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Wordless Wednesday – Goes to the Dog

Every Dog loves a Wordless Wednesday!

wordless wednesday


I was taking pictures at a recent dog adoption event and have to share this picture of Parker I found while going thru the pictures. He is grinning ear to ear and I can only imagine the joke or funny story he is remembering.

What do you think he is smiling about? Leave a comment below and tell us.

 This Wordless Wednesday picture was taken with my Samsung Galaxy S4 .

I received the Samsung Galaxy S4  from Samsung for review.

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Wordless Wednesday – Father Daughter Time

 Wordless Wednesday -Celebrating Father Daughter Time

wordless wednesday


This picture says more than what I can put into words. My husband and our daughter at the 19th Annual Dream Cruise,spending time together. She has always been about cars with her dad and attended her 1st Nascar Race the next day with him.

 This Wordless Wednesday picture was taken with my Samsung Galaxy S4 .

I received the Samsung Galaxy S4  from Samsung for review.

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Wordless Wednesday – Nothing is Cuter

Nothing is Cuter this Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday 1

This Wordless Wednesday I celebrate my Foster Puppy, Ziggy!

Ziggy is a 10 week old Golden Retriever/Shephard Mix and has delighted our home for the past 5 weeks. He is a bundle of energy and we finally managed to grab this adorable picture of him playing in the yard.

He is up for adoption thru Providing For Paws.

This Wordless Wednesday picture was taken with my Samsung Galaxy S4 .

I received the Samsung Galaxy S4  from Samsung for review.

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June 28, 2013

How to take better pictures with your phone

How to take better pictures with your phone

better pictures with phone

Want to learn how to take better pictures with your phone? Keep reading! Most people nowadays don’t even have cameras. With the camera technology used in phones today, why would we? We can take quality pictures using our phones, and we don’t have to lug a camera around with us everywhere, just in case there is a perfect photo opp. So here are some of my tips and tricks on how to take better pictures with your phone! 


How to take better pictures with your phone: General Tips

1.Use both hands- Now I know phones aren’t particularly heavy, but you will get much better results by holding your phone with 2 hands, and letting your elbows rest on your chest when taking a photo. This will make your photos more clear, because there will be no shaking! Also make sure to stand still while taking the photo!



We were taking a walk in this photo and found such a cute photo opp, so I stopped walking, used both hands and snap! Perfect picture!

2. Know your photo subject! Taking a picture of a great view, or a yummy meal is going to be completely different than taking a picture of a concert or a energetic toddler. It might take more than 1 snap to get the perfect photo of something (or someone) in motion. The shutters on camera phones are going to last, so while taking pictures of things iin motion, snap a lot of pictures,  then go through them to find the best couple of photos, and delete the rest.

3.Step into the light! Good lighting on a picture is almost as important as the subject of the picture. If you have really bright light, you might not see anything in the picture, or everyone in it looks like they are glowing like a light bulb. If you have really low lighting, everything tends to look grainy and well, dark. Neither are good! You don’t have to be outside to get good lighting either. Open a window or a door and that should bring a good amount of natural light in to make your pictures perfect!


This is one of my favorite pictures of my daughter, simply because she is standing next to an open window and her eyes are so bright and shiny 🙂

4. Play with Angles- While taking pictures, don’t stand still! Move around and take multiple shots of the same image at different angles. You will be amazed at how different the same picture can look at different angles.


This was taking during our recent visit to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique at Disney World, I took several pictures like this at different angles, and I’m glad I did, in a front facing shot of this, all you could really see was half my daughters face and a giant hand. I moved over slightly and got this super cute picture!

How to take better pictures with your phone: Editing Tips

1. Use Apps! Apps are awesome for all sorts of things, including editing photos. Now I don’t mean using an instagram filter for every photo you take, that makes your pictures LOOK edited and fake. But, using an app like Camera+ (you can get this in the app store for like 99 cents I think) can make your pictures look clear and crisp!

photo8This is an example of the Camera+ App that I use, and a few of the different things you can do with it. You can also crop out unwanted area of your pictures, adjust the lighting, add borders, and more!

2. Don’t have a phone with apps? Use free editing websites! Free photo editing websites like or are great for those that don’t have apps on their phones (or don’t want to pay for them) and are free to use! They have everything from a text adder, filters, and even teeth whiting tools!

3. Don’t over edit! I hate seeing a perfectly good picture ruined by to much editing. You know the ones, they have a blue overlay, stars in the sky that were put in, and a big frame around them. Sure, those kind of photos are fun for holidays, scrapbooks, or just fun. But don’t do that to every photo! Sometimes natural photos are the best!

The last tip I have on how to take better pictures with you phone is this: Have fun!! Don’t stress out about getting the perfect picture every time, or you will miss out on the occasion you’re photographing. While taking a picture of your little one blowing out their birthday candles, you might miss it all together!


This is one of my favorite pictures I’ve ever taken. This is my little girl running up to hug my husband after his first skydive of the day. Is it perfect? Nope. But it’s perfect for me, and in the end, that is what matters right?

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September 12, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

This is my second project exploring light and shadow. I think it is also my self portrait.

You can see more of my work below. I am currently enrolled in a photography class. I have a Canon Rebel XSI that my husband bought me using airline points.

  Photo Project #1

I am learning to use  Photoshop Lightroom 4 to import my images. Then I will begin to use Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended – Student & Teacher Edition.

I got a great deal on both programs since I am a student. You can also buy yours with amazing discounts.


September 3, 2012

The Egg

I am attending community college this semester which has been a n eye opener in more ways then one. I have always wanted to learn to use my camera. I have a cannon EOS Rebel XSI. I always wanted a nice camera so one year my husband “bought” me one. He actually used airline miles to get me one. I have taken some great shots. They have all been very lucky. I wanted to actually learn how to use the camera because there isn’t anything more important to me then preserving our memories. I thought I would share the top three things I learned last week. I am sure you may know these things I had NO idea. I am never embarrassed by what I do not know if I am willing to learn.

1) Tip one put on a lens hood on your camera because it will aid in the protection of your lens

2) Buy a UV Lens Cover  

3) I learned when you are going to take a picture on AUTO then hold down the button 50% of the way and let the SLR camera make corrections. You should not just mash down the button.

4) I learned that you should take tons of pictures and move a little bit at time to obtain the proper coverage of your subject.

5) I last cool thing that I learned what shutter speed was. I had no idea what that number meant on my camera.