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The One Thing You Should Do for Your Child that You Could

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Bloggin’ Mamas & the Florida Prepaid College Board. All opinions expressed are my own.

I recently had a conversation with my son. He wants an $800 cellphone because his “starter” cellphone isn’t good enough. I wonder did I buy him a cellphone to let me know he was on the bus and for him to call me when he was done with soccer or did I buy him a cellphone to keep up with the Jones? If you know me you know, I bought him the cheapest phone I could find that worked. You know why?

He doesn’t have a job. His phone doesn’t earn money, and I wanted to pay cash, and it would be a cold day in Hawaii before I would spend $800 on a phone for a kid. Why is it that this same mom wrote a check for thousands of dollars for something he will not even use for 18 years?

You see I like to spend money on things that matter. We live our lives with the big goals in mind. If I spend money on all the little things that do not matter the thing that matters most will be out of my grasp.

What matters most to me?


Yes, college. I wanted to make sure my children have the ability to attend college and to graduate college debt free. We chose Florida Prepaid College. We were able to pay all three plans off before our oldest attended high school. We said “no” to many things along the way so we could say “yes” to the one thing that will never break, that will never get old, that will never lose value. We gave them the gift of an education.

Say no to things that don't matter so you can say yes to things that have value just like the gift of education for your children. Florida Prepaid College Savings Plan Open Enrollment is on until February 28, 2017. Use my exclusive code Deals1718 to save $25 off the application fee (normally $50) #StartingIsBelieving #ad.Continue reading

November 24, 2017

Save Money While Cooking

Save Money While Cooking


Save Money While Cooking

Check out these 10 simple tips to Save your dollars while cooking!

1) Use powdered milk instead of regular milk –It is easy to mix up as needed as is a great substitute in recipes, pasta or rice side dishes,pudding and anything else that calls for milk. The only thing I won’t use powdered milk for is if I am having it straight up in cereal or a glass.

2) Keep your brown sugar from getting hard by placing a piece of bread inside the container. The brown sugar draws the moisture from the bread. Change out the bread when you use the brown sugar.Continue reading

November 20, 2017

Holiday Gift Ideas for Dads

Gift Ideas for Dads

It’s that time of the year to honor the great fathers in our lives, to thank them for their sacrifices and their love. It’s been more than a decade since my father passed but I still get teary eyed whenever I remember my wonderful and selfless father. He’s the simplest person that I have known, luxury for him is having the time to just sit and relax in our garden, barefoot walking in the grass while he admired his plants. Gifting him was tricky because he would just tell us that he doesn’t want any. New clothes and shoes would just end up on his cabinet for years because he preferred to wear out his old ones first. Stuff he can’t use would be donated and given to those who needed it. Then one day my brother brought home this cool outdoor grill and we saw our father’s eyes lit up, it was so memorable for all of us because he was so happy. How I wish he was still here to see his grandchildren and grill for them. He would have loved all those awesome grills available right now.

Now that I have a family of my own, I also wanted to see my husband’s eyes lit up when we surprise him with a gift. Luckily he loves the outdoors and I have lots of options to choose from at Amazon.

Father's Day Gift Ideas for the Outdoor Dads

Gift Ideas for Dads

Buying for men can be hard so to help you out pick that gift they will love check out my holiday gift ideas for dads

  1. Screwdriver Pen Pocket Tool — $10.99
  2. Foot Traffic Handyman Socks — $9.00
  3. Supreme Lighting Headlamp — $24.99
  4. Stanley 65-Piece Homeowner Tool Set — $42.99
  5. I’m Here Because You Broke Something Tee — $17.99
  6. Gourmet BBQ Sauce Toolbox Gift Set — $80.00
  7. Makita Bluetooth Job Site Speaker — $94.95
  8. Langxun Engraved Hammer — $33.99
  9. Gerber Center Drive Multi-Tool — $59.00
  10. Sawdust Is Man Glitter Mug — $14.95
  11. Stalwart Rolling Tool Box — $138.80
  12. Tool Rules Novelty Sign — $8.99
  13. If Papa Can’t Fix It T-Shirt — $15.95
  14. Black & Decker Drill and Project Set — $67.99
  15. Toolbox of Snacks Basket — $61.99
  16. Rak Magnetic Wristband — $16.99
  17. General Tool Bluetooth Angle Finder — $34.55
  18. 228-Piece Rotary Tool Accessory Kit — $17.92
  19. Rak Universal Socket Grip — $12.99
  20. Xacto Wood Carving Set — $39.95

