my favorite way to save because it is the easiest. You may think I am crazy but I feel like meals are the worst budget busters there are. We bring our Power Air Fryer and we cook one meal a day. When we travel we eat out for one meal a day. We usually make it a large lunch closer to dinner. I am able to cook a large breakfast and bring a snack for the kids. Then we eat lunch out which is typically 35% less than dinner per person. What have I made in our Power Air Fryer Oven?

I have made everything from fried pickles and baked chicken fingers recipes to fried fish, pizza, chicken, potatoes, and even burgers. I know my husband thinks I am crazy bringing it along but it is the perfect answer to staying within budget. I love how easy it is to use and how versatile it is. You just can’t go wrong with it and it helps us stay gluten-free and dairy-free so my husband doesn’t get sick when we are away. We spend $50- $100 for a family of five when eating out for dinner. We know that having our Power Air Fryer Oven saves us at least $75 a day. It is easy to use with preprogrammed options, easy cleanup and accessories to help you cook almost anything it is worth the cost.

What will you do while you are there? I look at the location I am going to and a google what free things are there to do in and then I put in the place. I have found so many wonderful locations that I had no idea were free. You can see what I did in Hampton, Va for free. We explored the city, history, and even met some animals.

The most important thing about traveling is creating memories and not debt that will live on long after the trip is gone.


Summer Travel Tips: Traveling with Kids

Real Advice Gals Tips for Happy Travelers:


I came up with some really great free activities that kept them entertained.


The first thing I did was go on google and look up places where I could download some free printable games. The best place for these I found was


Travel Games For The Car

Car Games To Help Keep The Peace


I found quite a few games that can be played multiple times without becoming boring. Instead of printing out multiple pages of the same games what I decided to do was to take report covers/ sheet protectors and slip the games inside. This way instead of using them one time and throwing them out, they could be used over and over again with dry erase markers. When we were done with the game we would erase and have new sheets. This is also nice because if a mistake was made it could be erased easily.Continue reading

March 15, 2018

5 Things You Can’t Leave Northern Ireland Without Doing

Things To Do In Northern Ireland

Tap, Tap, Tap, Tap darn I need to put that pencil down. I can’t think of a single thing my mind is filled with dreams. I have to finish my packing list or empty the laundry that has cascaded down the basket. I again pick up my pencil only to start tapping it on my lips. Grr? Why, can’t I concentrate? Focus I tell myself. Who could focus on work when you know in just a few days you will leave for what could be the best trip of your life?

Donegal is the coolest place on the planet according to National Geographic Travellers ‘The Cool List 2017’. It was also voted ‘Ireland’s Hidden Gem’ by Independent Travel readers. It is no wonder I can’t get anything done on my list other than googling things to do in Northern Ireland. It seems the more I try to stay on task the quicker my hands move over the keys. I type things like where to sleep in Donegal?

What are the best hotels in Donegal?

Then I type what are the best restaurants in Ireland?

I practice saying it Donegal DUN-i-gawl in my best Irish voice which is hardly something I would use if I was trying to make friends. I was so excited to travel to Donegal so I put my pencil away since clearly it was impeding my list creation capabilities and I began to type.

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December 12, 2017

Harlem Globetrotters Review

Harlem Globetrotters Review

I have three children. The one thing they all have in common is how much they enjoy spending time with us. I know I am going to capitalize on that for as long as possible. We try each weekend to spend most of the day enjoying one another. We go to the pool on Saturday, and we play basketball on Sunday depending on the weather. We have a blast laughing and trying to score the perfect basket. These days with my kids get older I find myself looking for activities that they can all enjoy. I know have two kids that play basketball on teams, and we love to encourage their passion.

We find that keeping your children active and finding something they enjoy is the key to success. We love to find activities that encourage teamwork and hard work. I was over the moon when I saw that the Harlem Globetrotters were coming to my town.

The reason is simple I went to a show when I was a little girl. I can’t tell you when but I do remember the time I spent with my dad and how awesome the experience was. I know all I said the whole time was “WOW! Did you see that?”

I know that family-friendly activities are an important component in developing a deep understanding of who our children are. It helps us get to know them and be able to meet their needs so they can be successful. I am also very selfish, and I want to spend as much time as I can with them. I know that the Harlem Globetrotters are a slam dunk in my heart and soon will be in my children’s.

Check out our fun experience at the Harlem Globetrotters

The show was jam-packed full of funny antics, jokes, and basketball skills that I can only dream of completing. The Harlem Globetrotters did their best to get everyone involved in their show. You aren’t just there to watch, but you are encouraged to become a player.Continue reading

October 25, 2017

How to Date Your Kids

How to date your kids

Dating your kids is so very important. Whether you have a picnic, dinner and a movie or take them some place special, you need to date your kids! I love that each year my dad still takes me out to lunch for my birthday! That has been a tradition since I was two years old. Now I have kids of my own, and I do the same thing to them! Recently, I took my kids with my mom for an extra special date! We went to the Great Wolf Lodge for a Howl-O-Ween experience! We had such great time at the Monster Bash Dance Parties, Trick-or-Treat trail, Spooktacular Story Time and Costume Parade. And that isn’t even including all the fun we had at the park and other fun activities they normally have!Continue reading

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