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Why Do You Need an Emergency Fund?

Do you ever wonder Why Do You Need an Emergency Fund?  It’s easy to wonder if this is important, but also how to make it happen.  We have some tried and true reasons and tips here for you to understand more about why an emergency fund is a necessity no matter what your current financial situation may be.

Why Do You Need An Emergency Fund?  This post tells you all about reasons why everyone needs to start building their fund!

Why Do You Need an Emergency Fund?

Why do you need an emergency fund (part 1) ?

As some of the readers may have noticed, my regular series “How to thrive and not just survive under $30,000 a year” has not been around for a few weeks. One of the major reasons is because of a hard financial lesson I just learned. Most of the information in my blog posts comes from my own personal experience and doing a lot of research to figure out how to run the “business” that is my family the best I can. I have always been of the opinion that you shouldn’t spend money that isn’t yours (i.e.. credit card debt). Over the years, I have learned that building credit is equally as important as paying your debts. For that reason, we have embraced using credit cards in a controlled way.Continue reading

August 10, 2016

How to Start Building an Emergency Fund?

After sharing with you about my own emergency fund needs, I am now ready to help you learn How To Start Building An Emergency Fund as soon as possible!

Learn How To Start Building An Emergency Fund that will help you manage no matter what happens in life! Our tips are ideal for keeping you in budget!

Last week I talked about creating an emergency fund and why it is so important. Now let’s talk about how to jump in and get started.

How much should you save? This is an easy, yet highly individual question. Depending on how out of out of debt you already are and what the job market is in your field and area. Generally I would say 3-6 months is a safe bet, but 6-9 is probably best. Take a hard look at your budget and decide what your needs in an emergency savings fund. What could you drop? What would be added in? Now figure out how many months you are saving and start planning! For our family, we have to repay our “emergency” emergency loan from family first, then start in on building a future fund so we aren’t stuck again.

How to Start Building an Emergency Fund?

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Frugal Back to School Shopping Ideas

Frugal Back to School Shopping Ideas

Frugal Back to School Shopping Ideas

Back to school shopping frugally

Right now you may be wondering why it is important to start thinking now about next years start of the school year, but if you’re thinking frugally, you already know the answer. Buying during sales cycles always save you money. I purchase a lot of supplies for the next school year well in advance. The only things I don’t purchase in advance are our backpacks and lunch boxes (if you have kids you know how quickly their opinion on those things change). Pencils, hand sanitizer, and filler paper never change.

Frugal Back to School Shopping Ideas

What to buy and when-

This is a good time year to stock up on things like disinfecting wipes, Kleenex, and cold remedies because it is after cold and flu. It is also good time to check out after Christmas special sales in hopes of finding things like pencils and craft supplies very cheap.

After Valentine’s Day sales will be a good time to also stock up on things like pencils, markers, crayons, and stickers.

This is a good time to pick up things like Ziploc bags and storage containers because spring cleaning is in full effect.

This would be a good month to find things that are reusable and/or biodegradable because of it’s proximity to Earth Day. Also, after Easter sales are going to provide plenty of opportunities to find supplies as well.

Between Mother’s Day, Cinco de Mayo, and Memorial Day there will be plenty of themed items that will go on sale after holidays. In particular, look out for lots of snack items that can be used in lunches in the fall (fruit gummies, granola bars, chips, and cookie packs).

After Father’s Day you will find a lot of deals on office supplies. Otherwise, not many of the sales will apply to back-to-school.

This is when you will start to see a lot of the traditional back-to-school sales starting. Start keeping an eye out for coupons that can be used next month to coincide with the sales.

This is when the sales should be starting in full force. You’ll be able to find a lot of the clearance sales starting at the end of this month because believe it or not, most retailers are starting to look toward Halloween. This is a great time to stock up for the following year.

This is a great time of year to stock up on breakfast items. Also, this is when the last of the school supplies will be on clearance for the best prices. There will not be much selection, but you can definitely get the most amazing deals.

Because Halloween is a big time to buy things in bulk to hand out as treats, you can often find snack packs a really great deals during Halloween sales. Also the last of the summer clearance items will be at their rock-bottom prices during this month.

As the holidays are getting into full swing, so is Black Friday. This would be a good time to look for electronics for the upcoming school year. Laptops and calculators will be at their cheapest.

2015 Back To School Drive Shopping List


Click on the image above to print this back to school shopping list

I know back-to-school time can be overwhelming for a lot of reasons, but preparedness will help it from getting out of control and breaking too much in your budget. There is no reason to break The bank I’m back to school supplies if you plan ahead.

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Hosting a Cookout on a Budget

Hosting a Cookout on a Budget

Hosting a Cookout on a Budgetrong>Hosting a Cookout on a Budget-I love that the weather it’s starting to get warm, that means it’s time for flip flops, swimming, and cookouts! What is better than rounding up some friends and throwing some burgers on the grill? Nothing!  You get to enjoy being outside in the fresh air, and the clean up is much easier! Cookouts are a great way to spend your summer days, and here are some tips for hosting a cookout on a budget to make it even better!

Here are some great tips for Hosting a Cookout on a BudgetContinue reading

March 24, 2016

How to Use Your Tax Refund to Build Wealth

Using Tax Refund to Build Wealth

Find out the secret on How to Use Your Tax Refund to Build Wealth

How to use your tax refund to build wealth…

If you just got a tax refund and you have been living lean in an effort to get ahead (or simply stay afloat) your first instinct may be to splurge… But, remember when I mentioned the lottery and all of those financial talks? When people first get a large sum of money the first thing they want to do is SPEND. A smart person knows that the first thing you do is stop and THINK. How to build wealth? How can you maximize this money? How can you grow this money? How can you make this money work FOR you? Whether it is $100 or $10,000 the first thing you need to do is make sure that you know where the money that you owe that isn’t yours is at.Continue reading