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July 9, 2015

Different Ways to Grow Your Own Food

Different Ways to Grow Your Own Food

vegetable at home

How to garden at home

I absolutely LOVE my garden! My son, who was three at the time, melted my heart this summer when he said “Mom isn’t it so great that we can grow and pick the food that we eat?” This is how to Garden at home.  I will tell you when you decide to grow a garden one of the things to consider is what grows when. What will work in your area and what do you need to get started. We have a great printable on what grows when. This will help you to save money on vegetables.Continue reading

How to Make a Baby Bath Time Gift Basket

Dislcosure: This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #MagicBabyMoments #CollectiveBias

How to Make a Baby Bath Time Gift Basket

My nephew will be making his grand entrance into the world any day now and I realized as I am getting the messages that it may happen sooner than we think that I had not yet gotten a gift to welcome him to the family. Yikes! Oh well no worries because I have a cute and simple idea to put together a sweet little gift perfect for the baby boy who is about to add more joy to our world.


How to make a baby bath time gift basket

How to make a baby bath time gift basket


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How to make a Lego table by upcycling your train table

We wait and wait and wait for what seems like forever for summer to arrive. We can’t wait for the freedom, the anticipation of lazy mornings and fun filled afternoons. How quickly that all changes after the heat really kicks in and we are 4-5 weeks into our summer routine. Just about the time that the heat really kicks in the boredom also starts to creep its way in. You know what I am talking about. It is starting to get too hot to play outside for any length of time which means the kids are playing inside more and more which means you are starting to hear the chorus of “I’m bored”. Even a day at the pool starts to lose it’s appeal after a few weeks of frequent visits. This summer I have a plan to keep the kids entertained when the summer boredom blues grab a hold of us.  I have been dreaming of creating a Lego table for my kids using their existing train table. I decided to wait until mid summer to surprise them with this new fun place to play.

How to make a Lego Table

How to make a Lego Table

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Financial Planning for Kids: The Envelope Project

Financial Planning for Kids

The Envelope Project

MC - How to use Essential oils for everyday cleaning (Crystal)

Wow! Having kids is expensive. I know. You knew that. What you may not have realized is there is a way to control this expense. The answer seems odd but it is to let them control the expense. What am I talking about? I am talking about a method I recently tested and am still using. I have a budget like many of you mine may be smaller or it may be larger but it is dependent upon me sticking to it.

I can’t spend hundreds when I only have a hundred and I don’t want to disappoint my kids by not allowing them to do things. We all know we can’t afford anything and everything. We can however afford what we can afford. I recently had my children home with me for spring break. I work from the house so I knew I would have to adjust my hours to suit my children. I figured out if I was going to pay for child care it would be around $60 a day for three children. We currently pay about that for schooling. I looked at my budget and decided that was $300 for the week. I am planning for a large trip this summer so I decided to cut my budget by 50%. I was going to give each child $40 for the week. The other $30 would go to pay for gas for the car to get us places. I had one large work trip planned which involved going to an indoor waterpark so the tickets were free the rest was left up to my children to decided.

The Envelope Project

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My Dream Party Station! Girls with Power Tools!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by RYOBI and Everywhere Agency has provided me with compensation for this post; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. #RYOBINation 

Let me just say that girls with power tools rock! I love working with my hands and building something. It feels great! It all started when my husband and I built our garage together. During the day while he was at work I framed all the walls by myself while my infant son took his naps. It took me weeks but felt great to have accomplished something so challenging. I used a hammer for all the framing work. Let me tell you my arms never looked so good. Then we got to the roof and I got to use a nail gun to attach the shingles. Holy cow! That was awesome! After that I couldn’t wait to tackle my next project and soon started accumulating my own set of tools and power tools.

Girls Love Power Tools Dram big and create your own party station Join the Ryobi Nation

Yes, some of my tools are pink. Whenever I see pink tools I buy them. They are pink for a reason. First, why not? Second, I am trying to discourage the men in my life from borrowing my tools so that I always know where they are when I need them. I have my own drill and impact driver. My husband and I share the circular saw and chop saw. Someday I may need my own tool shed, ha!

