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September 2, 2019

Fun Soccer Games For Kids

Who won? What was the score? What position does she play? What position does he play? How long are they in the game? How long did they stay in the game? Did they score? Did they get carded? Who won again?

The main problem with sports is they have become so competitive. That is why each year I send my kids to the Challenger Sports British Soccer Camp. I do it because not only are they teaching them the skills that need to practice and improve on they teach them using games.

Challenger Sports British Soccer Camp

The atmosphere is relaxed in a multi level and multiage age group. The players help one another through encouragement. They do more than build skillset they build relationships.

These are some of the fun games the players played while at the British Soccer Camp.

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August 17, 2019

The Thing I Learned in Kansas That Changed My Life

The Thing I Learned in  Kansas That Changed My Life

We were all sitting by the pool the sun bearing down on us. We were talking about our summer plans perhaps a little to loud because who can hear over all that splashing. She was going to the beach and she was going on a cruise. We were going to the heart of the country. We were going to Kansas.

What is there to do in Kansas? The both asked in unison.

Me, Well a lot more than you think.

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June 30, 2019

Craziest Travel Tip You Never Thought Of

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Tide. The opinions and text are all mine.

Mom! Yes? “I landed in the mud, and all I can see are my knees.” Me, “Not again” in my head. The words that come out are, “Are you okay?” The first thought is, how am I going to get that mud out of your shorts? You know since I packed three bottoms for you for 6 days?”

This should be an uncommon sentence and scenario. You know one you hear “sometimes.” It isn’t however. It is a version of something I hear on every family trip we take. It is as inevitable as breathing air that someone will get so dirty that throwing their stained clothes in their suitcase when we travel will contaminate the rest of their clothes and I will have to wash it all, or worse than that, they will ruin their clothes. You know, because the concept of not wearing more than one outfit a day alludes my fashion forward child.

This scenario, or the one where they miss their mouth while eating ice cream, dinner, breakfast, etc. led me to a money and time-saving travel tip.

I learned a long time ago that doing laundry would be a part of our vacation. I know. You are trying to travel to get away from chores. But I found that doing laundry on vacation save me both time and money.


The first thing I do is have the kids pack light so they can use carry-on bags for travel. Then I am not stuck buying the more expensive tickets or paying for baggage fees which can add up to $50 each child round trip. I am allowed to check one bag free because my husband travels a lot and has “status.” If his status came with someone to clean up after the kids, that would be more appealing. If I had to pay for my bag, I would just do what the kids did and pack a carry-on bag. I could use the same technique as the kids, although it would limit my shoe collection. Also, I make sure I pack some Tide Laundry Detergent for laundry on the go.

You don’t have to bring the whole container you can pack a couple of the Tide PODS Ultra Oxi for your trip because they don’t take up much room. AND right now they’re up to 50% off – lowered from $11.97 to only $5.97 starting on 6/30 at Walmart. That’s $6 savings! It makes dollars (not cents) to get in on this deal. I put them in a small plastic container when we travel. I usually bring one POD per day on vacation since the five of us can create a lot of laundry daily.

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How to Fix a Straw Hat

Learn How to Fix a Straw Hat

How to Fix a Straw Hat

How do you fix a straw hat?

There are a couple of ways to save your straw hat. I know I really need this post because I frankly ruin my hats. I have kids and they always get crushed. That is why it is so great to know that you can reshape your straw hat.

How to reshape straw hats

The first thing you need to do is get gloves, a heat source that will produce steam. You can use a steamer, iron, or a tea pot. Then you will need towels and something heavy to hold down the hat.

reshape straw hat

Those straw hats can be fixed to its former glory. The way that I reshaped mine was to stuff it with a damp towel. Then I put on my gloves and steamed the hat once it was wet I stretched it and put cans on top of it until it dried.

reshaping straw hats

I have also used this method on how to fix a straw hat You start again with a damp towel and fill the portion of the hat where your head goes. Then you put a damp clothe under the brim of the hat. You then put a towel on top. You turn on the iron on medium heat.

straw hats reshaping
straw hats drying

Then you will need to let the hat dry. Do not attempt to put it on until it is dry. You can also put weighted items on the top of the hat until dried. This is a great way rescue those straw hats.

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10 Things to Consider Before You Take a Mom Vacation

What do you get when you have 17 items on a list and someone asks to fit something else on? What happens when three people ask you to drive them three different locations all at the same time?

Eventually you burn out, get angry, or you take control and cancel everything so you can make room for you. That is why the new trend of mom vacations is taking off. I decided to take one with my friend Dana at

What is a mom vacation and why do you need one?

Mom Vacation – (noun) It is a trip where you plan nothing except who you are going on the trip with and the dates. You may want to plan lodging and you may not. You just go to a location and relax, eat when your hungry, wake up and go to bed when you want. Get this you do not have to worry about anyone.

10 Things to Consider Before You Take a Mom Vacation
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Calling ALL Service Members Past and Present

Every day in America we call on our heroes to serve and protect. They answer.

Now it is our turn to find businesses that support the men and women who serve and served our country. It is a call that I answer. I wasn’t brave enough to join the military or become a first responder, but I was smart enough to marry a naval officer.

It was his commitment to our country that motivated me to look for companies that care. That is why when My AF Mobile asked me to share their service. I picked up and didn’t force them to voicemail.

You see we all take a stance when we pick the products and services we use. I stand with the people who take care of us.

I believe that my money should not only be spent helping my family have a better life. I think that when that same dollar I spend can also be used to help people, then I answer that call.

I know money is tight and sometimes we do not have extra to give to others, or we do not know how. We aren’t sure where to donate to the first responders or military veterans; that is why MY AF Mobile is your solution.

You receive the same excellent cell service at a competitive price and every month a portion of your bill is donated to their 501(c)(3) charity foundation. It helps distressed veterans overcome the challenges of returning to civilian life. The foundation is also an instrument in providing financial support, resources, and education for veterans.

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