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June 19, 2009

Tips to spend less on your children’s clothes


How to spend less on your children’s clothes-

1. SWAP in case you have no idea what these or how to organize one. I have a great post on how to organize a swap. You can Read Swapping To Save

2. Buy a size ahead at the end of the season. (I already have all my son’s winter clothes brand new with tags from the gap for less than 60% of their retail cost)DSC02350

3. Go to the outlets or the traditional store and use their coupons.


4. Make a list of what you need to buy for each season- carry the list to remind yourself to search

Here is my winter must have list for my little guy-

3 pair of PJs

9 pair of underwear

3 pairs of jeans

1 pair of khakis

2 pairs of chords

1 pair of dress pants

1 Sweat outfit

3 Sweaters

2 Sweatshirts

5 button down

4 T-shirts

1 light jacket

1 heavy coat

1 rain coat

1 pair of sneakers

1 pair of rain boots (we love our rain boots, and you can wear them in the snow since we have so little snow here)

Would be great to buy but not essential

Snow boots

Dress shoes

For My little Gal-

3 pairs of PJ

3 pairs of jeans

4 pairs of leggings

2 skirts

2 sweat outfits

4 Shirts

2 Blouses

4 sweaters

2 sweaters or sweatshirt material  tops with zippers

3 dresses

2 tights

1 light jacket

1 rain jacket

1 heavy coat

1 pair of sneakers

1 pair of dress shoes

1 pair of boots

*** I buy all the above essentials first, and then I will buy other items if I get a good deal. I also have the list ready for the grandparents.

5. I use smart applications to get the best coupon codes.


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