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November 5, 2013

Gifts In Jars: Jelly Belly Beans

Use this Gifts In Jars:  Jelly Belly beans for Hostess Gifts!

Get seasonal packages of Jelly Belly beans to package in Gifts In Jars!

Jelly Belly beans are low fat, gluten free, and “OU” certified (though the mints are not Kosher).  Don’t forget they are available in sugar free, sports recovery, high energy, protein and many more! There is an option for each person on your list!

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40-Flavor Autumn Gift Box

Jelly Belly 40-Flavor Autumn Gift Box. Assorted beans like Buttered Popcorn and Very Ch… [More]

Price: 15.99
Ok, so this one bulk pack would be enough to fill a bunch of jars for Christmas and meets the minimal order for using the TURKEY13 code.  Combine the bulk savings with the TURKEY 13 code savings – you have MANY Gifts In A Jar: Jelly Belly gifts! Simply decorate the jar and you are ready the holidays.  Use the jars for hostess gifts, college students, a quick gift for someone you left off your list, add the jar to a basket of snacks or give it alone.

Jelly Belly Christmas Mix – 10 lbs bulk

Christmas Mix from Jelly Belly. Very Cherry, Green Apple, Coconut and Red Apple Jelly B… [More]

Price: 85.99

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See these Gifts In Jars: Brownie mix, Bath wash and scrub recipes, even make playdough for a Gift In A Jar for a child!

Need several gifts quickly?Use a bulk pack to make bulk Gifts In Jars: Jelly Belly beans quickly!

October 16, 2013

DIY Craft/ GIft idea: Tater Baker Bag

DIY Craft and Gift idea: Tater Baker Bag

The Tater Baker bag is one of the easiest, most popular, and most used gifts I have given.

Tater Baker bag 11

These are so popular I have sold these simply by word of mouth.  The Tater Baker bag can be embroidered and embellished or left plain.  Given with an instructions card this Tater Baker bag  and a bag of potatoes would be a great new home gift! The Tater Baker bag is not only for potatoes it can be used to heat up bread or tortillas, bake apples and corn on the cob!  A special batting made especially for this project helps insure the safety of the item in the microwave.  However caution is still recommended in that, like anything put into the microwave, it could overheat!Continue reading

Cooking with Kids – How to series 4

Cooking with Kids- How to series 4

What first? -Cooking with Kids

The best way to get children interested in cooking is to give them easy recipes that they can have success with quickly.  Cooking with kids is really quite easy once you get the hang of it.  You just assess your child, their interests, and the recipe.  It is true that any recipe will have something a child can help you do to make an awesome dish.  However, we want to have the children learn the skills as well as experience success.  This how to series is set up so that the recipes are organized in such a manner that you can show the child a recipe, practice the recipe with a child then allow the child to “teach” the same recipe to you, a friend or a sibling in order to foster independence in the kitchen as quickly and safely as possible.

Cooking with kids recommends high interest, quick and easy  no heat or cooking level 1a recipes first:

No recipe needed: Pudding (from the box) –pour into a ready made graham cracker crust for a quick and easy pie

Pudding pies with a few extras: fall Pumpkin pie, pistachio pie

Cereal bars are a quick , tasty breakfast or snack!

Apple snacks- trail mix dip, Smiles, Cream cheese fruit dip

Chocolate Chip ‘lasagna’ 

A yummy gluten free, egg free chocolate chip cookie dough snack- great for dipping graham crackers or (Cooking with Kids– How to series level 3a pudding cookies. )

Want to work on a ‘real meal’ rather than just dessert? Try making your own Mexican seasoning mix for tacos.

Gift ideas from children at this level could included gifts in a quart jar- just layer dry ingredients in the jar.  Put a label and ribbon on the jar.  These mixes could also be dumped in a ziploc for quick assembly at a later date.  Here are a couple  gifts in a jar recipes:   homemade body scrub, Brownie mix in a jar.

Cooking with kids- how to Hamilton beach mixer, Amazon

Hamilton Beach mixer available from Amazon

Cooking with Kids-How to series first level recipes are simple measure and mix, no cutting, no bake or heat.

Read Cooking with Kids– How to series 1, 2,  and 3.

July 24, 2013

Break Up Gifts: A collection of Ideas!

Break Up Gifts

Recently we asked you guys what some of your ideas for great Break Up Gifts would be, after sharing our latest water bottle craft, the Break up gift Idea: Water Bottle CraftWe got some really great answers on our Facebook and Twitter and I wanted to share them with you guys! Everyone needs a little support during a tough break up, and these Break Up Gifts are a great way to show your love and support for your heart broken friend!

Here is the list of some of the Best responses we got for Break Up Gifts!:Continue reading