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Ways to Save Money for your Family Reunion

Another year and another summer when alot of families get together for a reunion or a wedding or just to shoot the breeze…well if your planning a reunion have i got some tips for you.

ok first you need to know where will the reunion be held?
then who will be attending?
how many kids? how many adults? will there be pets brought? sometimes aunt meg likes to bring her dog noodles but he can be a little snippy, so what do you do?, Alot of families love seeing the furry relatives just as much as the human ones so if its ok with your crowd then why not.. just something to think about, (snausages might do the trick to keep noodles friendly) :).

ok so now you have all your info, now what? well appointing certain people to help gain control of all the chaos helps tramendously, do you want your reunion outside? inside? at grammas house? Being outside or preparing a covered dish may not be feasible or even desirable to some families, there are several other family reunion ideas that will save money.

Start by choosing a location that will save money. If a state park or Grandma’s house are not options for your family, many Church’s have Fellowship Halls that can be rented for a small fee. Other local organizations may also have eating facilities they will rent for a day, put the word out among your family members and make some calls till you find a suitable location that will save money.

If you have family members that can cook really good then appoint them to cater the event, have all family members chip in donations to help cover the food costs and to help with the location deposit if needed. this is all will save qite a few dollars rather then having a local eatery cater the event.

You can also save money by communicating by phone or e-mail, or even use the various media sites such as facebook, twitter etc. saving you postage to invite everyone.

Just remember that its all about FAMILY

Halloween Costumes on a Budget

It is mid September and October will be here before we know it! I love fall- the cooler nights and changing colors are delightful! This also means that it is time to start thinking about Halloween costumes. I try not to spend very much money on my kids costumes. I can get away with it pretty easily since they are still young. I still allow them choices but guide them in the choice of costume based on what is available. I am sure this is not easily done when you have older kids! So here are a few ideas for saving money on costumes.

Make Your Own Costume

Get creative and make a homemade costume. I have seen some really cool costumes put together by creative kids and their parents. This option takes a bit of work so start thinking now!

Ben Static Cling

My nephew created his own costume three years ago since the one he wanted did not come in time. He went as Static Cling! He wore all black and then pinned socks and fabric softener sheets to his clothing. It was pretty creative, easy and cheap!

Trade Costumes

Last year I borrowed costumes from Amee and my Sister in Law. I allowed my boys to pick their costume based on what was available to borrow. They had so much fun trying every costume on (multiple times!). You could turn this in to a huge swap. Gather your friends and family and bring all costumes from the past few years. Or if you belong to a mom’s group or club, organize an exchange. Our local mom’s group usually puts together a spreadsheet online of available costumes. Everyone emails with the details of  the costumes that they have available. It makes it affordable for everyone!

Buying Halloween Costumes

Scarecrow Costumes

Start looking for costumes now. If you like to yard sale, start looking for costumes. Two years ago my boys went as scarecrows. I found both of their costumes at Yard Sales I had attended in the summer. Another place to checkout is thrift stores and GoodWill.

There are several places to order from online. First off, start by searching on Ebay or Craigslist. You may score a good deal on a used costume if you look now. GoodWill is online as well and they have a few costume items.

Buy Costumes offers a daily deal on Halloween items. They offer Five deals a day for under $5. Check back daily for new deals! If you buy $40 or more use code vamp10 to get an additional 10% off.

Costume Kingdom is offering 10% off with code SPOOKY and they offer FREE shipping with a $65 purchase.

Pretty Party Place is another site I came across offering costumes. They are also offering 10% off is you sign up for their monthly newsletter. Shipping is FREE when you spend $60 or more and use code ppp09f.

What are your plans for costumes this year? I think we will be borrowing them or making something. I would love to hear your ideas for homemade costumes!

Now it’s your turn!

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August 16, 2010

Tips for Saving on Auto Insurance

I have been with the same insurance company since I was 16. I receive multiple discounts since we have several policies and I have been a long term customer. Even if you have been with the same company for awhile, it is always good to go over your policies. I know we will need to make changes soon since my husbands truck is nearing the end of its life!

Stay on the Road With The Cheapest Auto Insurance

by: Mrs. Not Made of Money

Finding the best deal on car insurance can be challenging. However, if you do your homework you might be surprised what kind of rates you can find. Here are some tips to help you figure it all out and hopefully reduce your premium:

Get Numerous Quotes
Don’t give up after only three or four insurance quotes. Some states have upward of 200 insurance carriers. You never know what you’ll find if you simply continue to look after those initial quotes come in.

Request a Higher Deductible
When you request a higher deductible, your base insurance price goes down substantially. For example, increasing your deductible from $100 to $400 could reduce your collision and comprehensive coverage cost by at least 20%. Hiking the deductible to $1,000 can save about 40%. Prior to asking for a higher deductible, it is a good idea to set aside money in case you do have a claim.

Reduce Insurance Coverage on Older Model Cars
Often, you can save a lot of money by buying only liability insurance for your older, less valuable car and letting go of the collision rider. If your car is worth a lot of money, however, it would be better to go for the full coverage.

