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February 15, 2013

Framed Family Handprints

Family Craft


Other things may change us, but we start and end with Family.

How true that is.  No matter what happens, we tend to always come back to family.  This is such a great thing to do with your family.  Not only can you have their hand prints at a young age, but you can display this in your house.  And when your kids or spouse is on your nerves, you just need to look at it, and remember.

It’s super simple.

Pick a frame size.  then get a piece of paper that fits the frame.  Draw a tree on it.  Paint your hands and place them on the branches of the tree.

If you are planning on extra kids, you can leave a few branches as you see here.

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Sharon is a Stay at home mom, who loves to craft. She started doing crafts as a young child. She started more crafting as she became a mom. She learned there was a lot of things that could be made yourself, and would last longer than store bought items. Crafting allows her to spend more time with her children. Her children are 2 and 4. They are at the age the perfect age where they enjoy making things for everyone else as well. She runs a HN Designs and has a Blog A Little Bit of Everything.


February 14, 2013

Water Bottle Craft: New Home Edition!


Today, I am going to show you how to make a great Water Bottle Craft, for someone who is moving into a new house! This is the latest installment in our Water Bottle Craft Series. This is the Water Bottle Craft: New Home Edition!

Water Bottle Craft Instructions:

  1. Drink some water or another beverage in a plastic container
  2. Wash it out and remove the label
  3. Find items that will fit in your bottle based on your theme (In this theme, anything that you think would be perfect for somone moving into a new house)
  4. Place items in the bottle
  5. Close the bottle by screwing on the cap
  6. Then you will need to create a label
  7. Secure the label with duck tape
  8. Head to the post office
  9. Mail your gift

Water Bottle Craft Content:

Measuring spoons, dish towel, command strips, and a pot holder!

Anyone who has a million things on their mind while moving into a new home, will really appreciate this little gift from you! Super easy and fun to make, any new home owner would love to open this gift up!

What other Water Bottle Craft ideas do you guys have?


Check out all our water bottle crafts on our water bottle craft page. Don’t forget to pin this post for me, please! 🙂

February 14, 2013

Things I Love

Things I Love

Things I Love

I thought I would take today and write a list of things I love. You see we often run around and do not sit down to reflect on everything we have been given. We hope and dream for more when most likely everything we need is right in front of us. I hope that you will share what you love in the comment section and that you will take your list or mine when you are feeling down and remind yourself that it will pass and there is more to be grateful for than not. This list is not in any order I just took five minutes to be thankful.

Things I Love

1) My Family

2) My Friends

3) Quiet

4) Babies

5) Teaching children

6) Reading a Great book

7) Sitting by the fire on a cold day

8) Holding Hands

9) Country Music

10) Bubble Baths

11) Chocolate

12) Yoga

13) Traveling

14) The beach

15) Writing

16) Helping others see the good in themselves

17) Taking Pictures

18) Eating a great meal

19) Shopping

20) Paying it Forward

21) Laughing

22) Smile

23) Puppies

24) Walking in the City

25) The color Yellow

26) Taking Chances

27) Cookies

28) The smell of Baked Goods

29) Dancing

30) Singing even though I am horrible

31) lip gloss

32) Memories

33) Surprises

34) decorating

35) cupcakes

36) Silly Questions from my kids

37) First words

38) A clean house

39) Date Nights

40) Animals

41) Sprinkles

42) Helping others that I have never met

43) Coaching sports

44) Orchids

45) Cheese and Fruit

46) Indoor picnics

47) Jewelry

48) Shoes any color and any kind

49) Making lists

50) Being Grateful


Subject: Things I Love

February 13, 2013

Work at Home Jobs

You can always find the current projects on my job board it is htttp:// or by clicking on the job board pictures.

job board

Work At Home Jobs

I had an idea a job board and I was going to create Work At Home Jobs .. I know a lot of you are looking for work. I know I need a lot of work. I can’t afford to have a full staff of writers. I would like to be able to have people who are interested in special projects write for me. I would like to hire from my fan base. I feel that if you support me by coming to my site and sharing my site with others than I should hire you to work for me instead of contracting out of the “family” if you know what I mean.

Work At Home Job Board Procedures

I am going to use a bidding approach.

  1. I will post the job on the Job Board
  2. Then I will post a sample or a link to sample of what I am looking for.
  3. I will then ask that you apply
  4. You will be notified through email if selected and your name will appear on the job board next to your job with the due date (most jobs will have 72 or more to complete)
  5. You will submit your post with required content and images before or on the due date
  6. You will submit your post through this page
  7. You will assume it is okay unless we email you to update or make changes
  8. You will receive payment on Sunday

Job Board Rules:

You will not be paid until you submit your work. You will be required to do the work yourself. The work you complete can’t in anyway be plagiarized. That means the content has to be created by you for me.  You will be required to provide photographs if asked.You will have a deadline and it is imperative that you meet your deadline in order to be considered for future jobs and payment. If I assign you a post and you miss the deadline I have the right to refuse your work and not issue payment. The reason is simple the internet is timely. If I ask for New Years party ideas and you email me your post in February it is no longer relevant. I was a teacher so I am not a fan of late work or “my dog ate my homework stories.” I feel this way if you were chosen you have gotten an opportunity that someone else wanted so be responsible. I have three kids and a full-time job and I have been known to stay up late hours because if I make a commitment I will do everything I can to deliver on that commitment. I only hire people who have the same “can do attitude”.

