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Cleaning Your Closet The Trend You Need To Try

Did you know that the process of cleaning your closet can save you money? Find out how and why this is the trend that you need to try.

I am sure by now you have seen people in your feed talking about Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. It is the process of holding your possessions and seeing if they bring you joy. If they don’t then you get rid of them.

What if I told you this method can help you live a debt free lifestyle. It can think about it if you held up every item you intended to buy and if it didn’t bring you joy you put it back. I will even take it a step further. If you completed my lesson on your big and scary goal in my post 3 Things My Husband Promised Me That Made All the Difference.

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The Quickest Way To Boost a Girl’s Self-Esteem

Disclaimer: “Post sponsored by Mirum. Opinions are 100% my own.”

How to Build Self-Esteem

Easy Tips on How to Build Self-Esteem of Girls

Guess what only 2% of women think they are beautiful.

Let that sink in. Let that fill your brain, lay heavy on the heart. Let that number roll around on your tongue before you spit it out in horror.

That is why this fall, I partner with both Kroger and Dove to talk about their self-esteem project and the resources they have made available to combat all the negative message. I love Dove products. I love saving money on their products at Kroger because they make me feel good about being in my skin while making me look good on the outside.

It isn’t hard to believe that only 2% of us think we are beautiful. Then if you think about it, it isn’t that difficult because we have been told from all directions we aren’t. We have magazines staring back at us with airbrushed images of people who do not look like us with slogans that say “best, greatest, beautiful.” We have people in our lives telling us what to wear, how to speak, and what is expected but we have very few people in our corner that say, “I love you just the way you are.”Continue reading

October 24, 2018

3 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Got a Beagle

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Food Lion for IZEA Worldwide. All opinions are 100% mine.

How to Take Care of a Beagle Puppy

Tips on how to take care of a beagle puppy and how to choose the best dog food.

If you follow me on social media you know about Joy. Joyful is our other daughter. She is spunky, smart, caring, naughty, and boy is she picky. She has all the traits of a toddler and requires a lot of patience, understanding, education, and exercise. When we got our beagle I wondered just how to take care of beagle puppy.

I knew the basics like feed her, walk her, take her to the vet, give her water, give her exercise and a lot of love. What I didn’t anticipate were these three things:

  1. She would chew anything and everything. She would chew things I wouldn’t think are appetizing like the stairs, shoes, and she even chewed her blanket.
  2. She would require a bedtime routine. I am not sure why after having 3 children I didn’t think that I would also have to sleep train a beagle puppy but I did. I have to walk her at the same time, give her a treat, tell her to go to bed, close the crate, turn off the lights and go upstairs. If I didn’t do all those things, she would whine.
  3. The third thing I didn’t realize was how picky she would be when it came to eating. I figured you buy your dog some food. They eat the food. Game over. That was not how it is or was with Joyful. She likes what she likes. I have spent hundreds of dollars on dog food she didn’t like. She lets me know she doesn’t like it by moving it piece by piece out of her bowl and placing it on my rug.

That is why I was so excited to try what we now call the Best Dry Dog Food.

I know seeing is believing so here is Joyful eating her Companion brand dog food from Food Lion. She normally plays with her food. She relocates her food. She pushes it out of the bowl with her nose. She leaves it in the bowl refusing to eat it. That is how you know she likes Companion! As soon as I scoop it out of the bag she is right there by her bowl. We make her sit and wait and use the command “stay” before she can eat. This allows me to measure the right amount for her. That is part of how to train a beagle puppy. You must have a routine, food schedule, and the perfect amount of food.

Why is it the Best Dry Dog Food?

Companion is a brand of high-quality pet products that is a conversion from the original Home 360 Pet brand. Companion products span across food, toys, treats, and accessories for your cat, dog, and bird. My dog loves it. I love the value and the nutrition it offers her. That huge bag was really affordable! The treats were also inexpensive, she loved them. They are great to use when trying to reinforce good behavior.

Tips on how to take care of a beagle puppy and how to choose the best dog food.

Tips on how to take care of a beagle puppy and how to choose the best dog food.

Good behavior is hard to come by sometimes, that is why having a treat your puppy/ dog loves is important. When you think about training a dog you have to remember it is like having a baby.  I know how to train a beagle puppy because I remembered all the things I did with my children. I teach her every day by having a routine, giving praise,  reinforcing her with a treat and love. It is also important to me to live within in our budget. Having a pet is expensive if you do not manage your costs. That is why making sure your pet gets the proper nutrition will enable them to perform to the best of their ability. Companion offers that with their products they are affordable and apparently tasty!

Right, Joy?