Gift Ideas for the Outdoor Dads

Holiday present ideas for fishermen

holiday present ideas for fishermenContinue reading

November 14, 2017

Free Printable Grocery List

Free Printable Grocery List

If you want to save money the number #1 thing to do is write a list of the items you need. Then you find coupons to go with them. If you stick with your Real Advice Gal Printable Grocery List then you will also save money. I use this list. I laminated it and I use a dry erase marker to keep track of what we need each week. It is a great tool and helps my husband and myself stay on budget. It is yours to print. Please leave my logo on the bottom since it took a lot of time to create.

Save money by planning your grocery list. Print my printable grocery list and use it to stay on a budget when buying your family essentials


Continue reading

What I Wish I Knew Before My House Burned

Disclosure: I received compensation for my participation in this campaign. I am part of the Mom It Forward Influencer Network. I hope you will learn more about home fire safety and make sure your family and house is prepared and safe.

The twisted metal gleamed and reflected the red flames of fire. The smoke cloaked the air as my breathing was labored. I wasn’t sure what to do with all my hopes and dreams disintegrated in front of my eyes. It was August 25th when my house burned to the ground. I was grateful my family, and our dogs made it out alive, but the trauma of losing all of our material possessions still keep me from sleeping at night. The smell of the wood, the ashes, and the heat that melted what once was only to be replaced by what will be.

The remnants of my life lay tattered and worn under piles of debris. I found my sadness grows from the snapshots of my life that weren’t salvageable the pictures, cards, furniture, and art that can’t be replaced. I couldn’t find my most precious photos, but I was able to grab my wedding ring before the fire took more of my memories.

Be prepared with these home fire safety tips.

What you need to know because it may save your life is that each year nearly 3,000 American dies from home fires. Many of these fatalities could be prevented with proper placement and maintenance of working smoke alarms, as well as prior emergency and escape planning.

Ensuring properly functioning smoke alarms are installed throughout the home – one on each level and in every bedroom, as the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends – is the first line of defense for fire prevention. Additionally, alarms must be regularly tested for proper alarm and battery functionality – and all alarms must be replaced at least every 10 years.

Often dubbed “the silent killer,” CO is a colorless and odorless gas that is impossible to detect without an alarm. Compounding the issue and concern is that CO poisoning is notoriously difficult to diagnose – often until it’s too late. The symptoms mimic those of many other illnesses including nausea, headaches, dizziness, weakness, chest pain and vomiting. In more severe poisoning cases, people may experience disorientation or unconsciousness, or suffer long-term neurological disabilities, cardio-respiratory failure or death.

Keep your house and family ready and safe, read our house fire safety.

Alarms do not last forever; smoke alarms and newer carbon monoxide alarms last for 10-years. When alarms are due for replacement, upgrading your level of protection with devices containing 10-year sealed batteries, which offer tamper-proof, hassle-free protection while eliminating the need to replace batteries for the life of the alarms.Continue reading

Natural Ways to Get Rid of the Flu

The day started like any other. The dog whined, and I stumbled out of bed over one book and right into a stuffed animal that was left in the hall to protect me while I slept. I moved down the stairs and grabbed my Samsung phone, so I could use the flashlight since the sun must not have a dog to jolt it from its slumber.

I began the potty lap awaiting success and wondered can dogs be taught to use the potty. I also began to think why is it I am the only one that gets up for the dog? Why am I the one that gets everything organized and takes care of everything? Then I remembered I have a T-shirt that says “Mom.” It means Master of macrocosm you know the person responsible for the whole world.

