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April 5, 2014

Nut Free Easter Treats for Kids

Nut Free Easter Treats for Kids

Easter Treats for Kids

Easter Treats for Kids

Got kids with nut allergy? Preparing a special Easter Treats for Kids that are nut free is super easy, all you have to do is to be creative.

easter treats

All you need are plastic fillable Easter containers, jello, nut free pudding and whipped topping.

Here are some options for fillable Easter containers:

pudding in bunny

Just place your pudding or jello inside the container.

jello in duck

full bunny full duckbunny and duck with whip cream

Top it with whipped cream.

final vertical

And voila! You have a yummy Easter Treats for kids that are nut free.

Get our Free Printable Allergy Cards for Kids with Nut Allergy!

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Easter Craft 1

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March 22, 2014

Glow Party Ideas: Glow in the Dark Party Ideas for Easter

Glow Party Ideas

glowing party ideas

  Glow in the Dark Party Ideas for Easter

I have a unique take on Easter, I think it needs to be a day of fun. I love a good butt of Ham recipe  and a great Easter Outfit and an amazing celebration complete with a glow in the dark Easter Adventure. These glow party ideas will surely give loads of fun for kids and adults.

This is how to make your Easter holiday glow.

Fun Glow Party Ideas

1) Play with glow in the dark silly putty.

2) Easter Jello

easter drink final

Ingredients: Jello, 1 cup of tonic water, 1/2 cup of pineapples, 1 cup of hot water

3) Then paint easter eggs with glow in the dark paint

DecoArt DS50-10 Glow-in-the-Dark Paint, 4-Ounce

4) Make some glow in the dark gigglers

glowing jiggler

Before the black light…..

glowing jello

If you want to know how to make this glow check out the recipe for making the hard boiled eggs glow below… Make the jello the same way.

You will need a black light … you will not be able to see the glow without one of these. I bought mine on Amazon. You can do the same Black light <—–  or my kids wanted this black light flash light

5) Then take your hard boiled eggs and dip them in glow in the dark mixture

glow in the dark egg

Ingredients: Tonic Water, Hot tap water, Black Light, Jello, and Hard Boiled Eggs


Add jello

glow in the dark easter eggs

Add 1 cup of tonic water and 1 cup of hot tap water

glowing Easter eggs

Dip your egg and make sure it is evenly coated and then let it dry…. You can also do this with kool aid instead of jello just make sure you use the tonic water it is what is activated with the black light to create the glow.

glowing eggs

6) Finally take some glow in the dark bracelets and necklaces and fill the eggs for a treasure hunt outside,

Glowing Easter eggs

Plastic eggs, glow bracelets and glow rings, and a basket to gather them

glowing eggs

Activate the glow sticks and then tie them in a knot

glowing eggs

7) How about some glowing cupcakes

glowing cupcakes

glowing cupcake

Do you have glow party ideas? Share it with us below

March 20, 2014

Frozen Pudding Pops Recipe

Frozen Pudding Pops Recipe

frozen pudding pop

Do you remember the Cosby Show? I used to love that show and one of the things they ate was Jello Pudding Pops. It dawned on me that my children have never had a pudding pop. I decided to do what all moms do and make them. I need recipes that do not have nuts or diary so this is a greta one since it is a nut free recipe for kids. I am always on the hunt for cute ideas since my kids have nut allergies.  This was an easy recipe that my kids could make. It can easily be altered for kids with dairy allergies.

Frozen Pudding Pops Recipe

Box of pudding

Rice Milk

Peeps or jelly beans


ingredients peeps jello pops

Make pudding according to the directions just replace the milk with rice milk

rice milk

Two cups of cold rice milk


Then pour in the pudding mix and mix, mix, mix, and mix for two minutes. This is when the kids get to work!

bunnies spray with pam

Put your bunnies in your mold. I bought this mold at the Dollar Tree.

pudding into jello

Then add the pudding and freeze. Once they are frozen I did pop them in warm water to get the pop out quickly.

peeps margeaux (1 of 1)


I am  a huge fan of fun things you can do in five minutes for check out the peeps projects below for more fun and easy ideas.


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March 19, 2014

Easy Egg Salad Recipes

Easy Egg Salad Recipes

Easy Egg Salad


One of my favorite spring recipes to make is this Easy Egg Salad Recipes! It’s so easy to make, and it’s a light and fresh meal! I love how you can chose different ingredients to spice it up once you have this easy base. It’s also a quick recipe to make, taking about 1/2 an hour to make start to finish. If you are having a cook out or a picnic, this would be a perfect side dish to take with you, and your family is sure to love it! Continue reading

Cupcake Recipes For Kids : JellyBean Cupcakes

Cupcake Recipes For Kids – JellyBean Cupcakes

cupcake recipes for kids


Cupcakes are the perfect treat for any occasion and they are fun to make and decorate with the kids. I wish I had time to create all my cupcake delights from scratch but I have learned to get creative with box mixes and create fabulous Cupcake Recipes for Kids. This allows us to gather together as a family and experiment and create tasty confections that we then can share with our famil and friends. While shopping at the store this week we were inspired by the endless bags of Jelly Beans and decided to create Jelly Bean Cupcakes. The best part is thanks to the popularity of Jelly Beans many brands offer them year round so you don’t have to worry about only finding them at Easter time. If you are limited for time don’t worry because this recipe only adds a few more minutes to the usual time that it takes to prepare a boxed mix and the taste is completely worth those few extra minutes. Continue reading

Cupcake Recipe for Kids with Peeps

Cupcake Recipe for Kids with Peeps

peepspeep recipes

This simple Easter Recipes For Kids is really easy to create. It is also a nut free recipe for kids. I usually have about 15 minutes to put something together quickly before my children lose interest and this is what we came up with. We melted the candi quicks according to the package and we created nest for our peeps. We also had to include an egg. These can be served alone or perched on the cupcake of your choice. I used one I bought at the store because I just didn’t have time to cook it and then cool it and then ice it. That my friends is a 3 hour project instead of one that lasts for 30 minutes or less.

Cupcake Recipe for Kids with Peeps

simple easter recipes for kids


If you get to the chocolate when it is still warm you do not need the icing to stick the egg on it.

simple easter recipes for kids

Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 10.02.30 PM

Finally you can put it on top of a cupcake if you wish … we usually eat ours during a tea party and do not require a cupcake but if your child has a party or participates in a party these are adorable. You can also use them for a baby shower.


peepscupcake vertical

We just love cupcakes at Madame Deals Cupcake Recipe for Kids

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