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March 28, 2016

Quick Tips on Packing for Vacation with Kids

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by OshKosh B’Gosh; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

Quick Tips on Packing for Vacation with Kids


OshKosh B’Gosh #BreakForSpring

Spring Break is around the corner and packing for a vacation can be stressful. What do I need to bring and how can I pack the most into one suitcase. I have some tips I would like to share with you on how I pack for family vacation with kids. Its time to #BreakForSpring

Packing for my daughter is the easiest! She loves dressing up and folding or rolling her dresses is a breeze and tossing in a pair of tights or matching hair bow isn’t hard at all. My son on the other hand seems to be more complicated. Though he is still young enough I still love to dress him up where ever we go, especially when we are on vacation though. I can still get everything i need for both of them at OshKosh B’gosh and they looks amazing every time.Continue reading

February 2, 2016

Save on New Cell Phones to Keep Your Family Connected

This is a Fashionista Event and a promotional item was provided to me. Hosts for this event are Still Blonde after all these Years and ModlyChic.

Save on New Cell Phones to Keep Your Family Connected

Save on New Cell Phones to Keep Your Family Connected

We just completed our 31 days no spend challenge. One of the things we talked about is looking at your bills. You need to decide where you can save and how. One of our biggest expenses on the surface is our cell phones. Why, if that is such a big expense are we adding another line? Well, the truth is without the service of our cell phones we could not run our two successful businesses. The $4 we spend a day for two phone is made up in the first 5 minutes we work. We honestly rely on our Verizon cells for everything from knowing what is happening in the stock market, football field, and school to closing deals for hundred of thousands and even millions of dollars. The reason I trust Verizon exclusively is my husband has traveled over the United States as part of his job, and I have never had to worry that I would not be able to find him. That is priceless.Continue reading

Happy and Healthy New Year Resolutions

Happy and Healthy New Year Resolutions

Fulfill a Happy and Healthy New Year Resolution this 2016 with Superior Source Vitamins

It’s the start of the new year which means it’s time for us to make a list of our New Year’s resolutions. I’m sure that for most of us to have a healthy new year is on that list of resolutions. To be fit and healthy, to be stronger, to have more stamina to do all the things that we want to do. Make this year a year of change by fulfilling your healthy new year’s resolutions, start by eating healthy, exercising and taking the right vitamins to help boost your body’s immune system and functions. Superior Source vitamins is our family’s trusted brand when it comes to vitamins and we’re giving you a chance to win a free vitamin pack.

Continue reading

November 18, 2015

Should I Buy a Home Warranty

Disclosure: I received compensation on behalf of American Home Shields for this post but all opinions expressed here are mine.

Should I Buy a Home Warranty

I have a little story to tell. It is a story that has drama, excitement, despair, hope, and a happy ending. The ending could have been horrible if it wasn’t for one saving grace. I was having a particularly good day. I pop some clothes in the wash. I put the dishes in the dishwasher. I loaded all three children in the car and they even had their backpacks, lunches, shoes on. I dropped them off at school. I then had a weird feeling and decided to go home instead of straight to the gym. Do you ever get those feelings when you know something is wrong and you do not know what? Well, I walked into my garage and there was a puddle. How did water get in my garage? It didn’t rain and the kids were at school. It then dawned on my as I opened the door to my home and there was my laundry room covered in water. Continue reading

Adventures in Gulf County Florida

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Visit Gulf County. All opinions are 100% mine.

Adventures in Gulf County Florida

Growing up in Florida made me love everything about beach, sand, nature and adventures. For me, the sunshine state is one of the greatest places because it’s always filled with places to explore and adventures to do, making it the perfect vacation destination for adventure lovers and the best part there is no off-season because of its warm weather. I want my kids to be able to experience the fun outdoor adventures that I grew up to that is why even if we don’t live in Florida anymore, we make sure to go back home every year to connect with family and make new special memories.

Fall is actually one of the best time to visit Florida because the weather is just perfect for everyone to still enjoy the beach, nature and play outside. Gulf County Florida has always been on our list of place to visit every year. For my kids, vacation isn’t a vacation without water fun and Gulf County has beautiful beaches that they love. It has also been our tradition to go fishing, camping and hiking with our kids every Fall, and we love the fact that we can do it in Gulf County plus a lot of other activities. Every corner of this place is filled with great adventures for everyone in the family. Here are just some of the Gulf County Adventures that we plan to try this year.

Turtle Treasure Hunt

I’m pretty sure my kids will be thrilled to go on a turtle treasure hunt. Not only will they enjoy it but they will also learn how to love, save and conserve sea turtles. On this adventure, you will go with a guide on a Turtle patrol on the beach. You get a chance to view baby sea turtle nestings in the highest density-nesting beach in North Florida. You will look for signs of nesting and participate in the process of protecting loggerhead turtles. This part of the walk is really about marking and protecting the nests.  You will help place posts and caution tape around the nest, so people know to stay away.   

Camping by the beach

St. Joseph Peninsula State Park with miles of white sugar sand and natural beauty is the perfect place to camp to be able to enjoy the sunset, sunrise and sound of the sea. Throughout Gulf County campers will find a variety of full-facility campsites offering tent and RV sites with water and electricity. 

Kayak Through the Dead Lakes

Every nature lover should add this adventure to your bucket list. I can’t wait to see the Dead Lakes, which got their name from the Cypress and Tupelo trees that stand in the water. It’s the perfect adventure to see and enjoy the peace and beauty of nature.

If you haven’t been to Gulf County, I definitely recommend that you add it to your bucket list. Start your new Fall tradition now and check out Gulf County Adventure Guide.

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August 30, 2015

Win $25K for Your Perfect Home from Trulia

Trulia Win $25K for Your Perfect Home #TruliHome


Have you ever had something go wrong with your home and you think, “This is why it stinks to be a homeowner!” or “If one more thing goes wrong with this house I am selling it!”? My husband and I have owned our home for almost a decade, and we have been really lucky. We live in an amazing neighborhood full of older homes that have withstood the test of time through all of the weather that Florida can throw at them. We have fantastic neighbors who all have similarly built houses and very few problems with them. Unfortunately, there is one issue that even the most well-built house will eventually face: the test of time. What’s even worse is that once one thing starts to go wrong, it almost seems as though the entire house will start to fall apart. So here we are, up to our necks in home repairs for the very first time. Even though we love our house and our neighborhood, I would be lying if I didn’t say that on some of the more stressful days I haven’t locked myself in the bedroom with a bowl of ice cream and my iPhone cruising for a new home!Continue reading