Tips on how to take care of a beagle puppy and how to choose the best dog food.

Joyful loves Companion and I love Joyful. The price and convenience of buying her food where I do my grocery shopping at Food Lion makes me want to jump for Joy. Visit Food Lion to learn more about Companion brand.

Tips on how to take care of a beagle puppy and how to choose the best dog food.

I invite you to bring home a meal your pet will love Companion offers a double your money back guarantee. For More Information about Food Lion’s Private Brand labels click here

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October 5, 2018

The Secret of People Who are “Killing It.”

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Bluprint but all opinions expressed here are mine.

The Secret of People Who are “Killing It.”

What is the secret of people who are "killing it?" Read the secret to success that will give you time for entertainment and learn something new.

How I Found My New Passion on Bluprint

As a recovering super parent who didn’t have time for herself. I gave up all my hobbies. I became a shell of whom I wanted to be. I was lost.

In the span of 14 years, my life became all about everyone else. When I looked at my calendar, everyone had a color my color was clear. I didn’t exist until I figured out a way.

It started like this, she sat at the counter and painted a picture. I watched her paint the picture with glee and envy. Where had the time gone from the stick figures to figures I would immediately recognize without taking an educated guess?

I realized I wanted to sit at the table and paint a picture. I began to imagine my hand curled around the brush. The way the tip of the brush would feel against the canvas. How I could pick up the yellow paint and mix it with the white as the sun began to emerge in the middle of the canvas. Then how the sky blue would blend into the darkest greens with a wisp of grey for the clouds would settle into my canvas. The sigh of relief I would exhale as my stress would melt as each stroke pulled me closer to my inner artist.

Then I sat down and thought there has to be a way to balance what my family needs from me and what I need to give myself.

I pulled out my planner and my phone because I needed to double check my availability to myself. I started to giggle I could pencil myself in between when the bus leaves for the first wave of children and the fifteen minutes before I had to wake up the next child. Then I remembered the joyful beagle that liked to play fetch at 7 am. I kept looking there looked to be some time between my work and when the kids got home. Nope, that needed to be used to empty the dishwasher, fold the clothes, and to pee alone. I continued my search. Yes, I see an opening one week from today on Thursday at 9:30- 10:15. I will pencil myself in there. I put my name down “ME” in big black letters. I traced them. I made them bold. I even added a couple of flowers. I was ready, so I thought.

I was thinking about what I would do during my me time. I opened up the app for the gym, then I opened up my email, and I scanned the folder of things to do. Yes, I have a folder I am type A. Then the phone rang.

I answered the phone. The person on the other line demanded I pick a time to come by. I opened up my planner. I put a big fat X through Thursday at 9:30- 10:15 as it turns out now I need to deal with a school conference. I closed my planner. I made some weird sound because it startled my daughter and I impacted her drawing. She asked, “Who was that?” I told her.

It turns out me time can’t be scheduled. It is going to happen when I can make it happen. It may be five minutes. It may be twenty. It may happen for a long period of time and it may happen for a short period of time. The truth was it needed to happen and the question was how?

I answered that blank in the question. I found the key to the gate. I found a way to make me believe that I deserved to explore my aspirations.

I typed in this into my computer

I signed up.

I looked through the classes and I picked several on topics I love. Photography, painting, cupcakes, and yoga. I marked them as saved. I uploaded the app on my tablet and my phone. I was going to do this. I was going to watch those classes while I lived life.

Learn something new at During Bluprint's Get Started Event consumers can get an "all access pass" to Bluprint

Bluprint is NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment’s new, expanded subscription service and premier digital destination for lifestyle learning offering online classes. They have a deep content library with classes about crafts, music, writing, dance, yoga, fitness, home décor, entertaining, and kids and family.

Now is the time to try Bluprint!

Beginning this Friday, October 5 through October 12, Bluprint will be hosting its Get Started Event allowing makers, doers and creatives alike to stream unlimited classes and series for free with registration here. And now through October 20, you have the option to select one of two limited time offers: Monthly subscription for $9.99 (regularly $14.99) OR Annual subscription for $100 (regularly $120) + a free Bluprint Box of your choice.

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September 24, 2018

Must-Have Newborn Baby Stuff that You Should Have

The greatest thing after marrying my husband I ever did was to have kids. It is the scary, wonderful, frustrating, magical, incredible, hard, easy, and amazing. It is worth every tear, every hardship, every moment of the mess, because when they say, “I Love you” no sound is sweeter or more meaningful just ignore them, “I hate you.” That is code for you are a great parent!.

These are my must-have must buy baby essentials items!

