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January 25, 2015

10 Ways to Whiten Teeth

10 ways to whiten teeth

ways to whiten teeth

Having white teeth is not just for aesthetic reasons anymore, it’s a necessity that could make or break your chance of landing a job or getting a contract. As they say “first impressions last” and your smile is the highlight of your image. Your sparkling smile is something that will make you look stand out, it’s an asset and your charm that will draw people to you. Having white teeth also speaks a lot about your personal hygiene which is important for jobs. I’m sure all of us to wants to have whiter choppers but we don’t want to spend excessive amount of money on treatments, that’s why I researched for 10 ways to whiten teeth. It may not show immediate results but over time if you consistently follow these simple tips and tricks then it will definitely give you a whiter teeth and prevent them from staining.Continue reading

Kool Aid Hair Dye Recipe

Kool Aid Hair Dye Recipe



So my daughter has been bugging me for months for me to “let her dye her hair”. I guess it’s my own fault since she has seen me with pink, purple, green, red, and black hair throughout her life. So I told her if she could wait until after her dance recital, and I could find something that didn’t involve putting chemicals in her hair, that I would let her. She told me a girl in her class had dyed her hair using Kool Aid. Yes! Then I remembered doing this as a kid and how easy it was to put in and get out. So I agreed. (Much to the dismay of her grandmother who was not happy with the idea ha!). I love using the Kool Aid method because its safe, easy, and most important, it’s temporary! It only lasts about a week (depending on how much you wash your hair). Perfect for a little pop of color in the summer or a special event. So are you ready to learn how to dye your hair with this Kool Aid Hair Dye Recipe? Here we go!Continue reading

How to Make Homemade Shaving Cream

How to Make Homemade Shaving Cream

How to Make Homemade Shaving Cream

Shaving is a natural part of the woman’s world. It is also a part of a man’s world. I don’t know about you, but I hate paying between $3-$7 for a decent shaving cream. Not to mention that they usually come in aerosol cans and those are definitely not good for the environment. Now I know that the shaving creams we buy are awesome. Why? Well they’re scented! Yep, you’re paying that much money for an artificial scent! Well I’m going to show you how to make your own Homemade Shaving Cream, whether you want it scented or unscented.

Homemade Shaving Cream

Ingredients You Will Need for Making Homemade Shaving CreamContinue reading

Great Vaseline Uses

Vaseline Uses

vaseline uses


Vaseline can be used for SO many different things! A lot of them you might not even have thought about, so I wanted to make a list of great Vaseline Uses! I love saving money, so products that have more than 1 purpose are always a plus! From beauty, to skin care, hair care and more, you can use Vaseline for so many different things! And the best part is that it’s cheap and you know exactly whats in it! Continue reading

DIY Basic Salve: Home Remedy for Headache

DIY Basic Salve

Home Remedy for Headache

DIY Headache Remedy

I have suffered from migraines my entire life and wish I was lucky to get just a headache. However, there are times that I can feel the pressure starting and I want to avoid that feeling that is coming my way. I have grown tired of taking medications that only cover the symptoms and do nothing to solve the problem. Even prescription medication for migraines at time leave me feeling more tired and under the weather than the migraine did. I have recently discovered essential oils and realized that they are a great way to relieve many common ailments and help with some beauty fixes. With this simple DIY Basic Salve, a Home Remedy for Headache, you will feel the tension ease up and the best thing is you can make it ahead of time so it is ready when you need it.Continue reading

DIY Beauty Tip: Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil is the ULTIMATE Beauty Tip!  If you haven’t grabbed it yet, trust me, it will be a favorite.  From regular use in your kitchen, to totally revamping your beauty routine, this is the ultimate ingredient!

Uses for Coconut Oil

I have to share I am a huge fan of DIY beauty tips. I love to make my own body scrubs with items in my kitchen. I mean did you see this sugar scrub? I made it for the teacher’s at the school and they loved it so much I came in and taught the students how t0 make it.

DIY Beauty Tip: Coconut Oil

You can image how happy I was to discover something I had in my kitchen was multipurpose and amazing. This miracle is coconut oil. I have been using it on my lips and on the bottom of my feet since my heels get really dry. Then get this I figured out it keeps my skin soft on my face. It gets better. I can use it to keep the frizz out of my hair. I really do believe in finding products that have multiple applications and that are easy to use and inexpensive.

We have been doing a series on DIY Beauty tips that you can’t miss.

We have conquered almost every area of your person without fail and without a lot of expense on your end. We believe inner beauty shines through but a little bit of up keep can make all the difference.

You can see what I mean. I am giving you the real live version so you can see my diy beauty tip in person so to speak.

Homemade Body Wash

Homemade Beauty Recipes

Natural ingredients for shiny hair

Do you have a DIY beauty tip? Share it with us below.