Girls love power tools especially love my new Ryobi Sander

Two years ago we ripped up all of our decking and replaced it. The project took all weekend but it was so worth it. Our deck looks great and was safer since we replaced the old rotting wood.  But since then we have not found the time to seal it properly so it stays looking nice. Last year I redid my picnic table. The wood on the table top and seats was rotting and unusable because of the splintering wood. I loved the table though because it is a large hexagon which is the perfect shape for hanging out with family and friends. So I replaced all of the rotting wood on the top and seats since the supporting frame was still in great shape.  But I still had not found the time to sand it properly and apply a finish, until now.

I’ll admit I was lacking the motivation to finish my table and deck…until I saw this RYOBI Nation Party Station – Dream Big video! Watch it! It is great and will definitely get you up off the couch to go fix something, lol!

How is that for a kick in the pants! So I decided to tackle the table first because it involved getting a new power tool! My husband has an old Ryobi Corner Cat sander that still works great but I also decided I wanted something a bit bigger for this job. I checked out all the sanders at Ryobi Power Tools. I found the belt sander I wanted, picked it up at  Home Depot, and got to work.

My new power tool a Ryobi Belt Sander

I wanted you to really be able to see how great the table looked so I only refinished half of it. I used the new Ryobi belt sander for the bulk of the work and the Ryobi Corner Cat for the corners and harder to reach areas.

Power Tools from Ryobi are made to last and are great for any project

Then I brushed off all the dust and washed it with soap and water. After it was dry I applied 1 coat of tinted sealer using a paint brush. I think it turned out really nice and I can’t wait to do the other side! I also would like to build my own lazy susan for in the center of the table. I want to make one that has a hole for an umbrella but I think I need another tool to complete that project. Too bad Mother’s Day has already passed. Maybe I can get myself an early Christmas present and call it Christmas in July!

I finished my table using power tables

My dream project would be to go all out on the deck and really turn it into the ultimate outdoor space. I need to finish the table and treat the deck with sealant. I have also purchased shade sails to give us some shade but need to install some posts to hang them from.  I would also build in some seating and of course what outdoor space would be complete without the Ryobi Party Station. Do you have an outdoor party station or gathering place for you friends and family to hang out? Do you dream of having one? Do you dream of having a bigger better one? Have you built your own party station yet? Share your creation in the Ryobi Nation Party Station Contest for a chance to win $1000 worth of Ryobi tools! That’s what I am talking about! What a great way to build your own collection of power tools!





How to Hollow Out Oranges

How to Hollow Out Oranges

A few weeks ago, we stayed at a lovely bed and breakfast in Lynchburg, VA. We had a four course breakfast that was insanely good. One of the courses was fresh berries served in an orange. The berries were good but I thought the presentation was so cute and clever. It would be perfect for a nice luncheon or maybe a bridal shower brunch.

How to hollow out oranges to use as fruit bowls filed with blackberries so easy so pretty

I decided to try to make them myself. And since I was able to figure it out, I am sharing the steps with you on how to hollow out oranges, so you can make your own orange bowls.

How to hollow out oranges to make fruit bowls:

1. Cut both ends of a large orange. One end will serve as the opening of your bowl and the other is to create a flat surface so the bowl can stand on its own.

How to hollow out oranges to use as fruit bowls first cut off the ends

2. Using a spoon, separate the flesh of the orange from the rind. You may need to do this from both ends.

How to hollow out oranges to use as fruit bowls then use a spoon to separate flesh from peel

3. Now you can push all of the flesh out of the orange. Save this and make fresh squeezed orange juice.

4. Remove the orange flesh from one of the ends you cut off. You will then shove this down inside the hollowed out orange to create the bottom of your bowl.

How to hollow out oranges to use as fruit bowls remove flesh from top or bottom slice and insert into hollowed out peel

5. Fill the bowl with fresh fruit. Serve and enjoy!

These are lovely with blackberries. I think raspberries would be stunning too. Or go crazy and fill with a mixture of several kinds of berries.

How to hollow out oranges to use as fruit bowls one bowl filled with blackberries

How to hollow out oranges to use as fruit bowls filed with blackberries

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