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The Quickest Way To Boost a Girl’s Self-Esteem

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How to Build Self-Esteem

Easy Tips on How to Build Self-Esteem of Girls

Guess what only 2% of women think they are beautiful.

Let that sink in. Let that fill your brain, lay heavy on the heart. Let that number roll around on your tongue before you spit it out in horror.

That is why this fall, I partner with both Kroger and Dove to talk about their self-esteem project and the resources they have made available to combat all the negative message. I love Dove products. I love saving money on their products at Kroger because they make me feel good about being in my skin while making me look good on the outside.

It isn’t hard to believe that only 2% of us think we are beautiful. Then if you think about it, it isn’t that difficult because we have been told from all directions we aren’t. We have magazines staring back at us with airbrushed images of people who do not look like us with slogans that say “best, greatest, beautiful.” We have people in our lives telling us what to wear, how to speak, and what is expected but we have very few people in our corner that say, “I love you just the way you are.”Continue reading

Father’s Day Easy Gift Ideas for Dad

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Gifts for Dad

Easy Gift Ideas For Dad

Is there a moment that eclipses all others in your memory? The one that replaces the first time he told you he loves you. The feeling you had when you first saw him. That special moment where you can’t breathe, your eye fills to the brim with tears even though you are not someone who cries. It is that moment when he first looks at his child.

The smile that spreads across his face that is so wide and so deep that his eyes are almost none existent. The way he sucks in his breath and stares. Then he holds the baby closer. He pulls the baby closer still. When the two become one. He smells them. He hopes their scent pour into him like freshly baked bread when it fills the air. He pats them. Then he rubs their bottom in a circle and smiles. His eyes light up. His heart is full. He smiles at you. Then there is that look that says we did this. We made this perfect person. How is that possible?

The feeling you get knowing once you have done this nothing is impossible, in fact, at that moment everything is possible.

You think to yourself. I want to capture this moment and every moment after this. You know this special day will live in your heart forever. This same man that I married because I loved him is the same man that will raise our boys into men.

I never realized how much I loved my husband until I saw him hold our children.

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5 Embarrassing Things Every Mom of a Teen Boy Should Know

“Sponsored post by Mirum. All opinions are my own.”

I asked him to do the laundry. He is 13. He is old enough to do the laundry. I thought that would be a great job for him. Boy, was I wrong!

I soon learned how to talk to teen boys.

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Why Does Telling Your Child No Hurts

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Florida Prepaid College Board, but all opinions expressed here are my own. I’m happy to share our experience because believe that education is the greatest gift that we can give our children and we can prepare for our children’s future through prepaid college.

Education is important and it's the best gift that we can give our children.

Do you remember the time you really wanted something? You had your heart set. It was that thing you needed, wanted, thought about. If you didn’t get it, you feared you might lose a limb. I have a daughter, and she had one of those “things.” It controlled every thought she had. She put it in every sentence she could. It would appear on TV, and she would scream for me to see it. The problem was I couldn’t afford it.Continue reading

How to Prepare Your Child for Their First Time Dentist Visit

First Time Dentist Visit

Dental health is very important, not only for adults, but, children as well. It may be even more important for children to have the best dental hygiene possible because those teeth that are “just baby teeth” may fall out but, the permanent teeth are right under them and can be affected even before they come through.

Many new and seasoned parents have many questions about dental health for their kids. Things like “At what age do I need to start taking them?”, and “How do I prepare my child for their first time dentist visit?”. These things have probably crossed your mind a time or two when it comes to your child’s dental health. Here are some tips to make this exciting milestone a bit easier on everyone.

Preparing your Child for their First Time Dentist Visit

How to Prepare Your Child for Their First Time Dentist Visit

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January 6, 2017

The Best Lesson I Taught My Children This Holiday

The Best Lesson I Taught My Children This Holiday

They say kids learn from what you teach them. I am positive I did not teach them to lay belly down in the store and throw a fit over not being able to have a gift even if Santa is taking orders. Santa can’t handle every request and neither can I.

That kind of fit like behavior would ruin my hair and lipstick, and I just wouldn’t do it in public. I mean do you know how many people walked on the floor with dirty shoes? I can say the stomping of the foot when one is mad could be a learned behavior or perhaps genetic. It is possible that we evolved from horses.

It was this single act of earthquake child with flailing arms and legs and tears escaping and mucus flying in the middle of the store that sent me into an entirely new holiday direction.

I know how to stretch my money to the point that it resembles silly putty and I know that memories are more important but what I didn’t know was me seeking gifts and buying gifts was turning my children into spoiled lunatics capable of natural disasters in retail locations near you.

I only had one chance to make a change, so I decided what I needed was a National Lampoon’s Christmas type plan. When you think back, each movie revolved around the family having to spend time together. I liked to watching how they got to know one another like it or not.

My plan was simple, to hold my children hostage for one hour while teaching them the miracle of the holiday. I needed 4 things for my mission:

Cooper Tires

1) A car expertly equipped with Cooper Tires. (Cooper Tire is the best choice for a quality tire at a great price – and from a company, you can trust.)
2) Holiday Light Printables
3) Bottle Waters and PB&J
4) 3 children with bad attitudes and one husband without his phone or laptop to receive work calls

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