I am the kind of person who takes the world by the “horn.” I wait for no one or nothing. I need what I need, and I need it now because I do not have the time or the ability to juggle my full schedule.

Trip to Ireland

While I was thinking about world domination or the trip I just took Ireland, I decided to check into my health on the app that is on my Samsung phone and yours too. It is called Samsung Health. It is free and tracks everything you need to be the best version of yourself. I am able to track:

1) Health goals
2) Track your activity (How many steps)
3) Biometric data
4) Stress level
5) Calories
6) Water intake
7) Track your progress against your friends
8) Start a health challenge with work out plans (I plan to do a “baby 5k”.)

Use Samsung Health app on your phone to help with your goals of a healthier lifestyle.

And guess what? I can use my Samsung Health App to complete Online Doctor visits. Yes, you read right I can connect with a doctor right from my phone. I decided to give it a try. They are available 24/7. These online consultations may even be covered by your insurance coverage. They can even provide prescriptions to your local pharmacy if your condition requires one. The Samsung Health app provides the biometric data you’ve tracked in Samsung Health directly with the doctor you see online.

The program currently offers urgent care services only this October.

Common Conditions treated with Urgent Care
Sinus infection
Cold/upper respiratory infection
Sore throat
UTI (Urinary Tract Infection)
Yeast Infection
Pink Eye/Conjunctivitis
Stomach Infection (Gastroenteritis)
Hypertension/high blood pressure

Note: There will be services such as nutrition and therapy services.

Samsung Health App online doctor visits

I wanted to know how you can prevent the Flu because we can’t get the vaccine. I am not currently sick but I wanted to test the service for you, and I wanted to prevent getting sick this season. I simply filled out the information and selected a doctor. I was told it would take a moment for them to review my details. Then we met using my phone from the comfort of my couch. I didn’t have to deal with waiting rooms or people in the waiting room.

I found out while there isn’t a prevention for the FLU if you can’t get the vaccine these tips are very helpful.

1) Wash your hands frequently
2) Do not come in contact with people who have the FLU
3) Do not share drinks or food with others.

If you find yourself with the FLU in your system, it is imperative to get help within 48 hours. You can easily use your Samsung Health app to contact a medical professional. They can give you a prescription to limit the intensity of the FLU and help you through the condition.

You can also use the app on your phone to help with your goals of a healthier lifestyle.

I have been using my app to work on eating healthier, tracking workouts, and sleep which all positively impact my health.

Use Samsung Health app on your phone to help with your goals of a healthier lifestyle.

The app provides your health care provider with the following information:

1. Biometric data with your doctor. Samsung Health measures these health data points:
2. Pulse (bpm) – The pulse is the measure of the heart rate, which is the number of times the heart beats per minute. The pulse rate may go up or down depending on various factors, including exercise, illness, injury, and emotion. A normal resting pulse rate for healthy adults is between 60 and 100 beats per minute.
3. SpO2 – The pulse-ox measures the percentage of oxygen in the blood. The percent of oxygen in the blood can go down if a person is not breathing well, such as during an asthma attack or when they have pneumonia. It also might be low if a person has a disease such as congestive heart failure.
4. Blood Pressure – Blood pressure is the force of the blood pushing against the artery walls. Blood pressure can vary depending on exercise, illness, injury, and emotion. However, consistently high blood pressure is called hypertension and is related to a higher risk of heart attack or stroke.
5. Weight (self-reported) – Weight is an important measure to understand the general health of adults or children. Any unintended rapid weight loss or weight gain is a sign of a potential illness.
6. Glucose (self-reported) – Glucose is the amount of sugar in the blood. Normally the body can regulate sugar in the blood appropriately, however, in times of illness, blood sugar can become dangerously high or low. Also, patients who have conditions like diabetes need their blood sugar closely monitored to ensure that they are at normal levels.

Using Samsung Health App to track health and for online doctor visits

How did my visit go?

