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October 10, 2014

Tips for Buying Kids Clothes on a Budget

Disclosure: This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Garanimals. The opinions and text are all mine.

Kids Clothes on a Budget

Kids grow up too fast, within just a couple of months you’ll end up with several clothes that they can no longer wear. I remember when my son was 3 months old, almost all his bodysuits doesn’t fit him anymore. Unfortunately not all of us have people to ask for hand-me-downs to use. Kids will keep on growing and if you don’t make a plan frequent buying of kids clothes can hurt your budget, so I want to share with you some tips that I learned on buying kids clothes on a budget.

10 Tips for Buying Kids Clothes on a Budget

1. Always buy items at least one size up so they will tend to last at least a year.

2. Buy gender neutral colors and style so that in case you have another child they can use the clothes.

3. When shopping, always check out the clearance items first. They usually sell off-season clothes for cheap. So the key is buy them on sale and save it for when it’s on season to use. Just make sure to pick a larger size.

4. Sometimes it’s hard to resist really cute clothes. I’ve fallen for that several times too. But if you’re on a budget make sure to ask yourself first if your child will be able to really wear it.

5. Find a way to repurpose the clothes your kids have outgrown. You can cut onesies and turn it to a top.

6. Swap with friends. You’ll be able to score great items from friends because a lot of kids outgrew clothes even before they’re worn out. Some people will also sell their kids second-hands for cheap.

7. Don’t fall for the designer trap. Don’t ever pay top price, the high price tag isn’t worth it. Wait for their items to go on sale and if it does make sure it’s of good value and kids will be able to wear it a LOT of times.

8. Make sure that the fabric of the clothes that you’ll buy is comfortable enough for kids skin. No matter how cheap it is, kids will not wear it if it’s not comfortable and you don’t want them to suffer skin irritation and chaffing.

9. Make sure to check out for coupons to use especially if you’re shopping online.

10. Find a kids clothing brand that offers affordable but comfortable clothes.

Garanimals is one of the best kids clothes brand that we can trust to when it comes to buying kids clothes on a budget. Garanimals clothing is carefully designed to provide babies and kids with affordable fashion and comfort while guaranteeing quality, value, and ease of shopping to parents. Garanimals is made for newborns as well as young children (up to 5T) and is sold exclusively at Walmart stores and at

Share with us your tips for buying kids clothes on a budget, leave a comment below.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Garanimals. The opinions and text are all mine.

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August 25, 2014

How to Budget Money

How to Budget Money

how to budget money

I’m sure all of us wants to learn how to save money but fact is it’s not easy. There are times that you’re able to save a few bucks but some expenses will come and you need to pull out that money you saved. Learning how to budget money is not easy at first but once you make it a habit, you will be successful.

Tips on How to Budget Money

1. Give yourself a reward. If you stay on budget for three months, you totally deserve a reward! So, plan for it… stay on track… and deliver. Whether it’s an extra gift card to a shoe store, or a night out with your significant other, rewarding yourself is a great way to help keep your eye on the prize and realize your why for budgeting.

2. Review your budget. It’s important to review your budget on a regular basis – not only to see what isn’t working, but to see what is working. I think both parts are equally important, because without knowing both, you won’t be as successful.

Are you saving the amount you thought you would each month? Is it going towards the goal you originally set, or do you need to change your goal a bit? Are you still spending too much on shoes, or did you do really well at cutting back? Do you have some wiggle room? Tighten it up a bit by putting even more into savings (or into paying off debt).

3. Make it automatic. If you haven’t yet, make your savings contributions automatic – meaning, a set amount should come out of your paycheck each week without you having to blink an eye. Automatic deductions help us so much!

4. Pay with cash. While paying with a credit card is great (especially if it has rewards attached), paying cash keeps you accountable. Instead of picking up an extra thing here and there while you’re grocery shopping, you’ll be more likely to weigh how much you really need each item if you know you have a limited amount of cash on you.

5. Don’t stop believin’. Did you sing that line, like I did? I want you to keep in mind that budgeting isn’t always easy! It’s just like learning any new skill, changing your diet, or even trying to lose weight – it takes work. So when something doesn’t go perfectly, don’t get too stressed out. Just pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and do better next time. Believe that sticking to a budget is possible, and it will be.

6. Forgive yourself. If you do mess up – by splurging on an outfit you really didn’t need, or by spending too much on date night – forgive yourself! It’s the only way to move on and do better next time.

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Do you have tips on How to Budget Money? Share it with us below.

August 22, 2014

5 Ways to Save Money When Packing School Lunches

Packing School Lunches

packing school lunches

When school starts, you want to be sure that your child is eating a healthy lunch. Having lunch at school can be expensive and lets face it, they may not be as healthy or as tasty as something you made at home. If you follow a few of our 5 ways to save money when packing school lunches you can be sure that your child is eating something that tastes great and is also good for them.

5 Ways To Save Money When Packing School Lunches

1. Make or buy large batches of things like pudding, chips, cereal bar treats, cheese slices and veggie sticks. Put them in reusable containers or snack baggies to make your own individual servings. This will save lots of money compared to buying pre–packaged single servings for school lunches.

2. Bento box lunches are similar to Lunchables except you have control over the ingredients that go into them. These containers have different sized compartments. Use fruit, veggies, crackers, sandwich meats to fill the different compartments. Your kids will love the bento box and the variety of foods they get to have at lunch.

3. Invest in a Thermos. Make a big pot of soup/stew or even a favorite casserole. The Thermos will keep your child’s lunch warm until it’s time to eat and this will save you money in the long run.

