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How To Buy School Clothes On A Budget

This post was sponsored by Crazy 8. We shop for school clothes there, so I was elated when they asked me to work with them. All opinions are my own thus is why I have a blog.

How To Buy School Clothes On A Budget

Make the most out of your budget by buying affordable but quality clothes for kids this school season. Check out why we love Crazy 8

When my children first started out in school, I remember I could put them in anything. They would wear anything without an issue. That made shopping really easy. I could pop into any store that was having a sale and buy one of every color item that fit and stay under budget. Then you fast forward a couple of years, and they have opinions.

They have opinions that pack more power and force than a hurricane wind in Florida.

They want what they want, but you have a budget. The best option is to go to a store that has clothes you can count on that last a long time and are stylish that wouldn’t put a hole in your budget. We chose Crazy 8 for that reason.

Make the most out of your budget. Read my tips on how to buy school clothes on a budget.

These are some easy ways you can save money and still have kids that look great.Continue reading

Eating the Colors of the Rainbow on a Budget that Works!

Disclosure: The views, opinions and positions expressed within this post belong to Real Advice Gal and do not necessarily represent those of The American Heart Association unless explicitly stated.

Can frugal living and living a healthy lifestyle go hand-in-hand? Absolutely! Being frugal does not mean living on less. In fact, it can be argued that frugal living is more about making the most out of what you have. The same can be also be said of a healthy lifestyle. You don’t need to have a ton of money to provide healthy alternatives to cheap junk food to feed your family. When you start thinking frugally you start thinking of ways to make the most out of every bit of what you have. Most of the time that not only means planning (planning ahead is key to eating healthy on a budget) but it also means getting creative.

how to start eating healthy on a budget

Ask any mom out there which food is the best bang for their buck and most will not say broccoli. There is a pretty common misconception that healthy food must be expensive and is not something kids want to eat. The issue lies in the old saying “Fast, cheap, and good… pick two. If it is cheap and good it won’t last”. The saying can definitely be applied to food. It is appealing when living a frugal lifestyle to go strictly for cheap, but I think it is obvious to most who pay attention to healthy living at all that most cheap foods are cheap for a reason and usually it is the “good” that didn’t get chosen in the question posed above.

Here are some suggestions on where to find affordable foods to support your family’s health while maintaining a budget:Continue reading

How to Lower Energy Bills

Life is expensive. Prices have gone up on everything from clothes, to groceries, to gas prices. There are many things we try to find deals on or coupons for but, for things like household utilities you just accept the price we are billed and payout. I have good news: you don’t have to. There are few things you can do to lower your energy bills.

How to Lower Energy Bills

How to Lower Energy Bills

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Tips For Hosting a Low Budget Cookout

Tips For Hosting a Low Budget Cookout

Tips For Hosting a Low Budget Cookout

It’s time to get that grill fired up! I cookout often during the spring and summer. It is much easier to clean up plus it keeps the house cooler by not using the oven. During the summer we host several parties. I do like to entertain but it can be a strain on the budget. Mrs. Not Made of Money brings us some tips today on how to save money while hosting a cookout.Continue reading

How to Save Money on Fruits and Vegetables

How to Save Money on Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables rank on the bottom of my list lately as I have seen their prices go up and the quality go down. This has always been a hard decision but with a strict grocery budget and no one in my house volunteering to give up meat, it has to be done. However, most recently I have realized not having fruits and vegetables handy is hindering my weight loss and affecting what my children eat. So I decided to figure out how I can save and have my fruits and vegetables. Today I hit the jackpot as you can see in the picture. Can you guess how much I spent on all the fruits and vegetables in the picture? Because I love to save money on vegetables.

How to Save Money on Fruits and Vegetables

How save money on vegetables

1. Buy the fruits and vegetables that are in season. Fall is the perfect time to enjoy apples and pears but they will cost more in the spring. These are the best times to buy Fruits and Vegetables

2. Compare prices between your local grocery stores, fruit markets, specialty stores each week when the sale come out.

3. Buy in bulk. Many times apples, oranges, potatoes, and onions are cheaper in prepackaged bags than individually. Split these purchases with family and/or friends if you won’t use them up by yourself before they go bad.

4. Only buy what you can eat before it goes bad. There is nothing worse than throwing away fruits and vegetables that are rotten. I see dollar signs in my heads when I do this.

5. Buy frozen or canned versions if fresh are not available for a reasonable price. This is a great alternative for strawberries, brocolli, green beans, cauliflower and berries. I do not like canned asparagus.

6. Buy from local farmers and vendors. This can save money and also give back to your local community. I will note that sometimes they are not always cheaper than the stores depending on your area and encourage you to be aware what the stores in your area are charging.

7. Buy fruits and veggies the way they were grown. Don’t pay extra just because they have already been washed, cut and package for you. It doesn’t take much time to do this yourself and is definitely worth the savings.

8. Shop the manager’s specials or clearance section. Many times this food is marked down because it is not attractive to shoppers but it is still perfectly edible. Many items that are marked down include: single bananas, broken apart bunches of grapes, slightly bruised apples, citrus that is not vibrant in color, etc. THIS IS HOW I SAVED TODAY!! I filled up my cart and came home with everything in the picture for only $31.64.

So when my family is roaming for food I can sit comfortably knowing that I have provided them with fruits and vegetables to keep them them satisfied and healthy.

Go enjoy some fruits and vegetables with your family!!!

Print this Free Printable list of seasonal fruits and vegetables

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How to Keep Energy Costs Down During the Summer

Opening up the utility bills in the heat of summer here in Southern states can be gut wrenching.  Using our tips for How To Keep Energy Costs Down During The Summer will make your utility costs manageable regardless of where you live!

Energy Costs: Learn How to Keep Energy Costs Down During the Summer with our great tips that are part of how we live on $30,000 or less per year!

How to Keep Energy Costs Down During the Summer

The temperature is rising outside and so are your energy costs. Here are five tips that can help you beat wasting your hard-earned money on keeping your house cool which leaves you more money to be spent on things like ice cream in time to make memories with your family.How to Keep Energy Costs Down During the SummerContinue reading