Purchase your Insurance From the Same Company That Insured Your House
You will find that most insurance companies will give you a decent price break if you purchase more than one kind of insurance from them.

Be Responsible and Pay Your Bills on Time
If you pay your bills on time, you will establish a solid credit history. This can cut your insurance costs over time. Check your credit record regularly and correct any errors that might show up so that your record remains up to date and accurate.

Purchase a Theft Device for Your Car
The majority of new cars these days have theft devices. Most are automatic but some have to be activated manually. In either case, this is a great way to get discounts on car insurance.

Have More Than One Car? Ask for Multi-Car Policy Discounts
There are times when insuring two cars can be the exact price as insuring one. If you own two cars, it is smart to ask your insurance agent to give you a discount on one or both cars. You may not even have to ask, as this is standard practice for many insurance companies.

Car insurance is, after all, mandatory if you want to be out on the road. Insurance rates are going to vary according to the type of car you buy, your driving record, age and other factors. If you do not shop wisely and do your research, you could end up paying much more than what you could if you took the time to investigate all of the various discount options there are out there. Most of the time, you will be able to find discounted rates. Just remember, however, that insurance companies are in the business to make money. If one won’t give you a price reduction, move on to the next.

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August 14, 2010

Madame Deals Good Buy Price List

Over the last few weeks I have been posting my Good Buy Prices for items I typically shop for. Knowing what a good price is very helpful in the saving game. Even if you do not use coupons, knowing what a good price is will save you a ton of money! Remember just because something says sale, does not actually mean that it is a good price.

I have compiled a list of my Good Buy Prices into a PDF file. Feel free to print it and keep it with you while you shop. You will need to make price adjustments for some items as prices vary per region and season. Add your own products to the list too! Soon you will have your prices memorized! I will add the Madame Deals Good Buy Price List under the Saving tab at the top of our site.

August 9, 2010

10 Tips for Packing Frugal Lunches

If you are like me, these Tips for Packing Frugal Lunches are a must!  I am now working outside of the home four days a week. It is very tempting to eat lunch out with the other office staff. Unfortunately, eating out really puts a damper on my budget. Below are some tips for packing frugal lunches!

Packing Frugal Lunches is easier with these 10 Frugal Tips!  You'll love our ideas and have your own delicious lunch ready for work each day!

10 Tips for Packing Frugal Lunches

Bringing packed lunches to work can save some serious cash. If you are looking for ideas on what frugal work lunches to pack, then here are a few recommendations.

Make a Soup
Soups are easy to make. There are many available preparations in the store including cream of corn and cream of mushroom. These do not require lengthy cooking; you can just add water to them and heat them in the microwave oven. Keep them warm by storing them in a thermos.

Add Bread
If you are not satisfied with just soup, then bring some bread. If you are health-conscious, buy the whole wheat variety because of the added fiber. Bring a loaf to work and keep it there if you can.

Prepare a Sandwich
An egg, several strips of lettuce and 2-3 slices of tomato, with or without dressing, can be very satisfying. Aside from giving you carbohydrates and protein, this lunch also gives you fiber and vitamins. You can add variety to your sandwich by adding pickles or using chicken strips instead of an egg.

Bring Oatmeal and a Small Carton of Milk
If your workplace has a microwave oven for employee use, then you can bring some oatmeal and a small carton of milk. Oatmeal provides a satisfying meal and, if you add milk, you increase the number of nutrients can consume and give you more energy for the day.

Prepare a Salad
A simple salad is easy enough to make with the right fresh ingredients. You can also add dressing and pasta if you prefer.

Eat Fruits
The saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” can be applied to work lunches. Try a variety by experimenting with other fruits so you don’t get bored and go for the fatty foods. You can even combine them to create your own fruit salad (apples, pineapples, cherries, melon, etc.).

Bake and Pack
There are different foods that can be baked on the weekend and brought to work for lunch during the weekdays. For example, muffins and cookies can be baked on Sunday, and you can have 2 of them for lunch on Monday. Put them in plastic bags to preserve their freshness.

Make and Bring Granola Bars
Granola bars are made by mixing granola, dried fruit, butter or margarine, forming them into bars, and baking them. Like cookies and muffins, these can also be put in plastic bags. Bring 2-3 bars or the amount that you think you will find satisfying.

Eat Leftovers
The food from last night can still be eaten today as long as it is properly stored and kept inside a fridge. This is one way of making sure you do not waste good food and good money.

Bring Your Own Drinks
Buying fruit juices in bulk and bringing one to work each day is a great way of saving money. If you do not like fruit juices, you can also bring packs of coffee, or you can simply bring water.

These are just some ideas to prepare work lunches. With a little thought, a few cheaper meals a week can add up!

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What is a Good Price for Produce?

What is a Good Price for Produce?

The best way to save money at the grocery store is to be knowledgable in what a good price is. If you know what a good price is, you will know when to stock-up. Remember that just because the sign says sale, does not not mean that it is a good price. If you are just joining us, I have posted the good buy prices for Meat, Dairy and Beverage items and pantry items. When I get all of the prices gathered, I will make a master list for you all! Here are some good tips for learning What is a Good Price for Produce!Continue reading