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Emani Gluten Free Make up



I was provided these awesome items to review because I asked for them. I fell in love with the lipgloss I was given at Blogher and I had to have more. I am very into make-up and beauty products as I age the quality of make up is as important as the price. I normally use a mineral make up and it is pretty pricey I decided to find a healthy, safe, beautiful alternative. I was also looking for something that is gluten friendly. The Emani line is Gluten Friendly Make up.  I also wanted something that goes on easy. It looks natural it covers but doesn’t appear caked on. I like the the make up. I like how long it lasts and I love the prices. You can see another video I made later to see the after make up if you wish it my Kate Spade video.

The three products in my video review are:

Hydrating lip color in the plush I found it to be more pink than purple

Perfecting Crushed Foundation 272 Bisque

Perfecting Crushed Blushes in the Panama Mama

You can purchase your very own Emani products. I think seeing how great they work is believing excuse the before make up look. I have been wearing the make up all day and the coverage is great my skin looks and feels wonderfully.

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Beauty from the Pantry: Homemade Beauty Recipes

Homemade Beauty Recipes

Homemade Beauty Recipes

Ever wondered what women did before makeup was invented? At one point we used all the natural resources that were given to us instead of paying $50 for some miracle treatment that’s been tested on animals and is loaded with chemicals you didn’t know existed! Beauty truly was a natural thing back in the day and boy do I wish I lived then. Here are some creative ways to not only save you money, but to be naturally beautiful (and healthier)!

Homemade Beauty Recipes


– Can be enhanced with any type of oil or butter and really does work!
– Just brush it on with a lash brush or your finger works as well and no more racoon eyes!
– You can use charcoal for a shaded look if you need that black smoky look
*Since I rarely wear makeup I actually would use anything greasy last minute if I didn’t have anything on me.


– You can use any kind of fruit to enhance the color of your lips just decide on a shade.
– Beets, pomegranite, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and rasberries all work great.
– You can even use a bit of coco powder or cinnamon to add a brown hue.
– Chop or mash your fruit and heat in the microwave for a few seconds to bring out the juices more easily
– Then mix olive oil, or petroleum jelly, vitamin E oil, aloe vera (store bought or from your own plant), coconut oil and powdered sugar until you get a satisfactory consistency.
– You can keep out any of the powder if you want a more glossy look or for lip gloss.
– Just brush it on with a lip brush or your finger works as well
*This can all be used as a cream base for your cheeks as well depending on the shade.


– You can natural make a bronzer out of your favorite sweet seasonings!
– Grab cocoa powder, cinnamon, or even nutmeg and mix with some powdered sugar (or even flour if you aren’t kean on the sugar), add more light powder depending on the hue needed.
– If you even wanted to make a compact out of this with an old one, just add a few drops of an essential oil to help bind the powder together and press firmly into your old compact

Fight Blemishes:

– Tea tree oil works like benzoyl peroxide without all the rough parts like stinging and dryness. It reduces bacteria on the skin.
– Lemongrass Oil helps treat acne as a toner when you add a few drops to a cotton ball. Oily skin only not for dry complexions
– Raspberry Seed Oil or Avocado will reduce the puffy red look to any last minute pop ups. Just add to the infected area before applying any makeup.
– Lemons/lemon juice are a great remedy for blackheads because they contain Alpha Hydroxy Acid
– Nutmeg can help with reducing scars and blemishes. Just mix a little with some raw milk or honey and leave on face for about an hour.
– Lavender Oil helps relax and relieve stress as well as an antiseptic.

Thanks to Randi Poole for sharing these homemade beauty recipes!

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Beauty from the Pantry: Going Brunette Naturally

Going Brunette Naturally


As women we love to change our look, especially our hair color. We just used lemon and chamomile to dye our hair blonde, but fall and winter is coming and we want a darker look. This is where dark tea or coffee comes into play. This is a one ingredient hair colorant, and completely natural way to be brunette.

Again we want to stay healthy and keep our hair healthy. Forget the “But I want my hair done now!” notion, and do this instead. Let’s try and keep chemicals as far away from us as possible.


  • 5-6 cups of Coffee or dark brewed tea (cooled or luke warm)

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Beauty from the Pantry: Turn Your Hair Blonde Naturally

Going Blonde Naturally


Do you remember that spray called “Sun In”? You sprayed it in your hair and then you either blow dried it or went out into the sun. Like most hair lightening products, it was loaded with chemicals that actually burnt and damaged your hair. Let’s not even talk about hair dyes! I mean Ammonia. In. Your. Hair! While it does give your hair the color you want almost instantaneously, the damage is almost irreversible, unless you cut it off and start all over.

I know that today, we want everything RIGHT NOW, without thinking about the chemicals we are putting into our bodies. Whenever we put something in our hair, our scalp absorbs it all. Part of trying to live a greener life, a healthier life, is making little changes. I’m going to give you a recipe for a blond hair dye. It’s all natural ingredients, and while it takes a few times of repeating the process the outcome is gorgeous and healthy! This is perfect to do during the summer time to get that sun touched look. All you need to turn your hair blonde naturally are two ingredients!


Turn Your Hair Blonde Naturally


  • 1-2 cups lemon juice (use more for longer hair)
  • 3-4 cups chamomile tea (brewed and cooled off)


  • Dampen your hair
  • Mix lemon juice and chamomile tea together
  • Pour the mixture over your hair
  • Sit in the sun for about an hour or until your hair is dry
  • Rinse your hair with a good conditioner (probably one that you already made)

**Note** You may have to repeat this process everyday for several weeks until your desired result has been achieved. It’s a longer process but a healthier and greener one.

Lemon is a natural lightener, mostly because of the natural acids it contains. Chamomile, when brewed, is a beautiful pale yellow and will help lighten your hair to your desired color.

So be blonde the natural way. We would love to see pictures of your end result, share it with us under the comment section.

Thanks to Adventures of the Mommy Homemaker for these tips!

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Natural Way to Be Blonde

Beauty from the Pantry: Using Natural Ingredients for Shiny Hair

We talked about exfoliating, we talked about lotions, so what shall we talk about now? Well let me ask you this, is your hair dull? Is it lacking that luster from your younger days? We all hear about the “crazy” things our friends do to their hair, but what if you could do it with items right from your pantry? I know that because I dye my hair, it can become dull, and lifeless, well it did until I discovered these neat tricks.

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Make Your Own Natural Lotion

So you just exfoliated and want to rehydrate your skin, so of course you’re going to reach over and grab your $10 bottle of lotion that contains alcohol! Uhmm hello?! You just exfoliated your skin, do you really want to dry it out? I didn’t think so either! So let’s do us both a favor, put that bottle down and go into your kitchen. I have a few things you need to grab so that you can make your own lotion. If you want to know the cost, you’ll be able to make 10 8oz bottles for $2 each as the final price!

? 1 cup apricot kernel oil or olive oil
? ¼ cup coconut oil
? ¼ cup beeswax
? ¼ cup water
? Essential oil of your choice
? Vegetable base color (optional)
? Saucepan
? Stove
? PET lotion bottleContinue reading