I found my visit to be delightful. I felt that the doctor was there for me. He was very helpful and asked me additional questions so he could make sure that my needs were met. I highly suggest this method of medical treatment. I used my device to select a doctor, and in under 5 minutes, there was a doctor on my screen ready to help me.

I am sure you are wondering “How much does it cost?”
Well, I have a promo code for you, so it is only $49. The normal price is $59. Let me tell you what it doesn’t cost. It doesn’t cost time spent in long lines, hours to speak to a doctor, payment up front and some crazy amount months later, getting sicker by being around sick people, and most importantly your health. You will speak to a doctor around our schedule, not theirs.

Use the promo code SAMSUNG12 to get $10 OFF of a doctor visit which is regularly $59, making it $49 with use of the code; expires 3/31/18.

Sign-up and try Ask an Expert and try for yourself on your Samsung phones. I also wanted you to know that people who sign up for Ask an Expert can earn Samsung rewards points, subject to the following terms and conditions.

Use Samsung Health app on your phone to help with your goals of a healthier lifestyle.

If you do find yourself with the flu, I have found that these tips have helped me in the past get better sooner. I love Natural ways to get rid of the FLU.

  • Keep yourself cool! Use a “BeKool” pack. It is a no-drug cooling pack that you can stick right on your forehead to help with fevers! I love that it is drug free and sticks really well, no more trying to hold an ice pack on your head!
  • Get your rest! I know this is a tip you probably hear often, but it is probably the #1 way to help with any sickness.When you are resting your body has time to fight any infection and help you get better, sooner.
  • Drink hot drinks! Hot drinks not only sooth irritation in your throat, but they will also relieve nasal congestion and keep you hydrated.  Hot tea or water with some lemon juice and honey is a sick persons best friend!
  • Take a steamy shower! Steam is great for moisturizing your nasal passages, and the hot water can sooth aches and pains that often come with the flu.
  • Blow your nose gently and often! Blowing your nose is better then sniffling, which will just send that mucus right back into your head. But it is important to note to blow your nose gently! Blowing your nose to hard can make you dizzy and cause an earache. The best way to blow your nose is to plug one side and blow gently, and do the same on the other side. (Make sure to wash your hands often after blowing your nose!)
  • Eat chicken soup! No eating chicken soup is not just something that is comforting while your sick, it has been medically proven to help with colds and the flu. It’s anti-inflammatory properties can help relieve the congestion associated with the Flu.
  • Drink some OJ! Or anything else containing Vitamin C. Vitamin C has an antioxidant that not only helps prevent infections, but helps fight them when you get one, so drink up!
  • Gargle Salt Water! Gargling is a great way to sooth a sore throat or coughing. Mix 1 tsp salt with 1 glass of warm water and gargle several times a day.
  • Take a Detox Bath! Going back to steam being great for your stuffy nose, take it one step further by making a “detox bath” All you need for this is 2 cups of Epsom salt, 1 cup of baking soda, and some ginger root! Make your bath water as hot as you can stand it and pour all the above ingredients into the  bath and soak for 40 mins. This will help detoxify your body and help you get rid of the flu sooner. (Note: I did this last night and feel at least 50% better than I did yesterday!)
  • Eat some Garlic! Garlic naturally has a lot of antibiotic and antiviral properties and it can really help lessen the severity and time of an illness. I personally don’t mind the taste of garlic so I can pop a piece in my mouth and suck on it. But if you don’t like it as much as me, chew it up as quick as you can and swallow.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar! Yep, apple cider vinegar is good for yet something else! A tsp in warm water gargled can help with a sore throat, and studies show it’s also great for killing viruses.

Disclaimer: Compensation for this post was provided to me by Samsung via MomTrends. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions of Samsung or MomTrends. Ask an Expert (Online Doctor Visits) is a service offered through Samsung Health that helps you easily connect to medical and wellness experts from your phone. Samsung Health requires a compatible Android phone and a Samsung account. The Online Doctor Visits service is available in the U.S., except in Arkansas. The service is not for people suffering from medical emergencies or serious life-threatening conditions. If you have a serious medical concern, please call 911 or proceed to the nearest emergency department.

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