You will need to have a paypal account or be willing to accept amazon cards in exchange for services provided. We will do payroll every Sunday so you will be paid on the closest Sunday to your post. Madame Deals, INC will own all content provided and it can not be duplicated on other sites.

CURRENT JOB Opportunities:Continue reading

Water Bottle Craft: Baby Shower

Water Bottle Craft : Baby Shower Edition


I just held a baby shower for my sister and with 90 guests attending we were on a tight budget. We cut corners to save and we will featuring those ideas later on this month. The one thing I absolutely had to do was come up with a unique gift idea that was budget friendly. Most of the time bags, paper, ribbons, and paper add to the price but when I seen our other Water Bottle Craft Ideas, I came up with one of my own. I created a simple Baby shower water bottle craft that makes a unique gift for a new mom or mom-to-be.


Water Bottle Craft Instructions:

  1. Drink some water or another beverage in a plastic container
  2. Wash it out and remove the label
  3. Find items that will fit in your bottle based on your theme
  4. Place items in the bottle
  5. Close the bottle by screwing on the cap
  6. Then you will need to create a label
  7. Secure the label with duck tape
  8. Head to the post office
  9. Mail your gift

Water Bottle Craft Content:

 water bottle craft

I put in 1 onesie, 3 pairs of socks, and a pacifier. The ideas are endless because baby items are so tiny they make perfect gifts to use in Water Bottle Crafts for gift giving.

Another idea to add if you are going to mail it, would be a gift card wrapped in the socks, baby silverware, bibs, burp rags, t-shirts, and other tiny presents for the baby to be.

What are some other items that you can think of that would fit in a plastic bottle?

Check out all our water bottle crafts on our water bottle craft page. Don’t forget to pin this post for me, please! 🙂

February 13, 2013

How to Plan for a Job Loss

10 Tips to Plan for a Job Loss

How to Plan for a Job Loss

I am having a hard time today focusing on what I need to get done on my job. I am tired. We had a restless night sleep. My husband was up all night and I was doing my best to sleep. Today is a difficult day for us. We are like most people. We both work but my husband brings in the majority of our income. He works at a manufacturing plant. We know that today 30 people will lose their jobs. We are hopeful we are not one of the 30 but unsure.

We were up worried for ourselves and the other potential families that have gone to work today for the last time in a place that they have most likely worked in for years. I know my husband has been there for almost 9 years and others for a longer period. It has been a difficult couple of weeks knowing this day was drawing closer. It has been hard on me watching my husband comb through the help wanted ads “just in case”. It has been harder watching him worry about the employees that report to him. You know it is because we are planners and we try our best to live on less just in case but I know that so many people haven’t made the change to doing without.

I can only hope that the families that have to face being unemployed today have implemented a savings strategy. You never know when your number will be called. You never know when you will have your last paycheck. The only thing you can do is plan. I hope that today everyone receives new jobs that are better than their old job and that the impact of the layoff is one of a greener pasture instead of doubt and sorrow. I hope that even though it may not be “you” that you need to plan like it could be.

How to Plan for a Job Loss

I suggest you implement an emergency savings plan.

1) Track your spending I use the FREE Spense APP a notebook will do

2) Cut out $5 a day out of your spending. If you do not have five dollars than you need to figure out how to remove something from your budget. That means doing without. You can see how people saved $5 a day using the $5 Savings Plan

3) Make a list of what you need and what you can live with out. Then remove a live without item from your budget and put the money in the bank for a job loss.

4) If you save money then put it into an account. That means if you save $10 off your grocery bill by using coupons then you should take the $10 and put it into a bank account.

5) If you receive a raise or tax refund then automatically place that money in savings. You didn’t have it yesterday and you do not need it today.

6) Make things last longer. We drive our cars until they can’t be driven. We take care of our things so we do not need to replace them.

7) Do not buy anything over $10 without researching if you can get it cheaper.

8) Before you buy something ask yourself: a) Do I need it? b) Do I have something already that does the same thing? c) If I didn’t buy it today would it matter? d) What am I giving up to have this item? e) Does buying this item help me achieve my long term goal. (Put these questions on a note pad on your cell and look at them)

9) Have a strategy for finding another job. That means have your resume up to date. Make a list of your network. Make sure you are aware of the current job market and where your skill set will fit.

10) Be mentally prepared and remain calm. You have the ability to do great things you just need to have a plan. You will need to be prepared to spend at least 40 hours a week looking for a job if you are laid off. Do not wait because the longer you are unemployed the harder it is to find a job.

Be creative in your approach to finding a new job. I have a Madame Deals Job board for people that are looking to freelance. I suggest looking for opportunities anywhere you can find them.  You can even include work at home opportunities in your plan for a job loss. You never know unless you ask is my motto!

Do you have other rips on how to plan for a job loss? Share it with us below.