4. Leftovers from last night’s dinner can be packed for lunch. Use a Thermos to keep food warm. Certain foods like leftover chicken or pizza may even be enjoyed cold.

5. Go to the dollar store and stock up on baggies, napkins, plastic forks, spoons and different sized containers. The dollar store savings will quickly add up.

By using some of our 5 ways to save money when packing school lunches, you can rest assured that your kids are getting a healthy and delicious lunch. Packing your own school lunches give you control over the ingredients, flavors and the cost. Your wallet and your child will thank you!

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Do you have tips on How to Save Money When Packing School Lunches? Share it with us below.

August 22, 2014

7 Secrets on How to Budget Money Successfully

How to Budget Money Successfully

how to budget money

There are many secrets on how to budget money successfully, but these are the ones that have worked for me! It’s important to be flexible, and to understand that learning a new budget will take time. Be okay with that fact, and things will run smoothly (or at least smoother than they would have originally).

7 Secrets on How to Budget Money Successfully

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August 20, 2014

11 Talc Baby Powder Uses That You Should Know

Talc Baby Powder

talc baby powder

Use Talc Baby Powder to Solve Common Issues and Save Money

Baby powder doesn’t have to be used for babies only. There are many great things you can use talc baby powder for and some of it can even help you save money.

Here are 11 Talc Baby Powder Uses That You Should Know

1.) If you’re in a rush and don’t have time to wash your hair but it is a bit oily try sprinkling a little baby powder onto your hands and rub it into your scalp. It will absorb the oil.

2.) Mascara is great at making your eyelashes look fuller, but for even more fullness try dusting a tiny amount of powder onto your eyelashes before you put on the mascara.

3.) Do you have squeaky floorboards or doors? Sprinkle a little bit of powder over the squeaky area and you can once again enjoy peace and quiet.

4.) Sticky playing cards can make a good card game difficult. To loosen them up just place the cards in a Ziploc bag with a little baby powder. Seal it up and shake it around a bit. When you get the cards out of the bag they should be smooth to the touch.

5.) Buying facial powder can get a bit pricey. Try dusting on some baby powder to rid your face of the shine.

6.) If your getting ready in the morning only to realize you don’t have any deodorant you can always use a little baby powder. It smells good and works as well as deodorant.

7.) Insects do not like baby powder. To keep them away from your next picnic sprinkle a little baby powder around your picnic blanket. You can also sprinkle a little across areas where the common house pests roam.

8.) Knots in a necklace chain can be a huge pain to get out. Try dusting the chain with a little baby powder to untangle the chain easier.

9.) Are your closets or drawers starting to smell a little musty? Get rid of the musty smell by adding a small container of baby powder. The baby powder will absorb the moisture that causes the musty smell.

10.) Keep those flower bulbs from being attacked by moles and grubs or other bulb eating pest and reduce the chances of them rotting by placing 6 bulbs and 4 tablespoons of baby powder in a large Ziploc bag. Seal the bag and gently shake it a few times. No more pests and no rotting!

11.) Before everyone gets in the car after a day at the beach sprinkle a little baby powder on them. The baby powder will soak up the extra moisture and make the sand much easier to brush off.

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July 15, 2014

7 Tips to Save Dollars at Kroger Grocery Store

Kroger Grocery Store

Kroger Grocery Store

1. Kroger Grocery Store operates 2,642 grocery stores in 34 states. You have to know how to shop smart, watch the ads for sales, and don’t forget to sign up for the Kroger plus card.  Start by getting the Kroger plus card at the service desk all you have to do is fill out a short form.  Be sure you bring this card card each time you shop so you can get the great sale prices. It is important to register your card at the Kroger website. Once it is registered you can add coupons from their site.

2. To maximize your savings, register for Kroger’s mailing list.  sure to register for their mailing list. This is a great way to get coupons mailed to you. They send you personalized coupons based on your shopping habits which is also a big reason to be sure to scan your card each time you shop.

Earning Points with the Kroger Card

3. With the Kroger card, you also earn points each time you shop. These points add up each month and help you save on gas at Kroger and Shell gas stations. For each $1 you spend you earn 1 point. After spending $100 and earning 100 points in one month you can save $0.10 per gallon of gas at the pump.

Start with the Sale Items

4. Kroger offers some fantastic sales. They have Mega Events just about once a month as well as some great 10 for $10 deals. Remember you do not have to buy all 10 of one item to get them for $1 each. Typically with the Mega Event sales you buy 10 participating items to get them each for $1. There are generally a lot of items included in the sale at various prices, and you can mix & match the different products.

5. Some of the best places to save big at Kroger are the manager specials. Typically each section of the store has their own spot for manager specials. You can save big if you learn where your local store has their manager special sections. These items are usually getting close to their expiration date , therefore you will need to use them quickly if you buy them. Just be sure to thoroughly inspect the items to be sure you don’t get an item that has already spoiled. It is also a great idea to talk to the different people that work in each department. You can talk to the meat department and see what days and times they put out the new specials.

Using Coupons at Kroger

6. Coupons are always great to use when your wanting to save money. At Kroger you can usually find some super deals if you watch the ads and stack your coupons. If you see an item that is part of the mega event and will be just $1 and you have a coupon for $0.35 off that item then you will end up paying only $0.65 for the item.

7. Be sure to check out the Kroger coupon policy so you know exactly what to expect. It is always a good idea to print off the policy and have it on hand at the store just in case there is any confusion at the check out.

Kroger Grocery Store Coupon Policy

Find out what you need to know about KROGER’S Coupon Policy

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Do you have tips on how to save at Kroger Grocery Store? Share it with us below.

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