Get ready for your newborn baby with these must have must buy baby essentials. You can also print our checklist so you don't miss anything.

Must-Have Newborn Baby Stuff that You Should Have

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September 21, 2018

5 Time-Saving Tips That Will Make Laundry Fun

This post is sponsored by The American Cleaning Institute (ACI), who created PACKETS UP!,
an educational initiative for parents and caregivers, to help reduce the number of accidental
liquid laundry packet exposures in children.

It all started in the laundry room. I tried to open the door from the garage to the laundry room and it wouldn’t budge. I push and pulled it back. I pushed a little more and then I pulled the door close to me. I laid on the floor, and I tried to push whatever was in the way out of the way. It is okay to giggle as you picture me in a dress on the floor trying to push laundry out of the way just so I could open the door.

I just couldn’t understand why I couldn’t get the door open. The dog was crying and licking my hand. I decided this isn’t going to work and I needed to use the front door. I walked around to the front door. I twisted the handle only to realize it was locked.

I began to frantically ring the bell as if the dog could open the door. She tried to climb up by the knob and started to scratch and howl. The kids were at school, so this door would remain locked. I had finally lost my marbles. I went back to my car and grabbed my keys. I opened the front door. I walked down the hall to the door that wouldn’t budge. I looked inside the laundry room, and this is what I saw in the laundry room. I was so mad I moved it all into the hall. I mean who lives like this?

The answer was we did.

The laundry room is the hub of our house. The place where everything needs to get done. I had to figure out a way to clean it up, keep it clean, and make it work for me. I also had to make it fun or it wasn’t going to happen.

These are my 5 Time-Saving Tips That Will Make Laundry Fun.

Time saving tips that will make laundry fun

1. Think about what your laundry issues are. We have several:

a.) My kids hate to help one another with their laundry. This leads to fighting that I then have to deal with.
b.) They can’t find their uniforms ever.
c.) We had absolutely no space to fold the laundry or put away the laundry.
d.) I couldn’t find everything I needed to do the laundry quickly.

2. Make your laundry room a place you want to be in. I added a couple of pictures and I got really cheap under $4 storage containers to sort my supplies and add some color to the room.

3. Think of a system. I found a cheap shelving unit that was wide enough and had enough space between the shelves to hold my laundry baskets. It was under $25, and now I can see my floor. I also had a place for each child to have their own basket.

4. Put your laundry supplies in easily accessible spaces. When you do this remember to think about the importance of safety. I love those liquid laundry packets but, I also want to make sure to prevent accidents so I put them in a place that my children can’t reach.

a.) As with any household cleaning product, laundry packets must be stored in their original container or pouch and kept out of sight and reach of children.

b.) Make sure to lock detergent packets up high and out of reach. This is an effective way to keep these products out of reach of young children, especially when little ones begin exploring closets and cabinets at an early age.

Visit to learn more information and tools to help prevent exposures from liquid laundry packets. The American Cleaning Institute (ACI) created PACKETS UP!, an educational initiative for parents and caregivers, to help them learn about the importance of proper use and storage of liquid laundry packets.

Even if they stored up high, make sure they stay securely closed. This video will help you to see how a toddler sees the world Through Their Eyes.

Call the Poison Help line at 1-800-222-1222 if there is an accident.

5. Develop a system to do your laundry and put on some music while implementing it. I have been known to watch trash TV while doing laundry. I now fold the laundry put it in their bucket, or I hang it. Then I put it in each kid’s basket. When they get home from school, they take the baskets and put away their clothes. They bring down their dirty laundry, and I wait a couple of days, and then I wash their loads. I decided I am only doing laundry twice a week unless they need uniforms. I leave their uniforms in the laundry room because I am tired of getting gray hair when they can’t find their uniforms.

I bet you are saying what about all this makes laundry fun. The answer is I am only doing it twice a week so now I can have more fun. I can open my laundry room door without reverting to a belly crawl. I also do not have to spend any time trying to find uniforms or listening to kids complain about handling laundry that isn’t theirs. And, as an added benefit, we now have fewer missing socks!

Just another reminder because safety and prevention are so important. If you have little children, remember to store the liquid laundry packets in their original container or pouch and keep them out of sight and reach. You can also use the containers like my blue, white, and design ones to place the sealed packet package in them. They aren’t as tempting if the child can’t see them.

Go to for more information and enter your details to receive a free reminder cling – parents should place it in a visible location to serve as a daily reminder to store laundry packets up and away from children. I put mine on my washer as a reminder.

Follow #PacketsUp on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to speed on the latest in laundry room safety habits.

Read more Safety Tips When Using Liquid Laundry Packets